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  • Supposed Bug in iOS 7 Periodically Logs Users Out of Certain Popular Apps

    As if all the security issues weren’t enough, there seems to be an apparent bug in iOS 7’s Background App Refresh implementation. The bug is causing users of certain third-party apps to be kicked out of login sessions, forcing them to re-enter their credentials every few hours. It’s unknown as of right now what exactly is causing the seemingly random logouts, though the folks over at The Verge report that app developers have narrowed down the culprit to a mechanism in Background App Refresh.

    Out of the many apps that have been affected by the bug, Mailbox was “in crisis mode” to find a solution but was unable to rectify the situation, saying Apple’s Background App Refresh is the root cause of the issue. Consequently, the developers submitted an updated version of the app disabling access to the feature. Other apps that required repeated log-ins include Paypal and Snapchat but other popular apps such as Facebook curiously remain unaffected by the purported bug.

    For those of you who didn’t know, Background App Refresh, being one of the highlights of Apple’s iOS 7, allows apps to receive dynamic updates without running in the foreground. The feature is extremely useful when using time-sensitive apps such as Mailbox, or others that don’t support push notifications. Those of you who are experiencing continuous logouts can simply turn off global Background App Refresh in Settings and if certain apps appear to be working, you can toggle the feature on a per-app basis to help resolve the issue.

    Have you experienced the bug? If so, share your experience below!

    Source: The Verge
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      Im staying on ios 6.1.x as long as i can. When i have to restore or anything ill be stuck on ios 7, at which point, i will sell the device(s) and get a blackberry or something. But never android.
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      I wish I didn't upgrade to 7.0