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  • iPad: 1 GHz CPU, 9.7" Screen, WiFi. Starting at $499.

    Apple introduced its latest device to the world at an event in San Francisco today: the iPad. Saying that it fit into the space between the iPhone and the MacBook, company CEO Steve Jobs praised the new device as Apple's "most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price.” The lowest-end model will retail for $499 US, and a fully-loaded 64GB iPad with 3G connectivity will sell for $829. The iPad will start shipping to customers in April, with 3G models coming a month after that.

    The iPad is a half-inch (1.25 cm) thick, weighs 1.5 pounds (688 g) and has a 9.7-inch IPS touch screen with a 1024-by-768-pixel resolution at 132 pixels per inch. It comes in three models: 16, 32 and 64 GB, with and without 3G; all models have WiFi and Bluetooth wireless. The battery lasts for 10 hours, and according to Apple, the iPad can remain on standby for a month without needing a charge. It comes with a standard 30-pin iPod/iPhone dock connector and can output HD video at 576x480 pixels, progressive or interlaced, with the optional Apple Composite A/V Cable.

    “It’s so much more intimate than a laptop and so much more capable than a smart phone,” Jobs said of the iPad, sitting on a couch as he demoed its features. He showed the different capabilities of the device, browsing the Web (with a minor gaffe as a Flash plugin apparently failed to load), manipulating photos, playing music, videos and games, and reading e-books. “In order to really create a new category of devices, those devices are going to have to be far better at doing some key tasks,” Jobs said. “Otherwise it has no reason for being.”

    Apple also introduced an App Store-like marketplace for electronic books called iBookstore at the event, as well as a multi-touch enabled version of iWork that will be available from the App Store for $30, or users can buy the Pages, Keynote and Numbers separately for $9.99 each. The iPad runs all current apps, either iPhone-sized with a large black-border, or at a 2x up-res full screen. Apple also announced a new SDK allowing devs to easily design for the iPad.

    The device is powered by Apple's first CPU, the 1 GHz A4. Apple had purchased PA Semiconductor, a manufacturer known for making power-efficient processors, back in 2008. According to Apple, this SoC (system-on-a-chip) allows the iPad to play back HD video for 10 hours before requiring a full battery charge.

    Gizmodo, among other websites, already have their hands on the iPad and are putting it through its paces. Mark Wilson, Gizmodo's reviewer, says the device is extremely fast and has a solid feel. The size and resolution of the screen also won kudos. The device apparently runs a slightly modified version of the current iPhone 3 OS, which ought to be released with the iPad as iPhone OS 3.2 (rather than iPhone 4 as some rumors had held).

    ModMyi.com also has an iPad Forums section live now.

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    1. nkgneto's Avatar
      nkgneto -
      I'll just say it again, $200.00 for only 48gb more of space??? This is the only reason why I would not buy one. They can squeeze 160gb into an ipod classic for $249 but only .....OMG I can go on a long rant. It's just ok. I'm sure one of these folks at the event is dying to plug it up to a laptop and try to run Blackra1n on it..LOL
    1. steverae's Avatar
      steverae -
      What an iLetdown The best thing about the whole thing was that Steve is back !!! See what happens when you take time off, your monkeys produce this !

      I hope to god the new iphone is gonna be everything it's hyped to be as i've held off getting a 3gs.... time will tell !

      Like so many others have mentioned, this could have been a killer device if it ran OSX but unfortunately, i'm not gonna spend $600 plus for this when i've still got my trusty macbook and iphone 3g.

      Come on Steve, your fans await another revolution... You won nearly every gadget award going over the last decade for your iphone.... it completely changed the way mobile phones were though and all the other manufacturers had to play serious catchup, but it's geting to the point now where they have caught up and in some cases passed you by... Give us what we want in iphone 4g and se your sights on the next gadget of the decade award

      sorry, i do ramble a bit
    1. Mes's Avatar
      Mes -
      Quote Originally Posted by Bigperm26 View Post
      Does anyone know what frequency the 3G is on this "thing"? Will it work on T-Mobile's 3G unlike the iPhone? I realize it takes a new "micro-sim" but it's possible TMo can get those. It IS going to be unlocked, so will it work on their network? PLEASE!
      Because it's AT&T 3G --- it's NOT T-Mobile 3G (USA) !!!
    1. dsg's Avatar
      dsg -
      it looks like a digital photo frame and is about as useful!!!!

      here's what it should have been
    1. jibaro3's Avatar
      jibaro3 -
      All this waiting for this. WTF I have a iphonx that does all that plus make phone call. This is bull&:&;
    1. jd1992's Avatar
      jd1992 -
      lame, why isnt it landscape?

      glorified iphone/ipod ? - YES ! wtf was all the hype for
    1. Shashlike's Avatar
      Shashlike -
      Did anyone feel that Jobs was thinking "How the **** am I gonna justify this thing?" as he presented it? "It's got origami slideshow transitions...and Wifi which allows you to surf the web (like on the iPhones you've had for years)...Running iPhone's OS (no freedom without Jailbreking)." Honestly, it felt like he knew it's a tough sell.
    1. FlyingJoey's Avatar
      FlyingJoey -
      Really disappointed here. Whatever happened to this thing running snow leopard? Whatever happened to this thing being able to handle CDMA/GSM/LTE/WiMax, why didn't Apple thrown a chip in there that handles that.

      The shape/size/look doesn't bother me, the OS is the one that has me asking questions. So now I should be carrying an iPhone + iPad, but wait they are 1 of the same.
    1. Jgamble317's Avatar
      Jgamble317 -
      ...so dissapointed steve. This is what you worked so hard on?
    1. Sinful Ryan's Avatar
      Sinful Ryan -
      Can I put my SIM card in it from my iPhone had have 3G on my iPad? If so how are calls and texts handled?
    1. yahoowizard's Avatar
      yahoowizard -
      If this had Windows 7 on it....damnnnn
    1. smeeshum's Avatar
      smeeshum -
      How exactly is iPhoto on this supposed to work?
      how do you get you photos from iphone to ipad?
      Can you use your iPhone to connect to the net via BT?
      How do you print your iWork Documents?
      Theres still so many questions unanswered?
      On the plus side looks like iPhone 3.2 OS will support our own springboard backgrounds so thats a mobilesubstrate of ram less that ill need to use!
    1. nkgneto's Avatar
      nkgneto -
      Quote Originally Posted by Sinful Ryan View Post
      Can I put my SIM card in it from my iPhone had have 3G on my iPad? If so how are calls and texts handled?
      Nope you can't do that it's a mini sim. Plus it has no regular usb ports so we can't hook up our iphone's to it so we can tether it. Wait a sec what about a bluetooth tether?? Hmmm.
      Someone needs to get one and jailbreak it.
    1. nhreminh's Avatar
      nhreminh -
      If it could serve as a graphics tablet (like the Wacom Cintiq), I would buy one. But agreed with the majority, oversized iPod.
    1. 24trepid's Avatar
      24trepid -
      I say Apple Fail ......
    1. tekno1234's Avatar
      tekno1234 -
      I guess it will only get better and better next year it might a faster cpu.
    1. Bigperm26's Avatar
      Bigperm26 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Mes View Post
      Because it's AT&T 3G --- it's NOT T-Mobile 3G (USA) !!!
      I'm sure you're right, but is there any chance it supports more than one 3G frequency set? If it is in fact only available on AT&T (in US), THAT is likely the most dissapointing feature (or lack thereof) for me. I agree with many of the other "complaints", but I do still think it will be fun to mess around with and play games with my 4 yr old daughter. A good way to keep her interested in gadgets and technology (although she's nearly a pro with my iTouch / iPhone). There's bound to be plenty great educational apps and games for my family to enjoy.

      I agree with Reznor on the PS app! That would be KILLER!
    1. Melech518's Avatar
      Melech518 -
      Everyone complaining doesnt deserve to own an iPad. What did you expect? This is the first model. And less is more. This is why you shouldn't ever read into the rumors. They were never leaked or from the inside. Some fat guy with cheetos all over his face made up what he thought would be "cool" and spread all of the rumors that you guys start believing. If you knew anything about Apple you knew never to believe it until you see it.

      That being said, I see a lot of use for the iPad for me and I think it is wonderful. It will run its own version of iWork as well which is amazing. It supports 3G which is also a huge plus. Priced much cheaper than you all thought as well, with 3 size and pricing options. You guys should all check out Gizmodo's review on the iPad.

      The only thing I am upset about is that I will have to wait another 3 Months just to touch one
    1. Joe270's Avatar
      Joe270 -
      How disappointing. Instead of developing a "Mac Book Touch." Apple essentially created a oversized iPod touch. How is Apple is suppose to compete with real tablet PCs? There's No Multi-tasking, No flash support, it lacks hardware ports, it uses Mac OS X Mobile (The same OS as iphone and ipod touch). That means you're pretty much stuck with only App Store Software. Typing on the iPad looks awkward as well. They should have enable handwriting recognition instead of typing on a onscreen keyboard. Who's Apple trying to sell this product to?? (Apple Fan Boys?)