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  • Conan's Take On the iPhone 5S - Gold is Best

    On Wednesday, Jimmy Kimmel published his own humorous piece on the iPhone 5S of random Apple fans on the street being tricked into thinking that the iPad Mini was actually the iPhone 5S, but he wasn’t the only one making funny videos starring the iPhone 5S today. Well-known comedy guy Conan O'Brien also got a word in edgewise.

    Team Coco decided that the gold-colored iPhone 5S would be the major topic of discussion this time around. The video can be seen at the link below:

    For a mobile-friendly video link that works with our app, tap on the video link below:

    Conan Gold iPhone 5S Video

    So obviously, Apple’s engineering team came a long way to bring the iPhone’s technology up to date with this new gold color. Let’s all give them a huge round of applause!

    Sources: Team Coco
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      Quote Originally Posted by itouch24 View Post
      Who really cares about color. I am sure everyone will be putting case on anyway
      Gold is best
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      ...enough said, Gold is Best!
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      B bv. B t

      -iPhone 5 using ModMyi