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  • Giant iPhone 4 Costume Just in Time for Halloween

    John Savio has been busy this year preparing the ultimate iPhone Costume. He worked for 40 hours over a three-day period building a fully functional iPhone 4 costume. This masterpiece uses a 40-inch LED LCD panel, strapped to a sandwich board. A jailbroken iPhone 4 runs the device. The attention to detail is quite impressive: it even includes the iPhone 4’s rear-camera LED light. This iPhone 4 costume doesn’t quite live up to a standard iPhone’s battery life, however, as it uses a mini 12-volt battery that lasts only about 2 hours. It weighs in at 75 pounds, so I would imagine John won’t be wearing it all night or going trick-or-treating in it.

    John Savio is no stranger to iPhone costumes. Together with Reko Rivera and Bobby Hartman, the three have built iPhone 3G and 3GS costumes for previous Halloweens. This year John wanted to take it a little further and create a fully functional iPhone 4. Past costumes have used looping video of a real iPhone screen during normal use. This year’s model relies on a jailbroken iPhone 4, but for all intents and purposes, he has built a real working 40-inch iPhone 4.

    When I was a kid I always wanted to get the most elaborate Halloween costumes imaginable. I always went as something cool, but never would I have imagined something as fantastic as this. You’ve really raised the bar, Mr. Savio.

    Source: [ame="http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1038636"]MacRumors[/ame]
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      Quote Originally Posted by RICO_ View Post
      Because they have all lost the meaning of Halloween. Same people that dress up as pimps, cinderellas, fairys, GI Joe, Power Rangers, Hannah Montana, Police, Cowboys, Peter Pan, Spongebob Squarepants, Superman, a cell phone, Super Mario, Luigi, bunny rabbits, snow white, and kitty cats.

      Its okay though. I don't mind it....i'm just more into "scary" Halloween tradition.
      humf, fiddle

      the original "meaning of Halloween" was as a surrogate for Samhain; where instead of celebrating the turning of the seasons and coming darkness by welcoming the friendly dead who came home to visit, the replacement holiday featured a lot of hiding from scary dead people and monsters and counting-ones-blessings.

      That we're no longer scared of the ghosts out there, and that our streets fill with young people dressed up in all sorts of ridiculous outfits, raising hell and invoking haphazard magic, is IMO not necessarily a bad thing.
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      nice pic dude, you look like such a badass next to that iphone.........no not really
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      When I saw that awesome costume I **** bricks!
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      I like the angry bird costumes that were posted