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  • Is this the next iPhone running the new iOS?

    Tinhte, the people who have previously shown off many Apple prototypes, including a test iPhone 4, a MacBook prior to refresh, and a pic of an iPod touch with a camera, well before any of these were announced officially by Apple, are at it again, this time sporting a white iPhone that they say is running a "test version" of iOS.

    If this is in fact the iPhone 5, it sure it looks a lot like the iPhone 4, which if you've been keeping up with the latest rumors, should not be a surprise. It's expected that a majority of the upgrades are happening on the inside of this flashy white phone. The same source has released a second video that shows off the phone's hardware, and lo and behold this thing's sporting a 64 GB hard drive.

    The short videos show off the new interface for a bit, particularly highlighting a brand new multitasking interface. The current multitasking of iOS 4 has allegedly been replaced by an expose-like (and similar to the multifl0w cydia tweak) interface that reveals all of your open applications. A tap brings you back to that app, and a long hold brings up the typical wiggling icons and allows you to close the app in the background. Also in the multitasking expose is the familiar spotlight search, which seems to be gone from its usual spot to the left of the home screen.

    Finally, the prototype iOS (which still has an iOS 4 build number) also includes long-awaited Facebook integration, which is now located in the settings menu. Although, we can't be fully sure this is the same iOS update we'll see in June, there's a good chance this is, we most likely won't know for sure until WWDC in a little over a month.

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    1. Stray's Avatar
      Stray -
      Quote Originally Posted by whereswaldo View Post
      I like the new Folders and the addition of spotlight into the multitasking.
      it's fake but hopefully it'll look like that
    1. vnadjaryan's Avatar
      vnadjaryan -
      The unit being shown has a Black colored docking port, being a local iPhone repair shop in the Los Angeles area, I can say that the unit had a white conversion unit done to it. And the reason for being so sure about this would be that China has white docking ports produced recently meaning that the new white iPhone being released this month would most probably have the white dock.
    1. mmaboi21's Avatar
      mmaboi21 -
      If you look on 1:34 it semi shows the version, looks like 4.0...
    1. Stray's Avatar
      Stray -
      Yeah I saw that too
    1. davidcribb's Avatar
      davidcribb -
      The camera on the back is missing the chrome bezel. However, with all of the new backplates out I'm sure that there is one like that. He also purposely doesn't show the version, and still fails miserably lmao! You can clearly see 4.0. The items at the bottom of the settings list above apps boggles me tho... Still good story though. Food for thought!
    1. Cowboy's Avatar
      Cowboy -
      Looks good if i could ask for one ios improvement it would be a built in tlert or bitesms built in
    1. TristianLyons1022's Avatar
      TristianLyons1022 -
      Im just going to spill it. This is iOS 4.0 Build 8A216. Played with it on a friends dev-enabled phone, and it was EXACTLY like this, to the T. I emailed him this video and he confirmed it by rolling his phone back to it and playing with it, and for a split second during the video when the guy is showing off the 58.something drive space you can see the top third of "4.0 (8A216)" listed under the version line.
      In other words... we've been shammed ladies and gentlemen.
    1. DaMan05's Avatar
      DaMan05 -

      Look at the old signal bars. If it was a newer build, I would assume it would have the new signal bars
    1. tudtran's Avatar
      tudtran -
      He didn't said that was an iPhone 5.
    1. TristianLyons1022's Avatar
      TristianLyons1022 -
      Quote Originally Posted by tudtran View Post
      He didn't said that was an iPhone 5.
      Another video on his website by the same guy says its an iPhone 5 prototype.
    1. greeneyes5066's Avatar
      greeneyes5066 -
      I don't care what phone this is.. but why is touch input so laggy? Did anyone else notice that he often had to touch over and over to get something to work. Like pinch and spread? Not attractive at all. Also would iP5 be as exciting if we all knew what was coming? I for one enjoy surprises.
    1. faschierbasis's Avatar
      faschierbasis -
      Like I posted a couple of month ago..... White iPhone will be iPhone 5!!! Apple you are getting lame and to predictable!!!!
    1. ninthchamber99's Avatar
      ninthchamber99 -
      I think we all can agree that something is afoot here. But, like one of the previous posts states, I dont think this is real due to the fact that when he made the phone call, there was no facetime option available. Along with all the other things that don't add up like the icons, camera on rear, etc....I think this is FAKE.

      However, I think most of us are under the impression that the new i5 or whatever the name will be is going to be just like the 3G vs. 3GS.....Hardware the same, just under the hood upgrades. I bet next year, 2012, we will see a re-designed phone.
    1. starkall's Avatar
      starkall -
      Go on cydia and get multifl0w. My phone does the same thing for multitasking where it breaks your running apps up as 9 diff pages in one screen.
    1. xandros9's Avatar
      xandros9 -
      uhh, multiflow is a bit different (IIRC) where there is no search and background. Why did apple have to go with the little shelf instead of that?

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    1. starkall's Avatar
      starkall -
      Multifl0w has a option for wallpaper backgrounds but I'm on Verizon so maybe that's why I can't get the backgrounds to work.
    1. h2a's Avatar
      h2a -
      This is iOS 4 beta. On an iphone 4 prototype. Not iOS 5.

      Every other website this article is on makes that explicitly clear. Apparently that info didn't quite make it into the this copy.
    1. LamboFan's Avatar
      LamboFan -
      Fake. They most probably mocked up the system.
    1. The123king's Avatar
      The123king -
      Simply put, it's a very prototype iOS device designed for internal Apple use, running a developer version of iOS.

      You think Apple don't make and use prototypes for internal use? Obviously, the cheapest way of prototyping a device is to base it on a current device, so they put in a new mainboard into an iPhone 4 chassis (and use prototype white glass) to test new hardware designs. And of course, if that's going to be the new iPhone 5 mainboard, you might as well use a new prototype iOS version too

      Just somehow this very unusual iOS device made it into the publics hands...

      Quote Originally Posted by h2a View Post
      This is iOS 4 beta. On an iphone 4 prototype. Not iOS 5.

      Every other website this article is on makes that explicitly clear. Apparently that info didn't quite make it into the this copy.
      Well that explains it then
    1. TheJailbreakGenius's Avatar
      TheJailbreakGenius -
      It's multiflow, geniuses