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  • Movie Vault Brings Free Classic Movies to iOS Devices

    FlingSoft has just released an iPhone version of its popular public domain movie-streaming app, Movie Vault. This app has been out for some time on the iPad and is now making its way to the iPhone and iPod Touch. It has been completely rewritten to take advantage of iOS 4.1 features like multi-tasking. If a movie in interrupted by a call, the movie will automatically pause so you can take the call and resume playing where you left off. This app features:
    • Stream over 1000 movies to your iPhone over Wi-Fi or 3G with nothing more to buy!
    • Simple to use interface with custom designed shelves for each Genre!
    • To navigate just swipe or use the arrows in the top left.
    • True Cover Art and movie information fed directly from IMDB!
    • Browse movies by Genre or Search by Keyword, Actor Name, Title, Director, and more.
    • Automatic updates of movie listing without app upgrade.
    • Watch in Portrait or Landscape!
    If youíre a fan of B-movies or love a good Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode, youíll really appreciate this app. With classics like Night of the Living Dead and movies featuring such horror stars as Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney and Vincent Price, this app is being released just in time for Halloween. If youíre only interested in old horror movies thereís a $.99 version of this app that caters to horror fans.

    As video streaming apps continue to populate the App Store, this is a great addition for people looking for something different. At $2.99 itís a steal and Fling Soft promises to add new movies on a regular basis without need to update the app.

    Regarding the inconsistent video quality of the films available in Movie Vault, the developer had this to say:

    ďplease keep in mind these are not DVD quality films. First, many of these films never found their way to digital, so what you are seeing is actual first cut from film, tape, or other.Ē They go on to say, ďWe are doing our best to improve, but many of these films are rare which is why we feel this app is so special.Ē

    Movie Vault may not have first run movies, but thatís what gives this app its charm. Itís fun to watch old movies that are a blast from the past and this app makes it easy to find movies that might not be available anywhere else.

    The upcoming release of iOS 4.2 includes AirPlay support and apps like Movie Vault will surely benefit from this new feature. AirPlay will finally allow users to stream video from their iDevices to an Apple TV with ease. Movie Vault makes a great addition to other streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu Plus. It may be a bit of a niche market, but I think thereís room on any iPhone for an app like this.

    As video streaming apps become a viable replacement for traditional cable channels, the powers controlling the content are sure to want there cut of the profits. With apps like Movie Vault, major studios wonít be able to charge a dime for this content because itís films are in the public domain.

    If the rumors are true, Hulu will soon lower the price of their Plus service by half. I may finally take the plunge and join Hulu Plus, but my iPhone will always have room for apps like Movie Vault. I have to admit that I do enjoy an old í50 sci-fi movie over a big blockbuster production on occasion. When I feel like watching something a little more low-tech Iíll know where to turn from now on. Variety is a good thing, donít you think?

    Source: Macworld
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    1. Zokunei's Avatar
      Zokunei -
      Cool, I think I'll check it out.
    1. Arabprince's Avatar
      Arabprince -
      That's cool
    1. Rob2G's Avatar
      Rob2G -
      I think I'm going to buy this for my wife, this app looks sweet.
    1. whereswaldo's Avatar
      whereswaldo -
      This looks like a good app, but I'd want more than old B movies to buy this
    1. Rob2G's Avatar
      Rob2G -
      Quote Originally Posted by whereswaldo View Post
      This looks like a good app, but I'd want more than old B movies to buy this
      What do you expect for 3 bucks?
    1. alcapown's Avatar
      alcapown -
      This seems pretty cool when in the mood to watch something different than usual. I'll check it out. Thanks.
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      Not bad for 3 bucks
    1. midgetadam's Avatar
      midgetadam -
      This would be cool on the TV, but I guess Netflix will suffice.
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      ^ good point
    1. manickbarry's Avatar
      manickbarry -
      Not for me I tried it thought it was very lame but my dad loved it
    1. zrboy's Avatar
      zrboy -
      I agree
    1. OPTICS's Avatar
      OPTICS -
      Prior to downloading, a notification popped up saying I must at least be 60 years old to enjoy this app.....
    1. zrboy's Avatar
      zrboy -
    1. thetoothfairy's Avatar
      thetoothfairy -
      This is great if you like movies like this... if it was free its not for me though.
    1. L00i3's Avatar
      L00i3 -
      I don't get it. If the movies are in the public domain and free, it seems like this company shouldn't be able to charge for access. Just a matter of principle, nothing based in legality.
    1. ev_ol's Avatar
      ev_ol -
      They spent all that time and money making the app, don't they deserve to get paid? Besides $3 is a very modest fee.
    1. lord1700's Avatar
      lord1700 -
      Downloaded and installed..

      i can say dat all d movie in d vault is before i was born....so cool...my dad really like it when he watch d movies from d vault in my ipad...
    1. miggyme's Avatar
      miggyme -
      awesome, will check it out
    1. ecd5000's Avatar
      ecd5000 -
      This seems like a great app but this is stuff my grandparents watch when there's a family party away from there house.

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    1. kyote's Avatar
      kyote -
      MST 3000 rocks!!!!!!! especially the old ones with Joel Hodgens...