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  • How Would You Feel About An OS X Modeled After iOS 7?

    OS X Mavericks may not be getting a complete makeover like iOS 7 will be giving to iOS, but that doesn’t stop designers’ minds from running wild with ideas of what OS X could look like if Apple were to make their renowned desktop operating system look more like the flatter iOS.

    Shown above, graphic designer Stu Crew re-creates the interfaces of Mac OS X to give it the flatter look that iOS 7 will be adopting this Fall. Notable right off the bat are the flatter interfaces, the hollow window buttons, white canvases, and skinnier fonts among other changes.

    The designer took Jonathan Ive's name and combined it with the OS X Mavericks name to name this design OS X Ivericks. It has a nice ring to it, wouldn't you say?

    Below are more images of the designer's project that depict individual applications with the flatter user interface style:




    Yes, the designer has even given OS X the Siri treatment.

    The calculator interface looks like something right out of iOS 7, but in OS X form; it has those white and orange buttons with the skinny number font in them. The contacts application interface gets circular images for contact pictures, as well as blue outline buttons. Notably, Siri takes design cues from iOS 7 as well, but with a wider, notebook screen-style interface.

    The designer also re-created interfaces for Notes, iTunes MiniPlayer, Notification Center, SpotLight, and others. You can view them and more on Stu's blog page, which is available at this link.

    How would you feel if OS X took on the look and feel of iOS 7?

    Sources: Stu Crew via TUAW
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    1. blkcadi's Avatar
      blkcadi -
      Quote Originally Posted by Cowboy View Post
      It looks horrific on the phone why would i want that on OSX?
      Amen brother, really don't like it at all.
    1. Perceptum's Avatar
      Perceptum -
      Quote Originally Posted by bigboyz View Post
      Apple stop playing games and put OS X in iPads and iPhones. Nothing more seamless than a single OS. The features that are now being added are on and the same anyway. The only tablet I know of with OS X is the ModBookPro but it costs 3grand..seriously??
      Please Google "Windows Surface Pro".
    1. HACK4COMPUTER's Avatar
      Dude even writing this could make apple do it I think they are planning to it just runs the battery down and looks terrible
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      OUT FOX EM -