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  • Personal Music Streaming Makes a Comeback with Audiogalaxy

    Audiogalaxy has release a music-streaming app thatís compatible with all iOS devices running 3.1 or higher. Ever since Google bought Simplify and ended its development, the App Store has been sadly lacking software that lets users stream their music from computer to wireless device. With the arrival of Audiogalaxy, that has now changed.

    Before using the app, users must create an account with Audiogalaxy and download their desktop client software. The users hard drive is then scanned for all available audio files, unfortunately, this can be a slow process. Once this process is complete, however, users can then enjoy music (including playlists) anywhere there is Wi-Fi, 3G or Edge network connection.

    Alternatives to Audiogalaxy are available, such as Zumocast, but it is primarily a video streaming app. Audio streaming is available as well, but files are not organized, as you would expect them to be. Air Video is another content streaming app, but it does not yet include audio-streaming. This feature is sure to be part of a future update.

    Some Audiogalaxy users have reported problems with playlists now showing up when audio files are stored on an external hard drive. Itís unclear at the moment, if this is a widespread problem or not. Either way, itís sure to be addressed at some point.

    People may remember the name Audiogalaxy from back in its heyday, when peer-to-peer file sharing had not yet become a problem for the RIAA. Originally, Audiogalaxy developed a FTP site index called The Borg Search. The company ran into problems when the RIAA started suing everyone connected with music sharing. They eventually settled with the RIAA and little was heard from them, until now.

    With the demise of Simplify, itís nice to know thereís a worthy successor to audio streaming. Audiogalaxy is still in beta technically, but donít let that stop you from trying out this great free app. I have a huge music collection and until Apple ups the storage on iPhones to the TB level, I will always have need for apps like this. I just hope Google doesnít gobble it the same way they did Simplify.

    Source: TUAW
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    1. Birken's Avatar
      Birken -
      Quote Originally Posted by NessLookAlike View Post
      I have a huge library and Orb handles it just fine. If you've just added a new directory with lots of media files to be scanned it might take a while for them to be added to Orb's library but they do show up eventually. If you've having library issues, you might try deleting the library file (look for an OrbMedia .db file on your root drive) and rescan the library in Orb's settings menu.

      Just like Audiogalaxy and other apps that scan through folders and generate a library, it takes time to build the library so you just need to be patient. :
      I know very well that it takes time to load huge libraries. But I have had Orb running for month and I dont believe it can take so much time to load my library I know more people who have had excactly same problem with Orb. Otherwise I think Orb is a great program.
    1. TheSmartGuy's Avatar
      TheSmartGuy -
      Wow, a new app that does the exact same thing as four other existing apps.

      I'll stick with ZumoCast.
    1. Rob2G's Avatar
      Rob2G -
      I dont think I have ever used a streaming music service, Is the sound quality good?
    1. lov3christian's Avatar
      lov3christian -
      this is the most amazing thing ive ever used im in love
    1. cb22's Avatar
      cb22 -
      yea i get to watch tv via orb
    1. mortopher's Avatar
      mortopher -
      Quote Originally Posted by bigdaddyrob2g View Post
      I dont think I have ever used a streaming music service, Is the sound quality good?
      As long as your in a decent coverage area it works great. I wouldn't say it's CD quality, but unless you are using top of the line speakers or $400 headphones, you aren't going to notice anything.
    1. DanTheManMS's Avatar
      DanTheManMS -
      Sounds interesting, but at the moment I have little reason to stray from Zumocast. Might check it out to see if streaming quality over 3G is improved though.