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  • iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S Comparison Confirms Rumors of Similar Design

    A recent side-by-side comparison of the iPhone 5 parts with components allegedly built for Apple’s next-generation “iPhone 5S” show minor internal changes with the most significant being a longer ribbon cable attached to the front display. The direct comparison of front panels was first published by Fanatic Fone, which suggests that Apple’s unannounced next-gen iPhone will sport largely the same look as that of the iPhone 5.

    Aside from the longer and redesigned ribbon cable on the front panel, the rest of the part looks mostly the same, with a few internal changes in the form of moved screws and other minor tweaks. On the outside, the parts look identical to that of the iPhone 5 with the FaceTime camera remaining directly above the handset’s earpiece.

    The screw placement around the “iPhone 5S” home button is also essentially unchanged. Rumors have suggested that Apple plans to embed a fingerprint scanner inside the home button of its next iPhone but so far none of the leaked parts have offered any evidence of significant hardware changes.

    The Cupertino California company is expected to hold an event at some point in September to unveil its new iPhone lineup for the fall of 2013 and onward. In addition to a next-generation iPhone, Apple is expected to introduce a new low-cost iPhone with a plastic back and the same 4-inch display as the iPhone 5. The work has supposedly begun as supply chain partners are said to be in the process of gearing up for production.

    Source: Fanatic Fone
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      Two weeks ago I ended up upgrading to the Galaxy S4, I must say the hardware is incredible. Unfortunately on Monday, I returned my S4 and I am now using my iPhone5 again. iOS Is the only reason I still use iPhone, but I'm getting tired of waiting for the nicer hardware from Apple.
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      Quote Originally Posted by ABOSWORTH View Post
      I disagree. I think they will bump it up.
      iPhone 4 n 4s have 512 MB , iPhone 5 n 5s will have 1gb. iPhone 6 will get extra Ram. That's my theory.
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      shocking news