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  • Greenpois0n Available for Linux too!

    Not sure how this slipped by us, but it only seems appropriate after covering the Mac release of limera1n; Greenpois0n was updated 2 days ago to include a version available for Linux. While the Mac version is yet to be available, you can use Limera1n in the meantime, which has recently been released for Mac OS X.

    The chronic dev team has said that the Mac version is almost near completion, as they work out a few small issues. Once that comes out, Greepois0n will be compatible on a total of 3 operating systems. It is unknown if GeoHot has plans for a Linux Limera1n.

    Eddietah, who noted this yesterday, has gone into further detail about the release stages of Greenpois0n here, it's a good read if your new to this: Greenpois0n Release Notes & RC Beta Releases

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      Quote Originally Posted by iNT3Rv3NTiONZz View Post
      I'm not an expert with Linux/unix but I'm pretty sure you will need the source code to make it osx compatible yourself..
      Your best bet would be to run Linux in a virtual box on your osx machine
      P.S if your wondering which version of Linux to get, id go with Ubuntu or Redhat
      Thanks, it would be interesting to find out why osx is not immediately compatible programs made for linux / unix. It's been a very long time since I have written something fo unix, but I remember at that time you had to recompile your source.
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      It would be, have you tried googling it? I'm sure there is a list stating compatibility issues somewhere..
      You should just make it ra1n if your on a mac tbh, I think it's a better tool, after all it is made by geo
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      someone who can tell me how to contact geohot email me at "[email protected]" i have jailbroken my ipod 2g (4.1)
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      Quote Originally Posted by thetrent6043 View Post
      someone who can tell me how to contact geohot email me at "[email protected]" i have jailbroken my ipod 2g (4.1)