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  • Latest Microsoft Ad Slams iPad's Lack of Support for USB, Hardware Keyboard, Kickstand

    Microsoft has just unleashed their latest ad Friday afternoon for the Microsoft Surface tablet that yet again slams its biggest competitor, the iPad.

    Fridayís ad attacks the iPadís lack of a kickstand for holding the device up without a hand, lack of support for USB plug-in peripherals, and the lack of an actual keyboard that can snap into place. Again, Siri is used as the tool for humiliating the device as you will see in the ad below:

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    At the end of the ad, Microsoft reveals the price differences between the devices; the iPad being $599 for 32GB, and the Microsoft Surface being $349 for 32GB as Siri says, "This isn't going to end wall for me, is it?... Nope; definitely not ending well. Do you still think I'm pretty?"

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      Anonymous -
      The comments here are just terrible.
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      SawyerBenjamin -
      Quote Originally Posted by Scheuerle View Post
      An external keyboard is just more crap to worry/carry about. I like my iPad because it has a touch screen keyboard big enough for my fat fingers and I no longer have to carry around a heavy-*** laptop. If I need to type a long document I do it on a desktop or laptop at home, like most sane people.
      False. Microsoft has announced free keyboards along with Surface RT.

      And why does MMI always post about other companies? I dont even get why people care. Lol. On the A they dont post other companies ads at all. They keep it solely Android and Windows Phone. Lol. End of rant.
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      bigboyz -
      Here we go again with speculation and opinions. These stories seem to get the most hits. Buy what you like..NEXT.