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  • Another iPhone-Related Electrocution Occurs in China

    As MMi reported Monday, the family of a 23-year old woman from Northwest China is claiming that she died after getting electrocuted while trying to answer a call on her iPhone as it was charging.

    Tragically, the headlines at the end of the week mirror those at the beginning.

    On Friday, Chinese news agencies began reporting that 30-year-old Wu Jiantong fell into a coma after sustaining an electric shock while trying to charge his iPhone 4.

    Wu Jiantong's sister, according to China.org, said her brother collapsed after connecting his 2-year-old iPhone 4 to a charger. "He shouted 'electric shock' and then fell on the ground," Wu Jianxiang recalls. From there, she describes how her injured brother began experiencing what sounds like convulsions.

    She said she also felt a slight electric shock from her arm to the tips of her toes when she tried to unplug the charger. Doctors at a nearby hospital said the victim's heart had stopped but they managed to resuscitate him. He was unconscious and in the intensive care unit.
    All signs, for now, point to the culprit in this sad case being a non-original 3rd party charger, which may have provoked the near-fatal electrocution.

    Source: China.org
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    1. recellseo's Avatar
      recellseo -
      This sounds like a ploy to extort some money off apple why are there a bunch of people doing things like this? Ever heard about the customer responsibility? to read and follow the user guidelines before using a product..and this news really sounds absurd...
    1. GnatGoSplat's Avatar
      GnatGoSplat -
      Other articles I've read said Apple had determined both people were using knockoff chargers. That being the case, I don't think they can get any money from Apple.