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  • limera1n 10/11/10 jailbreaks all devices?

    Alright, I chatted with geohot earlier today but was sworn to secrecy - although it seems the news made its way out anyway, so geohot said go ahead and cover it here.

    geohot is prepped to launch limera1n (we covered the possibility of such a software months ago) on 10/11/10 - the 1 year anniversary of the release of blackra1n.

    p0sixninja, who's work on SHAtter has been vital in making it happen, has already set an ETA of 10/10/10 at 10:10:10AM for greenpois0n, his jailbreak for all A4 devices (iPhone 4, iPad, and iPod Touch 4G). geohot now has returned from "retirement" and announced a release the day after greenpois0n's slated release date - with a jailbreak that would work on /all/ iDevices.

    The two jailbreaks use separate exploits, although greenpois0n uses a new one, SHAtter, while geohot has used the exploit in limera1n before (and yah, it still works). geohot hasn't made an official announcement anywhere, so there's still the off chance someone will randomly talk him out of releasing, but it's looking pretty solid. There is some talk of p0sixninja even using geohot's exploit in greenpois0n, saving SHAtter for a future jailbreak, but it doesn't look like p0sixninja is interested in it, as it'd push back release dates even more.

    So... either way, looks like all you folks out there waiting for Game Center, AirSharing, AND Cydia... you'll get your cake (pie) come Sunday and Monday. And apparently you'll need a big plate.
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    1. Mouse01's Avatar
      Mouse01 -
      It makes sense to use Geo's exploit. With the news of a redesigned iPhone for VZ on the horizon, we wouldn't want apple to change the flaw and lock out the millions of iPhones.
    1. chris-tt's Avatar
      chris-tt -
      This really seems like a bit of a catch 22, it's great news for today, but a waste for the future.

      Even if both jailbreaks are bootrom ones, which I expect they are & won't be patched with future Apple updates, why waste two exploits?

      If there's any truth in this I can imagine Geohots exploit will be untethered or have some other benefit over Shattered. If it doesn't I really can't see why Geo would bother, he would just wait. It's almost like he's waited for a likely tethered jailbreak to come out before releasing his.
    1. Jmataska's Avatar
      Jmataska -
      Holy crap which one should I use?!?! I guess I'll be readin alot of forums and twitters for the next two days...

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    1. myworld's Avatar
      myworld -
      let's hope only one release it...whichever is best....
      If Geohot's JB is best than let him release...otherwise...let Cdev team release it...
    1. Dave_Xiavia's Avatar
      Dave_Xiavia -
      I hope this is foreal.
    1. namdamage's Avatar
      namdamage -
      Thank god for that it was just the other day I said to someone that the jailbreak community needed him back,other dev teams u feel have started to become a little blinded by the spotlight.I respect all dev teams as they provide software that we all love and don't even have to share there work they owe us nothing,but they do even though all you see on twitter is "when's the jailbreak out" "hurry up with the jailbreak". This is the reason geohot left in the first place and hope he doesn't reactivate his twitter so idiots don't get a chance to ruin it for the rest of us.
      All that said I can't wait and hope he has an unlock for 4.1 05.14.02 bb
    1. Aliquippakid's Avatar
      Aliquippakid -
      Haha the guy who claimed blackra1n was so buggy, did you nt here about all the facetime n mms problems with jailbreakme? O well either one will do the trick and both put alot of work in them so goodjob guys. Much appriciated.
    1. dsg's Avatar
      dsg -
      greenpois0n A4 only WTF, I was hoping to be able to use Pwnagetool on my 3Gs or similar, I miss my iPhone 2G
    1. SnowLeo's Avatar
      SnowLeo -
      Poetic_Folly of all people... Last line of your post
      So... either way, looks like all you folks out there waiting for Game Center, AirSharing, AND Cydia... you'll get your cake (pie) come Sunday and Monday. And apparently you'll need a big plate.
      It should say Game Center, HDR, (and iphone 3g performace fixes yay!) and cydia.... AirPlay is 4.2.... That is unless your talking about some 4.2 beta jailbreak I dont have knowledge of (:

      The ultimate question for the young jailbreak master lonewolf is whether or not this JB will be tethered...

      It just looks like geo just wasnt ready to go after all. At least now that the ETA is out he wont have another temper tantrum over people asking when its coming... But, hey, hes a 14 year old kid. Im 16 and I would get pretty pissed off too with a million people asking me
    1. lilrican21's Avatar
      lilrican21 -
      Lol wow how many jb we are going to get?
    1. nautical79's Avatar
      nautical79 -
      A man with options is a free man, and a idevice with options is a jailbreak device. if doesnt work for you try the other, its free god damn it.
    1. famerdave's Avatar
      famerdave -
      Will geohot exploit mean JB for LIFE FOR 3GS??????????????? IT is a bootrom for ALL DEVICES?
    1. Hapoom's Avatar
      Hapoom -
      is there an UNLOCK with Limera1n?
    1. famerdave's Avatar
      famerdave -
      Limesn0w will be out i bet soon after
    1. CrAkD's Avatar
      CrAkD -
      if geos does the same thing but on ALL devices but isnt a bootrom exploit then that should be the only one released. cause it gets us JB now on all devices and keeps the bootrom exploit from apple so they cant start pushing out iphone and ipads with new bootroms.
    1. MikePA's Avatar
      MikePA -
      Quote Originally Posted by tremerone View Post
      No surprises here! Had a feeling it would pan out like this.
      You had a feeling huh? Right.
    1. PhoneLine's Avatar
      PhoneLine -
      I hope all the people that will try and contact him before Monday and ask him to release it early don't upset him and make him run away.

      Ok, ok....I'll behave. Nice to see him sharing
    1. carolinamic's Avatar
      carolinamic -
      Is competition still a good thing. Burning to jailbreak exploits at once. C'mon man.
    1. namdamage's Avatar
      namdamage -
      It's easy really everyone saying geohot should not release is clearly a 4th Gen owner and as we all know Green Poison doesn't work on 3Gen devices so what for it!!!!
      Leave the man to release limerain and that helps all devices (which is a great needed help) and use Green poison for 4th Gen only
    1. maddawg05's Avatar
      maddawg05 -
      My hats off to both sides. I'm not going to discriminate on either Jb...using whichever is clever.