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  • Sprint Unveils New 'Guaranteed Unlimited for Life' Plans

    Sprint has Thursday revealed their new Guaranteed Unlimited for Life plans following the Softbank buyout of Sprint for $21.6 Billion.

    The new unlimited plans known as MyWay plans, give the subscriber unlimited data, text messaging, and phone calls. The plans allow customers to lock in their unlimited data, text messaging, and phone calls for the longevity of the subscriber's account(s), effectively keeping any changes to the carrier from having any effect on the customers.

    The plans start at around $80 per month for one smartphone, or $60 per month for a basic phone. Subscribers can add multiple phones to their accounts and save money with each phone that they add. The plans include unlimited 4G LTE data, which Sprint now offers in 110 markets in the United States.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Hesse, Sprint CEO
    As additional lines are added to the account, customers will see significant monthly savings. The Sprint Unlimited, My Way plan makes it easy for families to tailor plans to meet their wireless needs, making Sprint the clear choice for families.
    Pricing information is shown below:

    Sources: Sprint
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    1. snoozkewl's Avatar
      snoozkewl -
      I tried Sprint for 10days. All I have to say is "Unlimited" of nothing, is still nothing. Thats how fast the data will be if you join Sprint.

      Oh and canceling is a Joke, Paid a $500 deposit on the account, canceled and return the phone within 15day no fee grace period. Took 3 months to get me deposit back, in two parts because they tried to bill me for 3 months of service. 5 months later I get a collections letter for the value of the iPhone. Had to fax the device return receipt to Sprint on 3 separate occasions just to clean up this mess. Good luck to anyone stupid enough to sign up.
    1. ThatOneProfile's Avatar
      ThatOneProfile -
      Quote Originally Posted by vinaygoel2000 View Post
      5gb capped is better than no service and pay $35 more. Plus I've never gone over 4gb.

      "No service" is exaggerating.
    1. vinaygoel2000's Avatar
      vinaygoel2000 -
      Quote Originally Posted by ThatOneProfile View Post
      "No service" is exaggerating.
      Not where I live. I've seen a Sprint iPhone 5 with the little circle as data indicator. Remember the GPRS signal. That's slower than Edge!!!
    1. CZroe's Avatar
      CZroe -
      Obviously this means that they plan to stop offering Unlimited sometime.