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  • "No Phone Can Best the iPhone:" iPhonemania in China

    The iPhone 4 went on sale today in China, with large crowds gathering outside Apple Stores in Beijing and Shanghai. The only authorized carrier in the country, China Unicom, said they received 200,000 pre-orders before sales began, and the phone apparently did brisk business at China Unicom retail outlets and Suning Appliance stores throughout the People's Republic. China Unicom requires a contract, though, and the carrier-unlocked phones available at the four Apple Stores in China are proving popular.

    Most Chinese mobile phone customers pay month-to-month, rather than signing a contract. In addition, many just want to keep their existing phone number; the Chinese market does not aoffer portability. In an online survey by portal 163.com, over 70 percent of the more than 7,000 people surveyed said they would rather buy an iPhone 4 from Apple instead of China Unicom. With a two-year contract from China Unicom, the iPhone 4 will cost 5,880 yuan ($877) for the 16GB model, and 6,999 yuan ($1,044) for the 32GB model. Apple's price for unlocked iPhone 4s is 4,999 yuan ($744 US) for the 16GB model and 5,999 yuan ($893) for the 32GB model. According to China Daily, the English-language newspaper published by the Communist Party of China, Apple's price is below the 5,500 yuan charged for gray market phones brought in from Hong Kong. "We cut the price by 200 yuan this week," a vendor in Beijing's largest electronics market told the government newspaper, "but customers still think it is too high since they can buy an official one from an Apple store for 4,999 yuan."

    Customer lined up for as long as two days waiting for their chance to buy an iPhone, with more than a thousand people waiting outside the new Apple Store at the Xidan Joy City shopping center in Beijing. "It's like waiting in line to see a movie star," Sun Jian Kuan, a 26-year-old systems engineer, told Computerworld. "No phone can best the iPhone."

    Source: Computerworld, image via Agence France Presse
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    1. RICO_'s Avatar
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      Quote Originally Posted by southfrisco View Post
      Sorry for all the issues you have had, I can't empathize with you because I haven't had any of those problems that you mentioned. If you are willing to put up with all that and continue to use an iPhone 4, wouldn't you say there is something about the device at that point? If it was an HTC or Motorola device I am sure a person with so many problems would choose a different brand altogether. All of us are not blind to Apple.
      Yes I would. And that's why I continue to use it. Because it is much more user-friendly, easy to operate, sharper, and faster than most of the other phones out there. I have tried other AT&T phones but in my opinion none have measured up to this phone. HTC and Motorola are on multiple networks and have plenty of competition, therefore members have other options to choose from on Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile for example.

      The Captivate and Xperia X10 were both to choppy and unresponsive for my liking.
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      Quote Originally Posted by robertr1 View Post
      Well now we know why they'd rather buy from apple. At those prices it's worth the carrier-unlocked. Wish it was like that in the U.S.
      in fact, in chinese market the china unicom offered a very good price for the iphone 4. althought it's 1000 yuan higher than the un-contracted iphone 4 from apple store, you only pay 40 yuan ($7) per month for 1.1GB data and 900 call minites, plus loads of sms texts for 24 months.

      in sum, the average cost per month is 5880yuan / 24months / 6.7 FX rate +$7 =$43 per month, not as expensive as in UK at least.
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      cool glowing alien head > non glowing apple logo
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      Quote Originally Posted by BlackDrag0n View Post
      cool glowing alien head > non glowing apple logo
      I agree!!
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      Just more proof that android can't touch us.

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      Quote Originally Posted by tjb5099 View Post
      Just more proof that android can't touch us.

      Cue MC Hammer