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  • Chitika: iOS 7 Beta Adoption is Remarkable

    Following its release to developers less than one week ago, compatible iDevices running iOS 7 beta are already claiming an impressive percentage of all iPhone and iPod touch traffic (in the U.S.) on the Chitika ad network.

    The above graphic from Chitika shows that, since Monday, iOS 7 beta adoption has surged to such a degree that it's already powering 0.22% of mobile devices measured across the Chitika network. By this time last year after the WWDC keynote, iOS 6 beta was only generating 0.11 percent of traffic.

    "The more radical design change, and its potential impact on existing applications, could be driving this behavior," Chitika said Friday, drawing further emphasis to the mad dash among developers to dive into iOS7 beta. "Alternatively, the new interface could be spurring users to browse more frequently."

    For comparison, while we previously observed users of the iOS 6 beta generating 0.11% of all iOS traffic following the third beta release on July 16, 2012, iOS 7 users are already responsible for 0.22% of all North American Web traffic from compatible devices two days after its initial release. However, it is worth noting that the third iteration of the iOS 6 beta was available on some iPad models, specifically version two and above.
    Despite some initial backlash from developers about the design of iOS 7, Chitika says, the traffic from users of the OS continues to climb and it's poised to stay this course through the official release of iOS 7 later this year.

    Source: Chitika
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      subywrex -
      Quote Originally Posted by znbl View Post
      While true, many tweaks were likely inspired from other platforms like you said, I do believe that there have been plenty of originally tweaks in JB land that do not have a direct analog elsewhere. Please don't sell those short.

      1) "Millions" isn't exactly a small number. 2) Of course you're going to have that kind of margin between jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. But that is the wrong comparison to be making, given that the majority of Apple's iOS userbase is made of utterly non-technical users, the kind of people Apple has been catering to for years, so of course those people wouldn't know anything about jail breaking. What you should be comparing is devices owned by more technically inclined people. You'd probably find the percentage to be a lot higher.

      Here's an analogy: It's like with cars, where most people who buy a typical sedan would leave it stock, where as there's a certain crowd who would be more inclined to modify it (better tires, better flowing intake and exhaust, programmers to adjust transmission shift points and engine output, etc.) Sure, you could say the majority of the buyers don't modify it, while you could say the majority of the buyers who happen to like working on cars would modify it to varying degrees, though not all of them necessarily would.
      Your missing a very important word in my post "relative". 1 million is 1% of 100 million. So if your a company, who would you listen to 1% or 99%?

      Regardless of how large 1 million is my point is in relative to devices the number is small.

      Anyway I think apples moves have more to do with why people by other platforms, rather than what does the jailbreak community think. They see the customization android offers and the Crowd that appeals too.

      And one thing about your analogy that is a bit far fetched as a comparison is automotive manufactures don't market the ability to install after market parts (jailbreak tweak). They offer customization installed from the factory. In fact any customization beyond that of dealer voids your warranty.