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  • New Microsoft Ad Bashes iPad Zooming, Lack of SD Card, Multitasking, Price

    Last month, Microsoft started making ads that brought back memories from the Mac vs. PC days. The ads have an iPad sitting next to a Windows 8 tablet and Siri making comments made to embarrass Apple and their tablet, while making the Windows 8 tablet look good in the process.

    Microsoft has released yet another new ad that this time uses Siri against Apple in a whole new way. This ad uses a Dell tablet against the iPad, rather than an ASUS tablet, and focuses on zooming, SD card support, and multitasking.

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    As the user attempts to zoom out on the iPad home screen, Siri says, "I'm sorry; I don't zoom like that. Ouch! Ouch!" On the Windows tablet, the user zooms out on the home screen to access more applications at a glance. The ad then moves on to SD card storage, where the iPad user tries to put an SD card into the iPad for additional storage, where the Windows 8 tablet supports SD cards. finally, the ad moves into multitasking, where Siri makes yet another comment about the fact that the Windows 8 tablet can do two things at once.

    Perhaps the most stinging part of the ad is at the end, where each tablet user removes their tablet from the frame and the prices are revealed. You hear Siri say, "Oh, that's not cool" as the prices display the iPad at $599 for a 32GB model and the Windows 8 Dell tablet at $399 for a 32GB model, which is just a limited time offer of course.

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    1. Mohitster's Avatar
      Mohitster -
      Quote Originally Posted by Raptor2213 View Post
      That's a very misleading price comparison, seeing as how the iPad 32gb has ~30gb of usable space vs ~15gb.
      A much more accurate comparison is to compare it to the price of the 16gb iPad at $499.
      It's OK if you don't feel like / don't want to take the SDCard Expansion into account. It's OK.
    1. artfuldodger333's Avatar
      artfuldodger333 -
      Why so mad everyone. It's just an ad hahahahahahahahahahahaha.
      If Apple can take it, Why can't you???
    1. PokemonDesigner's Avatar
      PokemonDesigner -
      That one sucked compared to the other one. Pretty useless features nonetheless
    1. alexp's Avatar
      alexp -
      Quote Originally Posted by SawyerBenjamin View Post
      Who cares about the appstore? Its not super secure like Apple's mobile OS and you can download billions of apps on the internet, including a facebook app.

      And it's not that their OS "cant decide", its meant to be bring harmony to both the Tablet market AND the Desktop market. Making a friendly user experience on both.

      Some of you guys are just close minded and need to learn to respect technology for what it is. Just cause another company uses an advertising technique against your idol doesnt make it garbage. I haven't seen one person comment on this giving a legit reason why an iPad is better. Just a bunch of fanboys defending a company.

      Its incredibly disappointing.
      Given some of the responses It seems that no one here has really used windows 8, being a ios forum that is understandable. I have recently bought a high spec ultra book for a month or so. At first I liked the new look and was interested by the combination of the two interfaces.
      Unfortunately "harmony" is not word to describe what they have created, "a disastrous mess" would be a better description, or another windows vista disaster.
      Things that make this operating system a nightmare include:
      A lack of common initiative a way to close applications.
      Constant 100% CPU usages.
      It crashes every time you perform a restart
      The task bar breaks and stops working frequently.
      Other parts of the ui just stop working for ages.
      The "touch screen interface" is actually just a bigger version of the start menu.
      Ie 10 is unstable.
      If there is an update available for an app, windows will prevent you from using it until you update that app.
      Windows 8 is just a very bad operating system, when I get a chance I'm moving back to windows 7
    1. smith01's Avatar
      smith01 -
      Quote Originally Posted by steve-z17 View Post
      We don't have to give a legit reason why we like the iPad better, it's our choice! The reasons that are given for not liking the MS Tablet may not be "legit" to you, but to us that's all we need to say we enjoy the iPad better. And not everyone was calling the MS Tablet garbage, some of us just thought it was funny the way they tried to make the price a major selling point when it was only a limited time offer and the amount of space compared isn't correct. We could say the same thing to you....just another Microsoft fanboy defending a company...
      The only real reason why the iPad is better is because Windows 8 sucks. Plain and simple. If it was Windows 7 on that tablet then it would be better.
      They cant say the iPad is better because of the apps. That Windows tablet can make the apps for the iPad where the iPad cant. The Windows tablet can do whatever it wants and run whatever OS it wants where the iPad cant. There are so many reasons why the Windows tablet is so much better than an iPad but because its running Windows 8 its not as good as an iPad. Thats the only reason.
    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      I work in IT. I work in a dominant Windows environment. At my company users have a choice between iPad and Surface Pro. Over 95% chose iPad. Nothing more to say.