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  • iOS 7 Initial Usage Thoughts from the ModMyi Staff
    iOS 7 was announced yesterday and Apple came out with a slew of new features and a complete redesign of iOS which many of us thought was well overdue. After the keynote, Apple released iOS 7 beta to registered iPhone developers. After hours of fighting with Apple servers, a handful of the ModMyi staff got our hands on iOS 7 and installed it.

    Here are some of our thoughts and ideas on iOS 7!

    So lets kick this off. What iDevice did you install the iOS 7 beta on?

    Kyle - I installed it on my primary iPhone 5, the device I use every day.

    Simon - I installed on my iPod touch 5G and iPhone 4S - both secondary devices, have to keep my jailbreak!

    ToothFairy - iPhone 4S, which is my primary device at this time.

    Cer0 - I have it on my iPhone 5, which is my primary device.

    Cowboy - My iPhone 5 which is my primary device.

    What are your initial thoughts of iOS 7? Does is feel like a new iDevice to you?

    Kyle - Initial thoughts - hate the icons, love the UI. The premise of the whole flat-design concept is "let the content speak." The UI does a great job of removing clutter and putting all attention on your content. However - on the homepage, the icons ARE the content. I miss a little depth and polish. It doesn't feel like a new device - it feels like a minimal theme.

    Simon - Very different. Love the new UI and transition animations. The home screen feels a little "bubbly" but that's nothing a jailbreak can't take care of

    ToothFairy - No it doesn't feel like a new iDevice at all....

    Cer0 - Little slow and laggy, should get better through the betas.

    Cowboy - Initial thoughts: cool new features, but I hate most of the design. They change the look and feel an awful lot so it feels quite a bit different.

    What do you think of Apple's new design? Did Apple help or hurt iOS?

    Kyle - Like I said love the UI, but hate the icons. The color scheme seems straight out of an American Apparel catalog.

    Simon - Definitely helped. It was time for a change and for the most part looks to be a good one.

    ToothFairy - Its a little cheesy, I felt the other design was very tastefully done! That is what helped make the first iPhone - the beautiful design. However, all good things must come to an end and I am ready for a fresh new look. Change is good and I like to move with technology. After using it for a short time I like most of the things in the new design.

    Cer0 - I feel the design is going to hurt Apple. Not a fan thus far.

    Cowboy - Once again, I hate the design. I feel like my 4 year old can make these icons. People are calling it "modern" - I disagree. I don't know yet if its going to help or hurt Apple. Everyone I show it to so far loves it. I think the new features outweigh the design.

    Apple added a lot of new features such as "Control Center", "Air Drop", and "Camera Filters". What is your favorite new feature or features added to iOS 7?

    Kyle - I love SBSetttings, sorry, Auxo, sorry, Control Center. Of course, I've loved it for years.

    Simon - Control Center by far. Been waiting a long time for apple to implement this.

    ToothFairy - Control Center is great. Love all of the options within it. One flick of my finger and there it is! Very convient!

    Cer0 - Loving the Control Center and the new typography.

    Cowboy - Big fan of the new Multitasking and Control Center. Also liking the built in camera filters.

    Did you feel that the new features help boost iOS 5 years ahead of any other mobile operating system again?

    Kyle - No. 5 years? That's a lot. Jailbreakers have had the majority of this (even flat design themes!) for years.

    Simon - No. If anything some of the features are just catching up to others. They all do pretty much the same stuff do it always just comes down to personal preference.

    ToothFairy - No - however, I have never used any other mobile operating system. Let's compare to some of the other OS features already existing:

    1. Swipe from left for various items? Blackberry 10 has that.
    2. The notifications center has been around for quite some time on Android, jailbroken iPhones, and now Blackberry with the hub.
    3. Blackberry has been developing car integrations for years already.
    4. Multitasking tabs already exist on Android and Blackberry.

    Cer0 - Not sure if it boosts it ahead any. They had a lot of catching up to do.

    Cowboy - 5 years not so much, there is still a lot of stuff missing that could be added and still could be added with new hardware like NFC. I think iOS 7 gets them back in the game though.

    Siri got a pretty big update, how do you feel about the new Siri or better yet male Siri?

    Kyle - I never use Siri practically, so I couldn't really speak to it. (What is he saying is Siri doesnt seem to understand pimp!)

    Simon - New features look pretty good. I don't use Siri much but may start with these added controls. Think ill stick with the female voice too lol.

    ToothFairy - I pretty much feel its about the same. However I think the male voice will be a nice option for us ladies!

    Cer0 - I don't use Siri so I don't care...

    Cowboy - Not a huge Siri user, but I am happy now I have the ability to launch more apps.

    What are you missing from the older iOS versions that Apple took away or implemented differently in this new version?

    Kyle - The icons. An easier way to view calendar events at a higher level (month, click a date to quick view it while still on month view, or the list view). Removing the top bar in Safari.

    Simon - Directly from Apple, nothing. Not missing anything. Not having the jailbreak sucks, which is why my i5 is staying on 6.1.2.

    ToothFairy - 1) Swipe to right. 2) The design in iMessages, phone, clock settings, notes. 3) The little lightening bolt through the battery when charging. 4) When deleting a picture you tapped the trash can and it would delete.

    Cer0 - Not missing much yet. Maybe with more time I will find something.

    Cowboy - Missing the icons, missing the old messaging app, and also swiping right to delete.

    How do you feel about the learning curve?

    Kyle - I think the flat design makes a lot of sense, but older generations may be confused a bit without the real-world similarities the previous designs had.

    Simon - iOS has always been pretty easy to pick up and go. I don't see it being any different with this facelift.

    ToothFairy - I can't pick on IOS 7 because I think that many younger users or older users have to learn and understand what they are doing on it and what it does.... I feel the more experienced people aren't going to need help but yes the less experienced people will still need help.

    Cer0 - Probably about the same as older iOS versions.

    Cowboy - I think that less tech savvy people are going to have a bit of struggle. With out the real world texture it will be hard to identify apps. Everything is more uniform, which is somewhat nice - but on the other hand apps and UI buttons don't pop out like they used to. It makes it hard to figure out what some things are.

    What are the Pros and Cons of iOS 7?

    Kyle - Pros: Really shines in typography. The way of sorting photographs via "moments" is brilliant.
    Cons: Gestures could be tough - the side scroll is used in a lot of apps, not allowing that may get odd for people who've built that into their apps as integral parts. Those icons are horrible.

    Simon - Pros: looks beautiful and has some really useful additions.
    Cons: no jailbreak (yet), icons a little bubbly.

    ToothFairy - Pros: I like being able to get at the control center from the lock screen
    I love the real clock
    Photos is great it now has everything one needs so now I can get rid of a few apps!
    I like seeing how far the battery is charged in the slide to unlock screen
    I like being able to see my wallpaper in the slide to unlock screen. Hated those dark areas on the top and bottom.
    Love the dynamtic wallpapers
    Thought I would hate the icons however its a real clean crisp look
    iRadio sorry Pandora
    Like that you can turn automatic updates off
    The unlimited tabs in Safari
    3D that tracks your phone movements
    Folders swipe to left for more storage

    Cons: I hate automatic update I now have a lot of icons waiting and lines in my folders
    I hate when your calling waiting for a answer the colors they used
    I hate when pictures ask you if you want to delete one
    No contrast within some of the apps
    Using a lighter wallpaper on the home screen
    Frustrated with the colors used in the phone app... black & red? White and blue or red writing would have been my choice
    iPhone 4s can not use filters within the camera app
    iPhone 4s can not use Airdrop
    Switcher or multitask which you could have the option to swish all instead of one at a time
    That they didn't go back to double tap when zooming in when taking pictures

    Cer0 - Pros: Shared photo stream with groups that allow everyone is the group to post!
    Fluid wallpapers
    Cons: Photo app seems cluttered
    Not liking the new multitasking

    Cowboy - Pro: New Features
    Cons: Design design design!

    Was it worth losing your jailbreak? Are you still hoping for a quick jailbreak iOS 7 jailbreak when it drops publicly in the fall?

    Kyle - Definitely would love to jailbreak this. Themes are going to be huge for iOS 7 - especially icons. Or bringing back a non-flat design. There's also a ton of mods which would be nice - smaller icons with Shrink, MyWi, different ways of allowing the folders to have more icons through Infinifolders, adjusting toggles in Control Center, etc. There are a ton of tweaks which constantly allow customizers to fine tune and hone their device to their personal preferences. That's what the whole idea of jailbreak is - take something you love, tweak it until it's your own.

    Simon - Not worth losing my jailbreak. Keeping my iPhone 5 jailbroken for as long as possible.

    ToothFairy - My phone was not jailbroken however I read many comments that some say it will be worth it and some still want to hold onto their jailbroken phone.

    Cer0 - Eh, I like have the latest and greatest but I really miss Auxo and Clean Status.

    Cowboy - I miss my themes but I love it and think it was worth the jump to iOS 7. When it publicly releases I am sure the Devs will get a jailbreak to us ASAP. iOS 7 is great but with a jailbreak it can only get better. I mean without jailbreaking who is Apple going to steal from. Google?

    To wrap it up, I (Cowboy) would like to think the staff that helped me put this article together and I hope you guys share your thoughts!
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    1. seevicr's Avatar
      seevicr -
      bite sms should be a no brainer ... cmon apple implement this to ios7 plssssss, there will be alot of happy campers
    1. thinknoffcenter's Avatar
      thinknoffcenter -
      Quote Originally Posted by Mianwly View Post
      can I upgrade my iOS 6 to iOS 7 now ?
      yes, google install ios 7 without a dev account......it worked just fine for me
    1. Cowboy's Avatar
      Cowboy -
      Do not recommend install on your everyday phone. These first beta is buggy as all get out, some apps don't works, good amount of crashes its just not worth it right now. Betas are for devs and it shows
    1. jaymzru's Avatar
      jaymzru -
      Quote Originally Posted by ComputerMan View Post
      cyntact is no longer needed. favorites now have pictures next to them
      If they're in your favorites you probably already know who it is. Pictures are helpful when you don't necessarily remember a person's name (particularly for me, living in Tokyo and having a bunch of Japanese names in my address book).
    1. Ryaninfg's Avatar
      Ryaninfg -
      Does anyone know of any compatible winterboard themes for iOS 7??
    1. Cowboy's Avatar
      Cowboy -
      Quote Originally Posted by Ryaninfg View Post
      Does anyone know of any compatible winterboard themes for iOS 7??
      Check the theme section out.