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  • Head of Android Development at Google Shows Interest in trying iOS 7

    Apple recently introduced iOS 7, which many claim is the biggest change to iOS since the original iPhone launched back in 2007 The differences found between iOS 7 and previous iterations of the iOS mobile operating system are readily apparent and striking. Much like any other big change, Apple’s new flat-themed mobile OS has generated a lot of debate. Some think Apple is headed in the right direction while others think that iOS 7 lacks the unique Apple flair that they were wowed with in previous iterations.

    Interestingly enough, one person who can’t wait to try out iOS 7 is the head of the Android development over at Google, Sundar Pichai. Some of you may know that Pichai was chosen to succeed Andy Rubin this past March. He tweeted the following which shows his interest:

    Excited to try out iOS 7 beta, guess I need to register as a developer first
    If you set aside the whole controversy behind the topic, it is somewhat refreshing to hear someone in Pichai’s position expresses what appears to be genuine excitement over a competing company’s product. This may allude to several different things but one thing we definitely do know is that iOS 7 is increasing the competition which means more features for the consumers to look forward to!

    Source: Sundar Pichai (Twitter)
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