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  • Seven iOS 7 Features Apple Borrowed From the Jailbreak Community

    Apple surprised all of us with the new features in iOS 7 Monday afternoon. What was more surprising was the sheer amount of new features that appeared to be taken from the jailbreak community. This list will go over just some of the features Apple integrated into iOS 7 that the jailbreak community had first.

    1. Preview Multitasking

    Apple introduced an updated App Switcher in iOS 7, which shows application previews rather than just application icons. Applications are dismissed by swiping down on them. Sound familiar? Ė this App Switcher works a lot like Auxo. Itís just blown up in size a little bit with more metro animations.

    2. Call and Text Blocking

    Apple enabled the ability to block callers in iOS 7. Users will also be able to block people from text messaging, iMessaging, and FaceTiming them in iOS 7. This feature has been in the jailbreak community for a long time known as iBlacklist.

    3. A Live Clock Application Icon

    As we can tell, Apple appears to have finally introduced a live clock application icon to the iOS home screen. The icon now displays the actual time rather than being a static application icon. This feature has been in the jailbreak community for some time now known as LiveClock.

    4. Access Notification Center On the Lock Screen

    In iOS 7, Apple has allowed access to Notification Center right from the lock screen so you can easily see all of your notifications. Currently, Apple only lets you access Notification Center when the device is unlocked and you need to be jailbroken and running the popular IntelliScreenX to do this.

    5. Apply Photo Filters Without Third Party Apps

    iOS 7 now lets you apply filters to photographs without the use of third party applications. iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5G users can add filters right from the Camera application, while all other iOS 7 users can apply photograph filters from the Photos application. With a jailbroken iOS 6 device, you can apply filters to photographs from the Photos application with a jailbreak tweak known as PhotoFilters.

    6. Unlimited Tabs in Safari

    In iOS 7, Apple has removed the 8 tab limit in Mobile Safari so you can have more Web pages opened at once. With a jailbreak, you can do the same thing with a tweak known as Tab+.

    7. Toggles

    Apple has finally introduced toggles in iOS 7 with Control Center. It offers network toggles, a flashlight button, brightness, volume, song information and more. There are many jailbreak tweaks that add this kind of functionality to iOS, but one of the most popular is SBSettings.

    There are probably many more features Apple borrowed from the jailbreak community that will be discovered in the near future, but in the spirit of iOS "7," we will start off with just seven of them at this point in time. If you have noticed any that aren't listed, feel free to talk about them below!

    Sources: Apple
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    1. VikingRyan907's Avatar
      VikingRyan907 -
      I think the big thing is that generally speaking, we expect MORE from Apple. iOS7 really feels like they're playing catch up. Whether it's by adding features that us jailbreakers have been using for sometime, or making the UI look "tiled" like android and windows phones. The only thing they showed that really made think "hey, that's pretty sweet" was AirDrop. And even then, it's not something I'm willing to give up my jb for.

      Why they haven't added quick reply/compose to messages yet is truly insane. It's still the main reason I jailbreak. If iOS 7 had that feature, and the option to keep the old app icons with the new ui, i'd probably go for it. But as it is now, i wont be updating until there's a jailbreak available for it.
    1. bisayakid07's Avatar
      bisayakid07 -
      I will keep my jailbroken ip5 and hang on until ios7 get jailbroken
    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      Haha! Yeah, not sure why Apple tries to crush the JB community with the anti JB campaign..they only benefit from it. Since JB came onto the scene, Apple has taken some of the tweaks and made them available to us. In the end Apple should thank all JB teams for their contributions..no joke.
    1. Bloodwork's Avatar
      Bloodwork -
      The jb community should sue apple for copying their tweaks.
    1. REMED1AL's Avatar
      REMED1AL -
      I like to think of Apple as the production car and we, as jail breakers, are the race team that build/test the car to it's maximum potential. When we improve those achievements are then adapted to the production car.

      Apple builds what is proven and solid, we build what is dreamed and wanted... in the end it makes for a great phone.

      Everyone always complains that Apple doesn't listen to the jailbreak community but it seems more like the listen b/c they know we're their biggest fans!
    1. xxscaxx's Avatar
      xxscaxx -
      These features might be old news because of the JB community, but what people fail to realize is that these tweaks will work pretty much flawlessly within the OS.

      If they had quick reply, i'd probably never jailbreak anymore unless some really innovative tweak/app was released in the JB community. I will update and enjoy iOS7 for what it is and if I get bored will JB if its available.
    1. Super7's Avatar
      Super7 -
      Well done Apple Looking forward to iOS 7
    1. Scotty Manley Silberhorn's Avatar
      Scotty Manley Silberhorn -
      Quote Originally Posted by sand_man View Post
      I like iOS 7. I really think Apple have gone out of their way to mature and move iOS along. A complete overhaul of the UI design is radical for Apple if you consider it has barely changed since its 2007 debut.

      Having said that and I mentioned this in another thread: All Apple needed to do for iOS 7 is endorse jailbreaking.

      iOS 7's main feature: Cydia, available from the AppStore for $7.

      Will I sacrifice my JB for 7, definitely not. Why will I need to? How long before every element of 7 has been replicated and is available via Cydia? A month? 2 months?!!!

      Apple will never endorse cydia because cydia is a security risk. I donít think most jailbreakers realize this. I jailbreak myself and with every tweak I download, I wonder if they are taking my contacts, stealing some of my passwords or something else. I doubt they are stealing information. Cydia is uncontrolled. Apple wants controlled because it is more secure and stable. You canít argue that.
    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      New GUI is sick..gotta have it!!
    1. scottjl's Avatar
      scottjl -
      oh please. like many of these things didn't exist prior to the jailbreak community?

      1. preview multitasking - webos, heck even expose
      2. blocking? really? any IM client from the 90's let you block people. many phones can let you block callers. google voice (and grand central before that) let you. so did youmail.
      3. live clock animation, android had it, along with live weather
      4. lock screen notifications and information. blackberry, windows os 6, webos, many others had this as well
      5. filters? really? plenty of others had them
      6. unlimited tabs in safari. well. one could simply say they're bringing the desktop feature to ios. but even mosaic had unlimited tabs.
      7. toggles - again, ripped off of android, webos, other os's. nothing new here.

      none of these features were something the jailbreak community invented from nothing. while i like the JB community and all that it's done, it has mainly brought features to iOS that exist in other operating systems (for the desktop or mobiles). maybe it looks different or works a little different, but very few have been original.
    1. sand_man's Avatar
      sand_man -
      Quote Originally Posted by Scotty Manley Silberhorn View Post
      Apple will never endorse cydia because cydia is a security risk. I donít think most jailbreakers realize this. I jailbreak myself and with every tweak I download, I wonder if they are taking my contacts, stealing some of my passwords or something else. I doubt they are stealing information. Cydia is uncontrolled. Apple wants controlled because it is more secure and stable. You canít argue that.
      All the more reason why Apple should be working alongside the jailbreak community. It's only a security risk cause hackers are constantly working to find new exploits to ensure Cydia and jailbreaking survives and they succeeding I might add.

      In fact if Apple endorsed Cydia and jailbreaking they would have far more control over potential security risks than they currently do, including what material ultimately finds its way to market.

      Getting back to your point have you, or anyone on this forum for that matter, ever had conclusive evidence that personal information was compromised via a program or piece of software installed via Cydia??

      EDIT: I agree Apple will never endorse jailbreaking, I'm just not convinced that this is in their best interests. What a great asset the jailbreak community is. USE IT!!!
    1. CaliRican415's Avatar
      CaliRican415 -
      I wouldn't go as far saying "Borrowed". It's more like stolen from the jailbreak community. Apple looks down on jailbreaking but yet they jailbreak them self and steal ideas.
      They still haven't done anything with the keyboard and auto spell.
    1. The Analyst's Avatar
      The Analyst -
      The whole UI seems to be inapired by the SUAVE theme.
      functionality looks great. only wish there was quick reply/compose
      nice article. thnx
    1. eightyk88's Avatar
      eightyk88 -
      Don't forget about 3D springboard
    1. JollyRogger's Avatar
      JollyRogger -
      The Iphone would not be the Iphone without the jailbreak community.

      1. Apple plugs any gaps in their OS that the hackers find thus making the OS even more secure.
      2. Apple looks at what cool "tweaks" the dev's come up with then then "tweak" them themselves and make them even better. The new toggles in IOS7 is SBsettings but it is accessed by swiping up from the bottom which makes more sense than swiping across the top.

      Either way I'm torn between jumping on 7 and waiting for a Jailbreak because I love SpeakEvents and I'm not sure I want to loose it but Stock 7 looks fantastic.

      On a completely different topic, no one has been ******** about maps in ages. Is it because Apple have fixed it ??? or you've all just got really bored.

    1. plaintom's Avatar
      plaintom -
      First, I want to say I think Cydia is great. I've Jailbroken my iPhone from the original. (iPad also and it's currently stil jailbroken). There are a tom of great tweaks that community provides. But I wonder if many are missing that less than 5% of all iOS devices are jailbroken. Jailbreaking is NOT for everyone. Even though the various JB teams have done a great job making the actual JB very easy, MOST people just don't want to have to deal with. Let's face it, most just want to text, make a call, browse the web and play a game. They want simple, easy.

      What Apple has done is bring some great JB tweaks to the masses. Maybe they "borrowed" them, maybe they "stole" them, but does it really matter? They are listening. They are implementing (perhaps not as fast or as wide spread as we'd like) very useful features.

      Do I wish they had a quick reply or allowed themes (skinning)? YES.

      I've got the iOS & beta running on my iPhone5. It is stable and very responsive.
    1. Iteh_skyss's Avatar
      Iteh_skyss -
      Now I read on the keynote that they made it so you can interact with the notifications making it so you can reply to iMessage right from the notification so wouldn't that be quick reply?


    1. expo_marker's Avatar
      expo_marker -
      Borrowed? Lol, more like stolen. At D11, Tim Cook specifically said he doesn't like COPYING (when the guy from the Verge asked him about Apple and Samsung lawsuits). That is why they keep trying to sue Samsung. Tim is such a hypocrite.

      Anyways, can the jailbreak community sue Apple? Or is the jailbreak community considered "illegal" or "under Apple's property (or however you would call it?)"
    1. kalpesh78's Avatar
      kalpesh78 -
      Quote Originally Posted by dsg View Post
      what doesn't Apple take, they're magpies and for that reason they need the jailbreaking community
      As i see it, the reason apple does not build in everything in their phones and pads is that they allow developers to go berserk on the apps. I'm sure apple keeps a close eye on the jail-breaking community. Once an app / mod is out from the community apple will surely try to incorporate it in their next big upgrade (Its out anyways. No harm in picking it up as a standard app).

      IOS also gives developers a chance to do what they can creatively. As a user i don't particularly care about who comes up with it. I'll always be jail-broken, I'll always appreciate great apps.
    1. steve-z17's Avatar
      steve-z17 -
      People are always going to find a reason to complain...it's stupid. In most cases we all know that Apple likes to work on new ideas over a long period of time perfecting them before implementing them into the OS; so a lot of these things have probably been with Apple for awhile. This is only going to make things better for the iPhone and for JB's, devs will be taking tweaks to the next level! This is a great release from Apple!