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  • Make Calls with Your iPod/iPad: Apple Patent

    In a pile of new Apple patent applications released today, one surprise stood out: Apple is working on an external transceiver that would turn an iPod touch - or any mobile device, from a media player to a game console - into a full-featured cellular phone. The patent, called "Accessory Transceiver for Mobile Devices," was highlighted by Patently Apple today. In addition to giving calling services to an iPod, the patent also details how the transceiver could be used to connect an iPhone to a different cellular network, specifically referencing a CDMA network like the one used by Verizon in the US.

    The patent, credited to Apple engineers Paul Holden, Robert Borchers, Jesse Lee Dorogusker, Emily Clark Schubert and Stephen Chick, was one of 27 that were released today. In the introduction, the inventors noted that "conventional mobile devices are often dedicated to performing a specific application," such as MP3 players that only play music or dumbphones that are limited to making calls. The invention aims to add communication functionality to devices that don't currently have it, allowing you to, for example, make calls from a PSP, or browse the Web from a phone without data services. The patent notes, significantly, that "a mobile device can be equipped with an internal transceiver that allows the mobile device to communicate with a mobile phone network, for example, a GSM mobile telephone network… can use an accessory transceiver to communicate with a different mobile phone network, for example, a CDMA mobile telephone network." So this invention would allow any iPhone to access Verizon's network, whether or not Apple ever comes out with the long-rumored CDMA version of the phone.

    A more likely Apple product based on this patent, though, would be an accessory that would give cell phone capability to iPad or iPod touch devices. The drawings attached to the patent, in fact, show the iPod touch as the controlling device for the transceiver. In addition to a cell network, the transceiver could be used to access other wireless data systems, such as satellite networks, WiFi, WiMAX, and so forth. The transceiver could either be connected by a cord to the device or, in some "embodiments of the invention," wirelessly.

    source: Patently Apple
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    1. Antman217's Avatar
      Antman217 -
      Cool I guess but who would you pay. I guess you would have to go to a phone carrier anyways to get calls and that would mean a new contract anyways.
    1. jhtapia's Avatar
      jhtapia -
      Sounds Interesting.
    1. Zokunei's Avatar
      Zokunei -
      Since that's actually clearly an iPhone and not an iPod, does that mean this is the new "bumper" alternative? Lol, but seriously, I think this might be the VeriPhone we've been hearing about.
    1. flintoff's Avatar
      flintoff -
      I don't know why pplz are wining about what's the point of getting this and just buy iPhone . Don't u guys know that iPhone. Requires high pricy monthly bill with mountain contracts?? And when someone can use much less and contract less with itouch turning into phone ?? Doesn't make u guys think ?but it would be awesome to use it 4th generation itouch with FaceTime without having iPhone 4 which more fatter than itouch 4 and has more problem than Itouch 4
    1. kmf_adrian's Avatar
      kmf_adrian -
      Quote Originally Posted by baskie View Post
      If it's possible, only reason for Apple to patent it is to stop others using it. I mean, why would a phone manufacturer ever plan to release a device that removes the need for a phone?
      This was my first thought actually. Apple realizing that this was the next logical step for those who hate the idea of being tied down by contracts (yes there is jail-breaking), or those wishing to raise the bar in the tablet market (sprint galaxy tab aka oversized smart phone) Apple would so dong ensure they can take legal action against the competition.
    1. yahhcold's Avatar
      yahhcold -
      First they put a camera on ipod touch 4g now making calls what are they doing