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  • Apple Hiring Liquidmetal Engineers

    Apple is looking for an amorphous metal development manager and two metal process development engineers, in an indication that a future Apple product - possibly the next generation iPhone - will be made of Liquidmetal, a new light, moldable, and durable alloy that Apple bought exclusive rights to last month. The job listings say that the candidates' roles will be "highly visible," suggesting that the alloy will be used in one of the company's marquee products.

    Last month, Apple closed a licensing deal with Liquidmetal Technologies, which had developed a process for making a material with twice the strength of titanium but moldable like plastic, by cooling molten metal quickly to prevent the creation of crystalline structures. The alloy can be molded into complex shapes when bent or twisted without any weak spots, is anti-corrosive, scratch-resistant, extremely durable and thus ideal for small, strong, light devices. It can even be etched with indelible holograms, or patterns that generate colors in reflected light. The little SIM ejector key in the iPhone 3G was reportedly made of it, and the metallic glass alloy is used in products like Vertu cell phones and SanDisk flash drives.

    According to three job postings, Apple is looking for an Amorphous Metal Development Manager, Metal Process Development Engineer, and Amorphous Metal Development Engineer. The listings say that all the new staff will have a “highly visible role,” and will be responsible for "developing amorphous alloy composition, molding and forming processes, and secondary operations (e.g. machining, grinding, finishing) as applicable to Apple requirements.”

    Source: AppleInsider
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    1. Lukster's Avatar
      Lukster -
      Apple is trying to keep the "metal Housing" without the machining, and into the molding process for faster and more efficient production, like plastics.. Besides Liquid metal is already being used in phones, and its not really liquid metal. Its hard at room temp. It's just a move to keeping the metal look with apples laptops, iphones, pads, pods etc. Cooling wont change. But if apple is brave it will challenge the worlds makers of pc's and other gadgets to compete with a lower price, if they lower the price..

      I think they will milk the profits til' the market curves to the trend of lm.

      Id rather have a carbon fiber housed phone any day.
    1. ghaffar23's Avatar
      ghaffar23 -
      Quote Originally Posted by stlcaddie View Post
      Is that because the reception problem OR did the wife just take the better phone and left you with the peice of S. Cause that's what women do. LOL
      I let her have the iPhone 4 since that's what she wanted. She didn't want to upgrade from 2G since 10/2007 because there really wasn't a difference between that and the 3G. Besides, by the time the 3GS came out, the iPhone 4 was announced shortly thereafter. I'll probably end up getting the white iPhone 4 if it ever comes out. If not, I'll just wait for iPhone 5. LOL!

      Quote Originally Posted by M4tt Dam0n View Post
      You complain about old technology, yet you are using an iPhone 2G with no video recording, crap camera, no 3g, low res screen etc...
      It's all about respecting the shortcomings and understanding the capabilities. I can still use the apps, which is all that I am concerned about in the first place. I'm merely pointing out the hype that Apple puts into their products when everyone else has been doing what they *just* started doing recently, i.e. video, camera, etc.
    1. Cid6.7's Avatar
      Cid6.7 -
      Hmmmm this sounds familiar. Material that is supposed to be stronger than its counterpart. Didn't Apple say that about the glass surface on the iPhone 4. And yet as soon as you drop it...syonara. Helicopter glass?

      So in theory I should be able to grab a rock....hurl it at an Apache front glass and it should bust right through and nail the pilot square in the forehead no? I mean if this helicopter glass can break from a 4 foot drop with no acting forces other than gravity...then the theory should be plausible no?

      Somehow I think this "new" "revolutionary" technology is just more over-hyped bull for Apple to sell more product.

      But I could be wrong. We'll see if they actually mean business this time.

      People in hot countries will be walkin around with their iphone liquid metal blobs of shiney goo...