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  • iOS Gamers Exploding in US

    The number of gamers who enjoy mobile video games on their iOS device is skyrocketing, according to the findings of a new report. The International Gamers Survey from NewZoo indicates that better than half of the nearly 80 million Americans who play mobile games in the U.S. are now engaging in those mobile gaming activities on an iOS device.

    In other words, there may be approximately 40 million iDevice mobile gamers lurking among us today. The data, which was collected from roughly 10,000 respondents in June, is probably now on the light side. Given that the iPhone 4 was just released this summer and has since sold like gangbusters around the world, the number of mobile iOS gamers is likely far higher than this survey suggests. Still, according to the findings presented, Nintendo DS and DSi gamers only total 41 million. So instead of Apple having to catch up to other "big boys" in the mobile gaming space, it now appears that the tables have been turned - although it should be noted that in several European markets (where iDevice availability is more limited), Nintendo still places far ahead of iOS among mobile gamers users.

    In case you're wondering, the survey also showed that Apple's iOS continues to eat away at the market-share of the Sony Playstation Portable. What does it all mean? “Recent growth in the sales figures of the iPod Touch could be an indication that people are increasingly seeing Apple’s portable devices as game platform," said Peter Warman, NewZoo Managing Director. "The youth seems to be moving from trying their parents device to buying an iPod Touch for themselves. Being able to start off playing free games is a key advantage of iOS and Android devices and comparable to successful social gaming and MMO business models."

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