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  • AT&T Adding iPhone to GoPhone Prepaid Family

    AT&T, the former exclusive iPhone carrier in the United States, is adding the Apple smartphone to its lineup of fully supported prepaid devices. As of today, iPhone owners have access to AT&T's prepaid GoPhone plan.

    AT&T's prepaid GoPhone service reportedly now includes an iPhone purchase option. What's more, users are gaining the addition of 4G LTE and HSPA+ support.

    Customers, we're told, can select from three monthly plans. There's a $65 plan with data access included in part of the package. The $50 and $25 plans, however, require separate data packages in order for them to be activated.

    Existing GoPhone subscribers who own an iPhone or 4G device will automatically get updated with the network data access on June 21. However, they can call AT&T customer care to activate the feature before that date.
    In the past, GoPhone has been accessible to iPhone users, but without cellular data access. With these freshly unveiled changes, it looks like the iPhone will finally have access to all the bells and whistles of AT&T services through GoPhone.

    Source: CNET
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    1. vinaygoel2000's Avatar
      vinaygoel2000 -
      Quote Originally Posted by szr View Post
      This has been possible since at least the 3GS (although really any iPhone that can accept an AT&T SIM card should work.)

      Using a pre-paid "Go" SIM from AT&T you can insert the card into an iPhone and no data plan is required.
      I believe AT&T didn't "officially" support it prior to this announcement and things like visual voicemail didn't work.
    1. chrstopher's Avatar
      chrstopher -
      Was this an actual "official" announcement by ATT? I've never seen anything officially announced, just a lot of redirection to Engadget (that thanks anonymous) and MacRumors from other blogs. Nothing on the ATT forum either. Has anyone actually gotten this to work?