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  • iOS 4.1 Now Live : Do Not Update!

    Paul put out a warning today that was advised from the Dev Team, to steer clear of the iOS 4.1 release, which is now currently being pushed live from Apple. That's right, it is now LIVE, and you are strongly advised NOT to update.

    Again, this is NOT a big update, however Game Center is an new feature we are all looking forward to it, at least for those with supporting devices, and of course included in the update is the long overdue proximity sensor fix. All in all, it's not quite worth it to lose all the fancy goodies we currently get with out 4.0 jailbreak/unlock.

    So, If your Jailbroken and require an unlock, again, Please stay away from this. But if you have no desire for either, feel free to update and post your comments below. Good Luck

    If you haven't already, backup your SHSH Blobs before it's too late.

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    1. deucalion0's Avatar
      deucalion0 -
      Hey guys, yeah I was wondering the same thing although my question to all you pros is that, won't someone have to alter the 4.1 software for us to install to our iPhone 4's!? As this will be tethered I can't think of anyway to update from jailbroken 4.0.1 to 4.1 jailbroken. Or is the idea to update the official way through iTunes then jailbreak? I feel that is what we are waiting for, is for someone to confirm we can jailbreak an officially updated idevice to 4.1 via iTunes. My iPhone is factory unlocked as I paid cash for it but I'm definitely holding off for jailbreak as I really can't use the standard SMS app on the iPhone after years of bitesms, there is just no going back sometimes which I get the impression a lot of jailbreakers feel too.

    1. DirkSwizzler's Avatar
      DirkSwizzler -
      Quote Originally Posted by Kasi13 View Post
      Now I'm totally confused. on my 3gs I have 3.13 (7E18)
      and modemfirware 05.12.01 (baseband) and it works with tmobile.

      On my brand new I4 (just out of the box untouched by computer at all has 4.02 (8A400) but modemfirmware of 01.59.00 which you say is what I need to have for tmobile. So did it come out of the box unlocked, and the only thing Ineed to do for it to work on tmobile, is to cut down my sim card? I don't need to jailbreak it unless I want some of my fav apps from cydia?
      Unless you paid for an unlocked phone (you'd know, they're wicked expensive) then you need to jailbreak it so you can unlock it with ultrasn0w. I'm not familiar with what basebands are compatible, so be sure not to upgrade prematurely.

      There's no jailbreak for 4.0.2, so for the moment you're S.O.L. But hopefully we'll see a 4.1 jailbreak soon with more info on how to preserve unlockability.
    1. sierra242's Avatar
      sierra242 -
      I FEEL VICTIM TO THIS 4.1!!!!!
      This morning i woke up to my home screen with the "connect to itunes". Tried to reboot and nothing, still same response. So connected to itunes and said that iphone is in recovery mode and NEED to update itunes and iphone to newest firmware.

      Tried to back up my SHSH blog but would not let me. When would try and launch Tiny Umbrella, would open and shut down.

      So did a restore and it updated my 3G to 4.1 LOCKED ME OUT!!!!

      I get this lock screen message:
      No SIM card installed, insert a valid SIM with no PIN lock to activate iphone.


      PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    1. Morilibus's Avatar
      Morilibus -
      I was under the impression that 3G owners were able to downgrade firmware regardless of backing up of shsh? I could be and am probably wrong. I too have the 3G but have never tried downgrading firmware before.

      a quick google produced this guide http://www.iphonehacks.com/2010/07/how-to-downgrade-iphone-3g-from-ios-4-to-iphone-os-3-1-3.html. It's for iOS 4.0 - 3.1.3 but i'm sure the procedure is similar and doesn't mention anything about shsh blogs that I saw and is strictly for 3G phones. Check it out or try googling a more specific guide. Either way I think you're ok.
    1. torbo401's Avatar
      torbo401 -
      I would like to update, since updating to 4.0.1 my reception lost a couple bars. I wished i had backed up 4.0! I guess I was too happy to jailbreak
    1. Simon's Avatar
      Simon -
      Quote Originally Posted by torbo401 View Post
      I would like to update, since updating to 4.0.1 my reception lost a couple bars. I wished i had backed up 4.0! I guess I was too happy to jailbreak
      You didnt lose any reception from updating to 4.0.1. Apple just changed the way the signal is displayed in 4.0.1 but as far as real signal it should be the exact same as it was on 4.0
    1. Neil001's Avatar
      Neil001 -
      By all means, stay away from 4.1 unti J/b is available if j/b is important to you!!

      By all means, stay away from 4.1 unti J/b is available if j/b is important to you!!