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  • Nuu Mini-key Turns iPhone 4 into a QWERTY Slider

    If you missed accessory maker Nuu's latest creation, chances are you'll be seeing a lot more of it in the coming weeks. Recently at IFA, the company unveiled a new iPhone 4 accessory that serves up a fully integrated keyboard. As the photos clearly illustrate, the Nuu Mini-key morphs your iPhone 4 into a QWERTY Slider.

    While no shortage of iPhone 4 owners (yours truly included) will find little interest in or use for the Mini-key, the accessory will be appealing to those who like their mobile devices to have "a slide out adjustable hinge" that, for the lack of a better description, transforms your iPhone into a flip phone replete with a physical keyboard, raised letter keys, and backlighting.

    From Mobile Mag:

    A potential game-changer for those who experience email and SMS frustrations with Apple touchscreens (it also makes video watching a hands-free experience).
    For now, this accessory - which has people either drooling or revolting depending on your iDevice preferences - doesn't really exist. The gadget unveiled at IFA in Berlin was simply a prototype. The "real deal" won't roll off assembly lines until late in the holiday shopping season. The cost? Roughly $70.

    Mobile Mag
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    1. SiFO's Avatar
      SiFO -
      Quote Originally Posted by Magnum View Post
      It's gonnamake ya phone extra fat! and 70 bucks!?!?!? Are they on crack!?
      Like... Omg!!!

    1. Bluemoldycheeze88's Avatar
      Bluemoldycheeze88 -
      70 bucks for something that makes your phone look like **** and makes it bulkier no thanks.
    1. sh33436's Avatar
      sh33436 -
      that's clean.... but 70 bucks that's killer
    1. zozodouce's Avatar
      zozodouce -
      Quote Originally Posted by sziklassy View Post
      Reading some of these posts i am sitting here laughing out loud, literally! "Don't buy an idevice if you want a physical keyboard". Are you all cultists much? Who are you to tell someone what they can/should do with their idevices? Last time I checked that's what Apple was trying to do. Oh wait, you all are Apple cultists after all... I honestly don't see why there is such outrage over this. It isn't a redesign to the phone itself. It is an ADD-ON that people get by choice. The onscreen keyboard is great, but if you are the kind of person that spends tons and TONS of time writing emails, I can see how this can be useful. Complaining about the price tag? Yeah it's expensive if you don't like the product in the first place, but there are apps that go for around that which we don't complain one minute about.

      Every time I read a thread like this it confirms my theory that the average MMI user is a complete imbecile.
      pipe it .
    1. Happy Noodle Boy's Avatar
      Happy Noodle Boy -
      He's right though.

      And speaking of price I wonder what people think of the AR.Drone. I'm going to be buying one next week!
    1. baRRy boRRis's Avatar
      baRRy boRRis -
      Ha! What a joke. The mockup image makes it look ok, but the photo makes it look like the piece of crap that it is :/

      If you really want a keyboard, get an Apple bluetooth one; it's full-size, looks good and doesn't make your phone clunky. Not that you need one as the iPhone has one of if not the best touchscreen on a mobile device.
    1. Dub's Avatar
      Dub -
      Helo World! Maybe you should wipe the Cheeto crumbs off your fingers before you type...

    1. mechanicgjr8156's Avatar
      mechanicgjr8156 -
      Will it fit my 3GS iphone?