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  • 'Axis' is An Upcoming Jailbreak Tweak That Gives You Additional Lock Screen Grabbers

    Those of you that have been looking for the perfect lock screen application icon shortcut jailbreak tweak thatís non-obtrusive and isnít ugly will want to check out an upcoming jailbreak tweak called Axis by iOS developer Rudolf Lichtner and human interface designer Sentry_NC. Axis is a lot like Grabby; however, Axis is a project that has been in development prior to the release of Grabby Ė you will be able to tell right off the bat when you see what Axis can do and the attention to detail that was put into the design.

    As shown above, Axis lets you hold down on the lock screenís Camera Grabber to reveal additional grabbers. You can configure the grabbers to point to any applications you want them to. By default, they point to the Notes, Music, Messages, Phone, and Camera applications.

    After you have revealed the additional grabbers, you can drag your finger to the right or left, without letting go of the display, to select a different grabber. Two indicator marks at the top and bottom of the grabber icon indicate which grabber is selected. When you drag up while a grabber icon is selected, the application that the grabber icon is linked to will launch.

    All of Axis' configurations are set via the Settings application in the Axis preferences pane:

    You will be able to select any of the 5 shortcuts at the top of the preferences pane to put the focus on it, and then you will be able to select the application that you want to open when you use the corresponding grabber via the lock screen. you will notice that applications are separated by groups; Axis separates application by the following groups:

    • Basic
    • Camera
    • Photos
    • Weather
    • Maps
    • Messaging
    • Social
    • Productivity
    • News
    • Music
    • Video

    You may notice that not all of the application icons in the Axis preferences pane show up Ė this is because the tweak pulls the application icons for applications that are installed on your iOS device. If the application is not installed on your iOS device, then the application icon for that application will be blank.

    Users will also be able to create their own custom shortcuts.

    One of the cool features about Axis is that when you select an application that isnít one of the stock five applications, the icons for the grabbers actually change to grabber-like icons rather than showing the application icons on the lock screen, which is why we said a lot of attention to detail was put into the design of this tweak. There is a large library of custom icons for the supported applications:

    Overall, we are impressed by the features, design, and overall flexibility of the Axis jailbreak tweak. If you are interested in Axis, the tweak will be available soon for 99Ę in Cydia. Keep your eyes peeled!
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    1. samori01's Avatar
      samori01 -
      Was eager to try axis but it continuously sends me to safe mode until I delete it. Anyone else having this problem? Are there any known apps Axis does not play nicely with?
    1. samori01's Avatar
      samori01 -
      Anyone else have this problem or better know how to get around it?
    1. DieselVexx's Avatar
      DieselVexx -
      If you have the tweak "Anyreminder" you will need to uninstall it to get "Axis" to work on your Iphone. Hope this helps
    1. samori01's Avatar
      samori01 -
      DieselVexx THANK YOU!!!
      That was it.
    1. DieselVexx's Avatar
      DieselVexx -
      No problem Sam, glad I could help.