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  • Apple Shows No Interest in Windows 8 iTunes App

    Microsoft representatives recently told CNN that they would love to have Apple bring iTunes to its Windows 8 “Metro” platform but users shouldn’t expect a touch-friendly version of the application any time soon as Apple doesn’t appear to be too keen on developing a version of iTunes that integrates the Modern UI face of Windows 8. According to the chief financial officer of the Microsoft’s Windows division:

    You shouldn't expect an iTunes app on Windows 8 any time soon. iTunes is in high demand. The welcome mat has been laid out. It's not for lack of trying.
    For those of you who didn’t already know, iTunes is already available for Windows 8 but the lack of a Modern UI version, otherwise known as “Metro,” means that users in tablet mode that are working without a keyboard and mouse will have a harder time navigating the program. It also means that users who are running Windows RT are completely unable to use the software as that version of Windows does not run non-Microsoft desktop software.

    Apple previously ported its most popular Mac applications to Microsoft’s Windows, the operating system on which most computers run worldwide. When it comes to the growing tablet segment, Apple is dominant and even though Windows 8 tablets are grabbing some market share, the Cupertino California company could likely ignore the platform for some time and see no ill effects.

    Source: CNN
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      Funny I've been hoping microsoft would give me a fkking option to uninstall metro so I don't get this annoying side menu each time i move my coursor to a corner. I've also heard MS is re-evaluating some of their decisions about metro. Lets see what happens.
      It's called windows 7.