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  • iOS Now 3rd Most Popular Internet Platform

    iOS is the third most-used operating system on the internet, according to a NetApplications report published today. The "Global Market Share Statistics" study showed that browsers powered by iOS made up 1.13 percent of the total last month, edging all flavors of Linux - the former number three - which accounted for only 0.85 percent and blowing away Android-based browsers which had just a 0.2 percent share.

    Vince Vizzaccaro, vice president of Net Applications, said that "it's something to take note of when a mobile operating system passes something that's been around forever," referring to Linux which came out almost 20 years ago. "Mobile is becoming quite a phenomenon on the Internet," Vizzaccaro observed, noting the 2.6 percent of all internet traffic accounted for by mobile devices. "That's massive when you think about it," he said.

    The big dog is still Windows, with all versions accounting for 91.34 percent. The second-place holder, Mac OS X, declined somewhat to an even 5.00 percent, less than any variant of Windows, with Windows 7 at 15.87 percent, Vista at 14 percent and the venerable XP still holding strong at 60.89 percent.

    The number of iOS devices out there has been growing rapidly, with Steve Jobs claiming at Wednesday's event that the company is "activating 230,000 iOS devices a day." Clearly referring to Google's claims of 200,000 activations per day, Jobs said that "we think some of our friends are counting upgrades in their numbers." A Google spokesman objected to this, telling Fortune that "the Android activation numbers do not include upgrades and are, in fact, only a portion of the Android devices in the market since we only include devices that have Google services."

    Source: Computerworld
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      Windows? What's that?
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      whats a microcell?
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      Quote Originally Posted by back9player View Post
      Thanks. I was just about to tell this retard that the same thing...not to mention there are people like me who switched from AT&T's sh!t network to Verizon and I'm now using a Droid X. Guess where my 3GS is....sitting on my coffee table reduced to being used as an Air Mouse for my home theater pc lol.
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      Considering one of the operating systems he listed in his info as using is Ubuntu I believe it's safe to assume he was joking.
      OH! I'm using Linux on my laptop but I thought they mention operating systems for mobile phones, sorry.

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