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  • Steve Jobs Dishes on iOS 4.1. and Cool New Updates

    As Steve Jobs took the stage to a rousing ovation at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, California and the Apple Store went down, we all knew something was coming. And we were right. Kicking off Apple's annual September Event, CEO Steve Jobs gave a retail update, praising the Paris Apple store, a second outlet in China, and, finally, the newest store in London. Apple now boasts some 300 retail stores in ten different countries, with Spain on tap for becoming the 11th nation to get an Apple Store.

    Self-congratulations and iOS glorification aside, Steve Jobs soon got down to business. What's new to Apple? iOS 4.1, the next release of iOS. First, bugs have been fixed, proximity, bluetooth, iPhone 3G bugs. Second, Apple is adding the new HDR (high dynamic range) standard to photos, an embellishment that takes iPhone photo quality to a while new level. Also built into iOS 4.1 is Game Center, which is all about multiplayer games. "If you don't have friends," Jobs says, "it will match you with people."

    Jobs foreshadowed from Epic Games a new game that will soon debut using Game Center. Exclusively for Apple mobile devices, get ready for "Project Sword," an action packed role playing game that really looks sweet. With intricate 3D imagery and amazing gameplay and social integration, this could very well become one of the hottest games available across any mobile phone or gaming device. It'll be out on the iPhone, iPod, and iPad this holiday season.

    iOS 4.1 will be a free download available next week. Jobs, however, also gave a sneak peak at 4.2, which will be out in November, also available for free. "It's all about iPad," says Jobs. "It brings everything to iPad from 4.1 to the iPad." Look for everything from wireless printing to the brand new Airplay.
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    1. unklbyl's Avatar
      unklbyl -
      Quote Originally Posted by Kruejl View Post
      I'm looking forward to the proximity sensor fix.
      I am looking forward to Bluetooth stack that does not blow. I am sick of not being able to do anything with Bluetooth!
    1. Turnamental's Avatar
      Turnamental -
      Quote Originally Posted by andygev35 View Post
      "How exactly does a rainbow work? How exactly does a posi-track rear end on a Plymoth work? It just does!"
    1. robertr1's Avatar
      robertr1 -
      ^Great movie

      Is the HDR for pictures iphone 4 only or will it help iphone 3gs pictures too?
    1. TheOnlyest's Avatar
      TheOnlyest -
      AT least this time, while I wait for an iPhone 4 jailbreak... I HAVE a jailbroken iPhone 4!!! The Dev's can take the time they need and I wont be trippin with a useless phone the whole time!
    1. creolesoul's Avatar
      creolesoul -
      I hope they fixed the bluetooth issues FOR REAL. I'm sick of using wired headphones!
    1. tudtran's Avatar
      tudtran -
      Bugs fix is always cool. Plus, I really like the hdr for camera. Can't wait for the jailbreak.
    1. newportgambler's Avatar
      newportgambler -
      the hdr fix is huge and others in 4.1 will be nice as well.
    1. pedroremedios's Avatar
      pedroremedios -
      Dammit why can't there be an apple store in Portugal! NOT FAIR!
    1. Captinsmooth's Avatar
      Captinsmooth -
      Quote Originally Posted by havoc0351 View Post
      JB 4.1 and 4.2 please! I need the sensor fix and want to still have a JB device. My sensor issue isn't like the others were the screen keeps coming on. My sensor issue turns the screen off and then keeps it off! After I'm done with the call I can't hang up or do anything on the screen. I have to wait until the other person hangs up and continuously press the sleep button...

      If your problem is not the same as everyone else with the proximity sensor issue, then I would suggest you return your phone.
    1. Ikemann888's Avatar
      Ikemann888 -
      Hope it will be better than 4.0.1
    1. AlecMag's Avatar
      AlecMag -
      Gamecenter should be cool.

      I doubt the jb will take too long since it's a rather minor update.
    1. brbortscheller's Avatar
      brbortscheller -
      I am getting the iPod4 tomorrow, and I am looking forward to facetime, HD Retina Display, and downgrading to 4.0 so I can jailbreak!
    1. Captinsmooth's Avatar
      Captinsmooth -
      Quote Originally Posted by brbortscheller View Post
      I am getting the iPod4 tomorrow, and I am looking forward to facetime, HD Retina Display, and downgrading to 4.0 so I can jailbreak!
      Enjoy your new itouch 4, but you won't be able to downgrade and jailbreak it. You will have to wait for the new jailbreak for either 4.1 or 4.2 to come out.
    1. rassed's Avatar
      rassed -
      3GS GPS seems to be less accurate since 4.0 update what could cause this?
    1. iSn0w's Avatar
      iSn0w -
      Okay, still wait for the update OS_iSn0w.