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  • MMi Weekly Jailbreak App Store Update

    Don't forget to check out The Official ModMyi.com AppStore App available for free in iTunes!

    Requires iOS v4.0 or higher.

    Synchronicity is a handy little tweak that allows the impatient to continue to use their device while it is sycning with iTunes. Everything is available as normal, with the exception of the Music app.

    Synchronicity is compatible with any device with firmware 4.0 or 4.0.1. Obviously you may experience some slight lag/performance issues when this is going on, depending on what your trying to do on your phone and the device your using.

    Synchronicity can be found in Cydia for $2.00.

    iOS 4 Compatible

    Once rumored to be a closed project, Mutlifl0w is back in action and ready for iOS 4. Enable exposť-like multitasking iPhone, iPad or iPod! The new release has been totally rewritten for speed, reliability, a redesigned interface, and of course, iOS4.

    Multifl0w will display all currently backgrounded apps (up to 9) on the one screen, for an easy and quick control over task switching. Multifl0w has the ability to work alongside or completely replace Apple's built in task switcher inside iOS 4. Make sure you grab backgrounder along with this if you haven't already.

    You can find multifl0w in Rock or Cydia for $4.99.

    iOS 4 Compatible

    Resupported4 has been updated and now includes some handy new features. Resupported enables video-out with the use of almost any unsupported AV cables, usually made for iPods. Resupported4 also now adds video playback support to third-party applications, such as Hulu+, IMDB, VEVO, and more!

    Resupported4 is available in Cydia or Rock and includes a 10 Day Trial.

    Disable Multitasking
    Exactly what it says. This tweak will allow you to disable the build in multitasking inside of iOS 4.x. A great tweak for those who need to conserve battery or launch way too many apps. Find this one free in Cydia or Rock.

    iCallAnnounce will announce (in human voice) the name of the caller you're just receiving a call from. It can also announce the full SMS details (Sender & Text) of an incoming SMS message when it arrives. Available in Rock for $1.99

    Similar to iCallAnnounce, CallTell announces who's calling you before ringing, same for text messages. Not sure the difference between the two apps but it sounds like an App War to me. This is available for $1.99 on Cydia

    Disable the Spotlight page on the springboard. Not going to lie, I installed this as soon as I saw it. I NEVER use the spotlight. This one is free in Rock or Cydia.

    WiBlaze claims to be an "super fast web browser for the iDevices." Check it out, it's free on Cydia or Rock.

    Volume Booster 4.0
    Increase the maximum volume of your built in speakers. iOS 4 Compatible

    Auto3G extends your battery life by automatically turning off the 3G radio (leaving on the 2G radio) when you lock your iPhone. This one will set you back $5.99, available in Cydia.
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    1. d1sposition's Avatar
      d1sposition -
      Auto3g is good except for when your in an area where all you get is edge... Since 3G isn't there and it turns off edge as soon as you wake the phone, it gives you no service. Maybe this is what the timeout option is supposed to be for? I tried it out but didn't work.. Service never came back until I turned auto3g to off. Aside from that it works great. Switches from edge to 3G pretty fast.
    1. zoso10's Avatar
      zoso10 -
      Bunch of good looking apps this week.

      Synchronicity is so handy when you're in the midst of a text conversation but want to sync your iPhone, besides i never have the patience anyway!!
    1. ShredNasty's Avatar
      ShredNasty -
      Quote Originally Posted by NozzyEz View Post
      Complaining that some of these apps and tweaks costs money is making my day... It is so retarded that it's silly like. The Oatmeal said it best with this comic: This is how I feel about buying apps - The Oatmeal

      Enuff said ,-)
      Exactly! Lolz!!!!
    1. Toya29's Avatar
      Toya29 -
      How does multiflow works?
    1. dscottjr81's Avatar
      dscottjr81 -
      Multiflow is my favorite app so far. It has worked great for me. There is nothing better than double tapping my home key to get all my open apps and choosing whichever is needed, instead of them being closed when I exit out.
    1. zozodouce's Avatar
      zozodouce -
      very nice.
    1. emtee25's Avatar
      emtee25 -
      Synchronicity and nospot works a treat and using synchronicity as writing this on the new modmyi app :-) good times
    1. yentrog31's Avatar
      yentrog31 -
      Quote Originally Posted by azxken View Post
      Anyone know what happened to mQuickDo? Did they change the name or something because I don't see it in Cydia anymore. This is an awesome cydia app that I have been waiting for my iso4
      mQuickdo is still in Cydia...not for iOS4 yet I do not think.I agree I use it everyday.

      Those who do not use the spotlight function must not ever use universal search,another one of my fav useful apps.
    1. smoothcreak's Avatar
      smoothcreak -
      Ok all look great but the ones I would love to use are the iCallAnnounce or CallTell but it says you need 3GS or i4 but I have a 3G. Does anyone know why it doesn't work on the 3G?
      Any comments on me needing to upgrade? Buy me one. Husband and father of two enough said!
    1. SnowLeo's Avatar
      SnowLeo -
      Quote Originally Posted by azxken; View Post
      Anyone know what happened to mQuickDo? Did they change the name or something because I don't see it in Cydia anymore. This is an awesome cydia app that I have been waiting for my iso4
      they changed the name to just "quickdo" and I think but am not positive that it was updated to iOS 4

      Edit: the one in ispazio sources says 3.x and 4.x but you should make sure by going to their site here: Clezz.com - iPhone App for You - QuickDo,Dock

      Edit #2: According to the site iOS 4 compatiblity was added in version 1.6 and the ispazio source currently has version 1.6.2 so you should be good
    1. evileclipse's Avatar
      evileclipse -
      Thank you so much for nospot! I have been waiting for this for months now! Yessss!
    1. macsoldier's Avatar
      macsoldier -
      nice, multi-flow seems to be the most helpful so far
    1. elay12's Avatar
      elay12 -
      Quote Originally Posted by yentrog31 View Post
      mQuickdo is still in Cydia...not for iOS4 yet I do not think.I agree I use it everyday.

      Those who do not use the spotlight function must not ever use universal search,another one of my fav useful apps.
      I loved mquickdo. As soon as I got an iP4 I looked for it. Turns out I replaced in with activator. Play with it a you should find it'll cure your itch.
    1. iNT3Rv3NTiONZz's Avatar
      iNT3Rv3NTiONZz -
      Nospot ftw! Been waiting for this since ios3 lol
    1. CZroe's Avatar
      CZroe -
      My motorcycle helmet headset kit (Parrot SK4000) already reads me my incoming Caller ID data... or, rather, the phonebook entry for it (PBAP + CID with TTS). My usual over-the-ear headset (Jabra BT8010) has an LCD that is supposed to support numeric CID (cross-references with it's own internal phonebook synced from a PC), but it only works for numbers that are not in your iPhone's phonebook. I'm not sure why that is but it only seems to be a problem for iPhones. It's probably related to it trying to force alphanumeric strings on it, though a Rocketfish numeric-only CID headset (TTS - reads you the number) still worked. The good thing is that the same headset I use also supports A2DP, so I will still hear the announcement with one of these programs. CID on the LCD would only be useful with a lanyard anyway, but I still use it for dialing from the internal phonebook when I want to leave my phone safe in my pocket.
    1. dscottjr81's Avatar
      dscottjr81 -
      Since ATT no longer offers unlimited data and I use mywi is there a way that we can not use up all the data by using it. i.e. something how 3g unrestrictor makes your phone think its on wifi? Thanks
    1. andrewe13's Avatar
      andrewe13 -
      1. Multiflow is AWESOME ... but VERY buggy, be careful. It crashes your phone and restarts springboard into SAFE MODE nearly 30 times since I've installed it three weeks ago. Needs to be updated, but works flawlessly when it works.

      2. Why can't I see synchronicity on cydia ? I see it on rock, but its not available to buy. Cydia doesn't even show it come up. I have the bigboss repo ? ....?

      edit: it shows now
    1. z6joker9's Avatar
      z6joker9 -
      Synchronicity kinda works with wifisync. The bar shows up appropriately, but you have to leave wifisync app open for it to continue working. Any chance one of the devs could make the apps play with each other better?
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      Quote Originally Posted by rhekt View Post
      never have tried Navigon. pretty satisfied with TomTom [aside from a few hiccups w/ the app and CarKit] let me tell you, having to superglue a shim and take a dremel tool to the CarKit so that my iPhone4 would fit and charge properly was kind of exciting.
      I really like Navigon's interface the best
    1. andrewe13's Avatar
      andrewe13 -
      OK i can confirm that WIFI Sync and Synchronicity do NOT work together, because wifi sync has to be in the app to see it on the computer. But - they both work flawlessly as independent apps. Reccomend them both. Soooo worth it when they come in handy ! I sync like everyday now cause its so easy not to