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  • 'Velox' Makes Application Icons More Usable Right From the Home Screen

    Velox is a new milestone jailbreak tweak by iOS development team Apex Tweaks that lets you use your applications from the home screen without ever actually opening them. If you haven't already seen what this tweak can do, then you'll want to keep reading on.

    Shown above are some of the things the tweak has to offer. As you can see, simply swiping up or down on multiple kinds of iOS application icons on the home screen opens a folder-like interface that gives you functions you’ll find within the actual application. For example, swiping on the Settings application icon opens toggles for system settings, swiping on the Notes application icon opens an interface you can take notes in, swiping on the Weather application icon gives you all of your weather information, and swiping on your Camera application icon opens a camera view right from the home screen.

    Does it stop there? – No way! Below, you can see that the tweak also allows you to view your Twitter feed (you can also see your Facebook feed) by simply swiping on the Twitter application icon, you can browse the Web by swiping on the Safari application icon, you can peruse YouTube by simply swiping on the YouTube application icon, and you can see what’s new in Cydia by simply swiping on the Cydia application icon:

    In case you were wondering; yes, the list actually continues to go on. You will be able to access your contacts by swiping on the Contacts application icon, view notifications from applications like Mail by swiping on the Mail application icon, view messages, reply to messages, or compose new ones by swiping on the Messages application icon, or view your call history with shortcuts for calling people back by swiping on the Phone application icon:

    And while the list of abilities Velox adds to home screen application icons continues to grow, we will put a stop to the teasers by showing you that you can actually open a Map view by swiping on the Maps application icon, share photos in your Photos application by swiping on the Photos application icon, and control music by swiping on the Music application icon:

    There are several more applications that Velox supports home screen features for, but we will let you guys discover them on your own – the fun way!

    The tweak adds a preferences pane to the Settings application where the user can configure a few options, such as the type of gestures you want to use to invoke the folder-like interfaces, enable or disable quick reply for messages, and choose the applications that you just want to see notifications for rather than being able to control the application from the home screen:

    Notably, even though applications can be used from the home screen, they’re not being opened as applications, so they won’t appear in the App Switcher. It’s also important to note that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and some other applications use the Web views for seeing information outside of the application rather than the native application views, so you'll have to sign into them even if you're signed into the respective applications.

    Velox is compatible with several popular jailbreak tweaks like Auxo, Zephyr, Abstergo, Infinfolders, biteSMS, Springtomize 2, and several others. At this point in time, Velox is known to have conflicts with Infiniboard, FolderEnahncer, and SBRotator; however, the developers state that they are working on adding compatibility as soon as possible. Velox is not yet iPad-compatible.

    If you're interested in giving Velox a try and making your iPhone cooler than anyone else's iPhone on the block, then go and grab the tweak from Cydia's BigBoss repository for just $1.99.

    Name: Velox
    Price: $1.99
    Version: 1.0.1-1
    Requirements: iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 6
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: Apex Tweaks
    Editor's Rating:  5/5
    This article was originally published in forum thread: 'Velox' Makes Application Icons More Usable Right From the Home Screen started by Anthony Bouchard View original post
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    1. trevorrawson's Avatar
      trevorrawson -
      Great tweak and I only imagine it getting better. One thing that I'd say I'd like to see updated is the option of reading the text when using the quick reply. I click on the banner when someone sends me a text and it goes straight to the quick reply option but doesn't show me what they wrote so I have no idea what I'm replying to! Love the tweak though!

      Also do I have to add a source in order to get the Addons (Velox) folder to show in Cydia?
    1. EndymionFRS's Avatar
      EndymionFRS -
      Quote Originally Posted by thazsar View Post
      My music app isn't crashing at all. I do wish we could customize what is seen for each app, though (eg. Arrange Settings.app Toggles; Timer, Alarm, etc. in Clock.app)

      Also, they need to implement a 'tap inside window to close' feature cuz pushing the Home Button is a pain.
      You're right, it only crashes if the music app is... suspended? Whatever the right term for it is. If I have had the music app open recently Velox-ing the music icon works perfectly, but if the process is killed and I velox the icon I get a black homescreen that I need to use Auxo's respring toggle to fix.
    1. Colin9001's Avatar
      Colin9001 -
      This will have a lot of potential I think because there is so much you could develop off of this like widget pinning.. Should be implemented into ios 7
    1. aorowe's Avatar
      aorowe -
      Quote Originally Posted by NewdestinyX View Post

      Velox works on any Springboard page not just home screen.

      They do now after the update to Folder Enhancer I think I read.
      I keep most of my apps in a folder. Because of that, this tweak would be useless for me. And until it's confirmed that it does indeed work with apps inside folders, I'm not going to spend two bucks on it.

      I suppose I could've elaborated more in my initial post. That's my fault.
    1. reznor9's Avatar
      reznor9 -
      I don't see how opening apps like this is useful.
      I can however see how certain views are like the quick settings and the music controls. But other than that its just all flash. Looks really cool and smooth though.
    1. Padgoi's Avatar
      Padgoi -
      Great tweak. Only problems I see:

      - battery drain is painfully bad
      - can't open apps in velox view inside folders
      - complaints about camera and facebook having to be on top row . . . I haven't tested, but they seem like real issues.
    1. NewD's Avatar
      NewD -
      Quote Originally Posted by Padgoi View Post
      Great tweak. Only problems I see:

      - battery drain is painfully bad
      - can't open apps in velox view inside folders
      - complaints about camera and facebook having to be on top row . . . I haven't tested, but they seem like real issues.
      Yep. App not ready for prime time yet.
    1. interstink's Avatar
      interstink -
      Weather doesnt update properly. Notes will not sync (iCloud) if created in Velox window, and the bug list goes on... Love the idea, hope to see fixes for these and above issues.
    1. Tehfinalhack's Avatar
      Tehfinalhack -
      Whoa this thing does not play friendly with zephyr
    1. MrBozack's Avatar
      MrBozack -
      velox with folderenhancer for me really ugly!!
    1. jps1012's Avatar
      jps1012 -
      How is this tweak? did they update to make it more compatible?