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  • 'BatteryDoctorPro' is an Impressive iOS Power Management Platform

    Battery life is a huge deal to many iOS users. For this reason, we thought wed show you a cool new power management tweak in Cydia called BatteryDoctorPro.

    From a first glance, BatteryDoctorPro is impressive. The interface is sleek, its well designed, and its all-around useful. Shown above, the tweak reminds you after you install it for the first time that you can tap on the battery indicator to open up a drop-down menu. From the drop-down menu, you will be able to access several toggles, change your power setting, view the amount of used RAM, and access your App Switcher (Auxo-compatible) all in one place.

    The toggles/shortcuts you have access to include (NOTE: Some of the toggles listed may have to be manually enabled from the BatteryDoctorPro application):

    • Enable or disable Wi-Fi
    • Enable or disable Data
    • Enable or disable 3G
    • Adjust display brightness
    • Free RAM
    • Enable or disable Airplane Mode
    • Emulate home button
    • Enable or disable Location Services
    • Clear all application badges
    • Toggle flashlight
    • Enable or disable Do Not Disturb
    • Lock the device
    • Enable or disable Rotation Lock
    • Enable or disable Auto-lock
    • Enable or disable sounds
    • Enable or disable Bluetooth
    • Respring the device
    • Reboot the device
    • Power off the device
    • Enable or disable Personal Hotspot
    • Enable or disable VPN
    • Fix application icons
    • Take a screenshot
    • Enable or disable vibration

    The different power modes you have to choose from include:

    • FAV
      • Your own custom settings

    • Indoor
      • Wi-Fi is turned on and brightness at 50%
      • Data, 3G, Airplane Mode, Location Services, and Bluetooth are turned off
      • Best for use when at home

    • Outdoor
      • Data, 3G, and Location Services are turned on and brightness at 50%
      • Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode and Bluetooth are turned off
      • Best for use when out and about

    • Sleep
      • Airplane Mode is turned on and brightness at 50%
      • Wi-Fi, Data, 3G, Location Services, and Bluetooth are turned off
      • Best for use when sleeping

    BatteryDoctorPro includes a Notification Center widget, which does all of the same things that the battery indicator dropdown menu does. Both the Notification Center widget, and the battery indicator dropdown menu can be enabled or disabled whenever you feel like enabling or disabling them:

    From the BatteryDoctorPro application, which is palced on the home screen after installing the jailbreak tweak from Cydia, you can access all of the same options; however, you will also find some other goodies. For example, you will be able to clean up the junk files that accumulate on your iOS device over time. The application will give you the amount of space that it was able to clear after it cleans the junk files:

    The application includes other useful features, such as battery information records, system information, application managers, and much more. The system information gives you interesting information about your device, as well as the operating temperature, amount of free RAM, amount of free storage, the CPU usage, and more.

    Its difficult not to recommend this application, being that its completely free and gives you a ton of useful features and information. BatteryDoctorPro is compatible with iOS 5 or later, and can be used on any iPhone or iPod touch. If youre interested in giving it a try, you will find it in Cydias BigBoss repository.

    Name: BatteryDoctorPro
    Price: FREE
    Version: 4.1.1-380
    Requirements: iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 5+
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: Kingsoft Security
    Editor's Rating:  5/5
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    1. pioneer88's Avatar
      pioneer88 -
      Quote Originally Posted by ogkikz View Post
      i see almost out there who got problems are using i5 i got an 4s and i had the chinese version, i removed it and then install the english version everything was running se good..i loved the tweak until i hear about all the problems..i desinstalled ...and well i didnt lost the JB and well i dont know i wanna know if someone can tell us if its a really problem of this app.. or not..damn it i liked so much this app but im afraid to lose the JB
      It's like playing Russian roulette with your phone. Most people don't have problems with it, but for the unlucky few it'll screw up their carrier signal and no one knows why it happens. The only way to solve that is to reset network settings and hope it works, but there have been people who have had to restore and lose their jailbreak.

      Other problems include freezing when using the cleaner function, which bricks the phone and usually requires a restore. There are problems with the ram free function too. If you really want to use this tweak avoid these 2 functions.
    1. Matatoto's Avatar
      Matatoto -
      Well I installed on all my device. iPhone 4, 4s, 5, mini, ipad2. 6.1.2 it works great and I love it. No issue at all. All the function work as promise and no radio issue. I special love the free ram because it clear so much unlike that other tweak that I have also. (Weekillbackground) every time I do my iPhone 5 it gives me 700mb to use :-) this is super tweak in my opinion. But since nobody know the issues I uninstalled on my 5, mini, n 4. Kept two. Still no issue. Someone please find the problem so I can install back.

      Also when I first installed. I ran the CLEAN FUNCTION on all my device and didn't had a problem. Before everybody started posting about the issues. Haven't done it since then.
    1. KBDP's Avatar
      KBDP -
      Quote Originally Posted by bigray View Post
      Got me worried now. Let me know how it goes
      This is Kingsoft Battery Doctor Pro Team
      If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us!
      Or email to [email protected]
      Feedback steps:
      1.System version, BDP version & Device model (May be need Carriers)
      2.Description of the problem.
      3.Operations before issues.
    1. untrue's Avatar
      untrue -
      One of those tweaks that makes you wanna to jailbreak every iOS device you own. iP4 - works great! Using this now instead of BattSaver.
    1. tunechi's Avatar
      tunechi -
      Been a lot of reports that this widget has screwed up people's jailbreak... Have you guys found a fix for that problem?
    1. yearoftherat's Avatar
      yearoftherat -
      There is an update on Cydia..

      DO NOT UPDATE !!!

      I updated and it seems to mess up the screen. It goes all fuzzy on the lockscreen and homescreen.
      It was a pain to navigate to Cydia and uninstall it.
      Once uninstalled/rebooted, everything was back to normal.

      Edit: version 4.2.0-408 Chinese version
    1. tunechi's Avatar
      tunechi -
      So was the problem only with the Chinese version?
    1. yearoftherat's Avatar
      yearoftherat -
      Quote Originally Posted by tunechi View Post
      So was the problem only with the Chinese version?
      Seems that some people were having with the English version. I've been using the chinese version for a while w/ no issues til I updated to the latest version via Cydia.
    1. tunechi's Avatar
      tunechi -
      I'm using the English version haven't had any problems...