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  • Don't Expect a Jailbreak for iOS 4.0.2/3.2.2

    With the release of iOS 4.1 expected in a few weeks, the Dev-Team has made an announcement informing users not to expect any new jailbreak from them for the previously released iOS 4.0.2/3.2.2. It had been warned several times, prior to the release even, to stay away from these updates, as they were only pushed to block the JailbreakMe.com exploits being used, offering nothing more to the user other than prevention method from jailbreaking.

    With Apple now shipping new orders with this newer firmware, many people wanted to know if there was something in the works, so they too could join in, but unfortunately, those who have bought stock with 4.0.2 on it will have to wait it out for iOS 4.1 to be jailbroken.

    No, there won’t be... With FW 4.1 still in its beta stages, it makes no sense to escalate the “cat & mouse” with Apple for FW updates that only fix the jailbreak holes. To quote WOPR, “the only winning move is not to play”. At best, some future 4.1x FW jailbreak *may* be compatible with 4.0.2/3.2.2 (but don’t count on that).
    Sometimes you can't win them all. So if your on 4.0.2, be patient, iOS 4.1 is right around the corner. As for those of you that were quick enough to get their devices jailbroken, and saved their SHSH Blobs with Cydia, you'll be able to benefit from this exploit as long as you wish. Just make sure you check out our guides section.

    If however, you have an iPhone 3G or an iPod Touch 2G (Non-MC) , your still in luck, as well as the older iPhone models. Simply use redsn0w to jailbreak.

    Source: Dev-Team
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    1. tellytel's Avatar
      tellytel -
      damn some people in here cant even read the title of the thread. LOL
    1. Mr Deal HD's Avatar
      Mr Deal HD -
      Im hoping their able to JB and unlock the new 4.1 that might be comming out today at the apple music event. My GF mistakenly updated my iPhone 4 to the new 4.0.2 firmware sunday and I live in the Bahamas so an unlock is a must for me. At least those of us who cant get their iPhone 4's unlock can say we had an iPod 4 before they launched...lol
    1. mikelikesanime's Avatar
      mikelikesanime -
      I know what has been said about no jailbreak for 4.02 but can anyone please explain why it is not possible to downgrade an iPhone 4 with 4.02 to 4.0 and the jailbreak it with redsn0w
    1. Mr Deal HD's Avatar
      Mr Deal HD -
      You cant downgrade because apple signs all of you restores. Notice when your restoring your iPhone it says at one point contacting apple servers. Well they are only right now signing for restores on the new firmware.

      An exploit hasnt been found yet to jailbreak the iPhone 4 without using the PDF exploit which apple fixed in 4.0.2...
    1. newportgambler's Avatar
      newportgambler -
      4.01 and 4.02 were minimal upgrades. 4.1 is the biggie IMHO

      lol. if you have 4.02 and looking for a JB = DOH!!
    1. Gary390's Avatar
      Gary390 -
      If u send it back for warranty it WILL come back with 4.0.2FW!!,i just got mine back from apple,NO MORE CYDIA!!!!,i contacted them to ask why they did it without my permission?? They said that its normal procedure to update firmware when they run a full check of the phone!!!
      I miss cydia 
    1. LGgeek's Avatar
      LGgeek -
      OK My new iphone 4 didn't get here before apple plugged the JB (came with 4.0.2), it is going to replace another JB phone I have (which will go to my wife). My current thinking is to let new phone sit on the shelf until a 4.1 JB is ready. I need JB as I make use of MyWi to connect my iPad3g (ATT rates ridiculous- tried the $15/250) to it. So my question is do I have to activate my new phone now to use umbrella to save off the shsh blobs in order to be able to JB when 4.1 JB comes out ?
    1. Trooper Sam's Avatar
      Trooper Sam -
      Quote Originally Posted by 3GS user View Post
      So will the upcoming 4.1 jailbreak work for 3GS once you upgrade from 4.0.2?
      The new jailbreak could even conceivably work on 4.0.2, depending on the exploit they employ.

      Quote Originally Posted by Gary390 View Post
      If u send it back for warranty it WILL come back with 4.0.2FW!!,i just got mine back from apple,NO MORE CYDIA!!!!,i contacted them to ask why they did it without my permission?? They said that its normal procedure to update firmware when they run a full check of the phone!!!
      I miss cydia 
      Sent 'em a jailbroken phone for warranty service, and ***** at 'em when they restore it and remove the jb! That's ballsy!
    1. riteshpali's Avatar
      riteshpali -
      Quote Originally Posted by guidenes View Post
      i don't know if this is mention.

      but did anyone try restoring it from 4.0.2 to 4.0.1 or 4.0?
      i tried on a 3gS from 4.0.2 to 4.0.1 and it worked,
      and also my friend got his iPhone 4 back on 4.0, i'm guessing he tried

      yes so people who updated, try restoring it.

      hope this helps
      hi guidenes, when you say you've restored..u had the shsh blobs saved on cydia correct? is there a way to restore from 4.0.2 to 4.0 if the shsh is not saved?
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      There is no way to downgrade without SHSH but:
      Update #2: Finally got to the bottom of this, thanks to Saurik who clarified it for me. It seems that more shsh are on file and even some of you that havent ever jailbroken and just got a new iphone may actually have an shsh on file. Itís definitely worth a try to set up Saurikís signature server in your hosts file and try to restore that way. You may get lucky and get a downgrade even on a new device.

      source: downgrade iphone 4.0.2 without shsh | iPhone News, Help and Guides
    1. pxcolletti10's Avatar
      pxcolletti10 -
      You can most def downgrade from 4.0.2.. I had to upgrade my brother in laws phone because it was bricked, then just pointed the servers to sauriks, and it downgraded to 4.0.1 within minutes
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      If you pointed your hosts to Saurik's server then he had your SHSH on file!
    1. macdaddy2001's Avatar
      macdaddy2001 -
      Any got any suggestions I have 4.0 but updating rock nd put a dylb or somethin in my library nd now I'm stuck in safe mode any help to get outa that would be really nice cause it's kinda pissin me off
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Do you have your blobs on file?
    1. riteshpali's Avatar
      riteshpali -
      I am not sure if I have "successfully" downgraded, but I am now at the iTunes+USB screen and Tiny Umbrella says I am at 4.0 version. I am willing to believe it

      Now I am waiting for the Phonebook sim I ordered online to activate the iPhone and get in to it, to jailbreak and unlock using jailbreakme.com

      For the record, I did not save my SHSH blobs on Saurik's server. All this talk about "..well you had the blobs on file" is pointless, because clearly in some cases the blobs are there on Saurik's server, perhaps without any intervention. So this is definately no. 1 in the list of things to do if you wish to downgrade.