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  • 'NCQuickTasks' Adds Handy Buttons to Notification Center

    If you want to add some handy shortcuts to Notification Center, then check out a new free notification center widget dubbed NCQuickTasks by iOS developer S1RiK.

    NCQuickTasks isn’t the best-looking solution to shortcuts in notification center, although it gets the job done. The widget adds five new buttons to notification center, including a text message composition button, e-mail composition button, Facebook button, Twitter button, and a respring button.

    Tapping on the text message or e-mail buttons opens the respective applications ready to accept input – so they’re like quick composition buttons. The Facebook and Twitter buttons launch the respective applications, but only when they’re installed. The respring button, of course, resprings the device.

    The widget maintains the same size as Apple’s Weather and Stock widgets, so it doesn’t feel too bulky or out of place. At the moment, NCQuickTasks doesn't support the iPad, so it's only for the iPhone or iPod touch. You can grab the widget for free in Cydia's ModMyi repository today.

    Name: NCQuickTasks
    Price: FREE
    Version: 1.1
    Requirements: iPhone or iPod touch
    Repo: ModMyi
    Developer: S1RiK
    Editor's Rating:  3/5
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    1. JoeStorm's Avatar
      JoeStorm -
      It is hideous.
    1. lostking's Avatar
      lostking -
      Agreed! Looks terrible! UI needs major overhaul!
    1. s0ulp1xel's Avatar
      s0ulp1xel -
      Those buttons are ugggglyyy but it has a cool concept. Subclass the buttons maybe?
    1. Moi1970's Avatar
      Moi1970 -
      Whats the point surely if your desire to SMS, Email or tweet you have those apps on the the main screen
    1. ABOSWORTH's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by Moi1970 View Post
      Whats the point surely if your desire to SMS, Email or tweet you have those apps on the the main screen
      When you click the button, it automatically starts a new email, text message, etc.. Rather than hitting the message app, then clicking compose new mail you just swipe the notification center and tap message. I haven't downloaded it but I could see why some would like to have the option.
    1. Ryaninfg's Avatar
      Ryaninfg -
      It would be better if the iOS ui popped up for status and tweet updates. Not open the app. Something like tap to widgets. Especially since the iOS tweet and status updates do no function with dashboardx.
    1. novadam's Avatar
      novadam -
      much prefer Compose + Tap To Widgets. but that's just me.
    1. jaskov's Avatar
      jaskov -
      Are we back to iPhone Software 1.0 with that UI?