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  • MMi Theme Of The Week : Classica 3 w/ Retina Support
    Classica 3
    by Dustin Schau

    Today's theme of the week, Classica 3, is Retina Display compatible, featuring crisp, sharp, clean icons to refresh your display. While essentially only an icon set, Dustin Schau has manage to create a replacement iconset for the default iPhone 4, iPhone 3G and iPod touch, which absolutely shines on the new Retina Display.

    There are icons for all of the default apps, as well as replacements for several third party applications (e.g. Plants vs. Zombies, Last.fm, etc.), and a large thread at MacThemes used to gather new and custom icons to fill the void.

    "Wow, looks fantastic on the Retina display.Thank you so much!" -riotofwords

    You can download the Classica 3 theme from Dustin's website, and he even provides templates to make your own icons. He provides an excellent guide on editing icons so even the non experienced design can get involved. You'll need to SSH into your iDevice to install this theme.


    Black'UPS Darkness
    by jackietran

    As usual, here is your bonus theme, this one is by jackietran. It's a very black theme, and it pulls it off with class and great sharpness. There is an included template, Wallpaper, Dock, and 63 Icons including Stacks and Folders. It also comes complete with an SBSettings theme.

    Download it here and follow the icon collection here.

    That's it for this week! Check back next week for more!

    Don't forget to Nominate A Theme For Theme Of The Week, don't be shy. If your theme isn't listed already in our forums, please head on over, as we have revamped and organized the theme sections of the forum.
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    1. emtee25's Avatar
      emtee25 -
      downloading first one now
    1. dscottjr81's Avatar
      dscottjr81 -
      Quote Originally Posted by wolverinemarky View Post
      i guess i must be lazy cause i like to just download from cydia and install can someone post a link on how to ssh a theme onto your phone
      +1 Im new to the jailbreak communtiy and also would like to know how this is done. Thanks
    1. dac_iphn4's Avatar
      dac_iphn4 -
      best theme i think out there for the iphone 4
      got it trough cydia and winterboard....but if any one could help me get diff icons in the theme it would be sick i got an iphone4 and im a noob at all this first iphone
    1. jgtthd's Avatar
      jgtthd -
      just installed classica 3 on my iphone 4 and love it but the games that have icons - specifically bejewelled and plants vs zombies now don't work...i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling teh games and even swicthing back to the default theme but no luck.
      anyone have the same problem and find a fix?
      thanks!! missing plants vs zombies!
    1. DSchau's Avatar
      DSchau -
      It's either an issue with WinterBoard (most likely) or an issue with the method PopCap or Apple uses to verify package contents.

      The only solution I've been able to find is to manually replace the icons inside of the app contents, and remove the bundle from the theme. For instance, for PvZ, I included the PvZ bundle. Find the icon, and replace it in the App Store applications directory.

      If this is confusing, just remove the bundles with the prefix com.popcap (PvZ and Bejeweled) for the time being.
    1. seanobx's Avatar
      seanobx -
      how come when i switch to a new icon set regardless of who's it is, my wallpaper does not stay to my set wallpaper? it reverts to a black screen? i have user wallpaper checked and moved to the top in winterboard. Any ideas or help is appreciated
    1. truskyj's Avatar
      truskyj -
      did you ever find an answer to the wallpaper going black? I have this problem and cannot find a solution. Any help would be appreciated.