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  • Vonage Mobile For Facebook

    Vonage is realeasing its app today that will allow Facebook friends to call each other for FREE! Yes you read this right you will be able to call for free.

    The app lets users call Facebook friends voice over internet protocol providing both parties have the app. The cool thing is iPad users will eventually be able to make calls as well (incoming and outgoing) I can't wait to get it a try!

    The app is a free app and free to use and works on Wifi, 3G and 4G connections. Once the app is released later versions of it are expected to include premium functions and cater for the iPad and well as encompassing instant messaging, SMS and of course ability to make calls to mobile numbers directly from the app.

    Note: Both parties have to have a Facebook account to use this app.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPt_pdxzoRg]YouTube - Vonage Mobile Application for Facebook[/ame]

    iTunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/vonag...378344410?mt=8

    Vonage Talk Free on Facebook

    Forgot your phone? There's now a Facebook app for that | Technology | guardian.co.uk
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    1. kuhndsn's Avatar
      kuhndsn -
      hmmm interesting... Though ATT to ATT is also free... No matter to me really I still have the unlit plan. It would be nice if Vonage would not charge for their Vonage mobile service if you already have a home plan...
    1. AUZambo's Avatar
      AUZambo -
      Quote Originally Posted by twentythreemx View Post
      cant watch the video so correct me if I"m wrong, however.. doesnt all of ATT get free ATT to ATT calling? If everyone w/ an iphone uses this (assuming they are on ATT and not unlocked on a different carrier).. how will that save any money? It wouldnt be using minutes anyways???
      I downloaded the app the second I saw this article. When I started playing with it I realized that mobile-to-mobile is free anyway. I suppose the IM feature could keep you from using text messages, but other than that I didn't have a need for this app.

      I suppose it would come in handy in the ultra-rare occasion where I don't have voice service, do have wifi, and the person you want to reach also has an iPhone and this app.

      I don't do enough overseas travel to waste my time with it, and 95% of my phone calls are to other AT&T subscribers.
    1. MkUltra's Avatar
      MkUltra -
      works great!! made a call from israel to my mom in australia.. great call quality, and free! thats just awesome!
    1. juan_carlos__007's Avatar
      juan_carlos__007 -
      Im having trouble plz someone help me. I have a jailbreaken unlocked iphone 3gs with t-mobile edge no 3g and I have wifi in my house but the app doesnt let me place calls just like if I dont have wifi. I aoready tried to turn off the 3g on the vonage settings and still is not working.

      Je nevermind I just figured out you can only call vonage users, this app sucks since none of my friends has vonage. I rather use facebook chat over wifi since egeryone these days has facebook on their phones. Does anybody know an app that can make free calls to any phone for free? Ja