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  • My3G Updated, Supports FaceTime

    The guys at Intelliborn have just released My3G version 4.14, which now supports FaceTime over 3G. Or, as they put it: "Facetime over 3G!!!"

    This app, which convinces other apps that they're on WiFi instead of 3G, is a big one that will probably attract a lot of first time jailbreakers. Like 3G Unrestrictor, it works around iOS's 3G/EDGE restrictions, allowing you to download files bigger than 10MB, play full-res YouTubes and use apps like Sling Player and FaceTime. Can't wait to see how the video performs over 3G and how long it takes to crash AT&T's network.

    It's available on Rock now and it should be up on our repo shortly, we're getting hit pretty hard today. Be sure to let us know how it works in comments.

    - In-App popup request to enable/never ask for My3G to be enabled for that app
    - In-App indicator when My3G changes the network from 3G to WiFi
    - Ability to select which apps are My3G enabled and not.
    - Default Apps no configuration for the most popular apps!
    - SBSettings Toggle! You can temporarily enable My3G for all apps or toggle back using your defined Apps list
    - Dynamic enablement Higher successs rate (near 100%) then 3G Unrestrictor (which does one off solutions for apps). My3G enables 3G indicators more dynamically.

    4.1 Updates
    - Facetime over 3G!!!
    image via RockYourPhone
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    1. ambo's Avatar
      ambo -
      It's not working for me. I4 on 4.0.1. Jb'd and my3G. I have it to always on and it still keeps telling me I need to be on frickin
    1. farfromovin's Avatar
      farfromovin -
      Purchased for both me and the wifey. Amazing job JB Intelliborn! Less than 24 hrs after the iPhone4 JB and facetime is the way it should have been from the get go. This is the kind of stuff that makes me jailbreak. Love it!
    1. nahzd's Avatar
      nahzd -
      Anyone Noticed the Picture? Still having the "Death grip issue" LOL no signal....
    1. ggab's Avatar
      ggab -
      Quote Originally Posted by daytonaviolet View Post
      not fail. i think they are one in the same. both are coming from BigBoss Cydia Repository | iPhone News, Help and Guides. but of course, its always nice to get things for free. but anycase.. both sites seem to be very busy and im unable to download from either one
      Quote Originally Posted by daytonaviolet View Post
      that sucks.. i wonder it doesn work? was the facetime option there under unrestrictor??
      Not the same at all. Two completely different programs.
    1. smotheredhope's Avatar
      smotheredhope -
      Hey guys I grabbed it off of Cydia (didnt have to pay for it?) and installed it. Also installed SBSettings and turned my3G on to always on. I even restarted my phone just in case and I continue to get the pop up saying that I need to connect to wifi.

      Anyone have any ideas?

      edit: forget it I figured it out
    1. endwaro's Avatar
      endwaro -
      Well there goes AT&T network lol
    1. energiesource's Avatar
      energiesource -
      this doesnt work for me.
      i have my3g but facetime doesnt show up for anyone, even on wifi. wtf.
    1. sugebay's Avatar
      sugebay -
      I got it and it works great. Now I just need to have more than 4 friends with an iPhone 4.
    1. truenorth's Avatar
      truenorth -
      Might be a silly question, so be gentle with me. Will this work on any network? Not just AT&T? I'm in Australia. Me thinks it should, but I just want to confirm.
    1. Cer0's Avatar
      Cer0 -
      Correct. Facetime is not network specific. It was designed to work on wifi not network so it has no bias to what network to work on as My3G makes it think it is on wifi.
    1. truenorth's Avatar
      truenorth -
      Thanks, Cer0, just what I thought. (Thanks button clicked!)
    1. Os7.1.0's Avatar
      Os7.1.0 -
      Stupid question? I am on 200 mb data at&t plan,if i use 3g facetime will it use lot of data? Thanks in advance.
    1. pyromcr's Avatar
      pyromcr -
      This would have been amazing if ATT still had unlimited date. Facetime just uses way too much data do be worth it with a limited data plan. And there is WiFi almost everywhere now so its not that big of a deal...
    1. truenorth's Avatar
      truenorth -
      Depends of course on how many calls you make and much you use FaceTime/My3G, but 200MB is scant...I think you'll chew that up in a week maybe.
    1. Os7.1.0's Avatar
      Os7.1.0 -
      I bettet change my data plan
    1. Cer0's Avatar
      Cer0 -
      Thought I saw a tweet somewhere on the amount of data it uses but can't remember where. It may be on SBs twitter.

      But it won't take long to fill 200mb that is for sure.
    1. ReidWings's Avatar
      ReidWings -
      Anyone done this on their own yet by editing Voipover3g.plist? It's the free alternative if we know the proper edit.
    1. kuhndsn's Avatar
      kuhndsn -
      Anyone else think some of the apps on Rock or cydia pretty prendy? Perhaps I'm just use to only buying $.99 apps. I think I've turned into a cheap-o since I started using iTunes.
    1. StellarZ's Avatar
      StellarZ -
      anyone not getting my3g to work? just used the trial to see if facetime would work and its not.
    1. bluexselvedge's Avatar
      bluexselvedge -
      works fine here. tested the trial and ended up buying it after the very first session