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  • One Designer's Idea of What iOS 7 Could Be [Video]

    iOS 7 is expected to launch this year, and with Jonathan Ive now in charge of the software that will be in iOS, rather than the previous Scott Forstall, many are now wondering what kinds of changes we can expect in the upcoming major iOS update.

    One designer’s mind has been running on several gallons of energy drinks recently, as he has managed to come up with several ideas that he thinks could make iOS 7 great if integrated into the operating system. The designer, Ran Anvi, has come up with some pretty neat ideas. Obviously, these are only concepts, and are not guaranteed to be a part of iOS 7.

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    The first major detail the designer touches on is a redesigned Calendar and Notes application. They adopt the same silver interface that the Maps application received in iOS 6. The silver interface is very clean and mono-colored, something that many are expecting from Mr. Ive of Apple. The designer even shows off a re-designed Music application that matches the silver appearance of iTunes 11. Also notable are the "flat" iOS application icons, which we do not think are likely to appear in iOS 7 in terms of the way Apple likes to keep their design.

    The video shows off a re-designed lock screen, which adds a Forecast-like weather widget to the lock screen that can be shown by swiping sideways on the lock screen clock. Under the widget is a grabber that can be pulled down to reveal toggles and social networking shortcuts. The toggles appear to look a lot like those in Auxo and would be welcomed by many in the iOS community; however for security reasons, it’s not likely that we would see any social networking on the lock screen from Apple.

    The designer also touches on Do Not Disturb, where he invisions Do Not Disturb 2.0, which will allow users to set Do Not Disturb sessions for certain days of the week. The concept also adds a Do Not Disturb widget to Notification Center similarly to in OS X Mountain Lion.

    Apple has been very minimalistic in the past on the download details that appear whenever you are downloading and installing an application from the App Store. The video also touches on this, envisioning a bubble pop-up that can be opened to see information about the download such as download speed, application information, and more. This seems like a little much, but similar jailbreak tweaks in Cydia have attempted to give us just a little more information on the download details of our App Store downloads and appeared to be popular among users.

    The video even introduces a completely different store – a widget store – to play along nicely with iTunes, App Store, and iBooks. The widget store would hold downloadable widgets that software developers could make to improve the usefulness of Notification Center; similarly to how many jailbreak tweak developers have done in Cydia.

    Other new ideas the video shows are AirDrop integration for iOS, an improved Notification Center with quick-reply options built into Notifications and an improved notification deletion method, and a Time Machine feature to be able to restore iOS to a specific backup(s) created in the past.

    By all means, some of the ideas in this video are a far cry from what apple might want to include in iOS 7; however, the designer behind the video has some really good ideas that perhaps jailbreak tweak developers can take note from. The same designer also introduced this lock screen toggle concept we showed you yesterday. Feel free to share in the comments the features you liked the most out of the video, and the things that you expect to see in iOS 7!

    Sources: YouTube
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    1. bmwraw8482's Avatar
      bmwraw8482 -
      Either a big leak or someone has way too much time on their hands
      And if that time machine thing pans out I'm gonna need way more than 5gb in iCloud storage
    1. Roadw3's Avatar
      Roadw3 -
      What apple should do is create an app where you can customize iOS with the purchase of widgets and things like that, sell the iPhone with a dialer, text, and safari, totally stripped otherwise. They would make even more money.
    1. *T*'s Avatar
      *T* -
      Looks horrendous except for the music player
    1. fowlerd11's Avatar
      fowlerd11 -
      This is exactly how I think Apple should do things. They should hire more people with good ideas instead of making the same thing over and over. All of these jailbreak tweak devs could get hired into Apple and could do more with iOS than Steve Jobs ever imagined. Apple should embrace jailbreak devs on their creativity and they should consider using the same or similar things that these devs have made for the iOS. Instead, Apple wants to shut them down?? Retards if you ask me. Apple's devices are amazing, but unless they make drastic changes to iOS, they'll fall behind Android.

      With the concept in this video, I like everything, especially the widget store and the new music app. The home and lock screen changes would be a cool if it was customizable, like you can change back to the normal look if you want (similar to DreamBoard). If Apple wants to stop people from jail breaking their devices, they'll have to remove the attraction of a jailbreak by allowing these features right off the bat.