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  • Apple Looking into Sluggish iPhone 3G After iOS4 Upgrade

    The users forum over at Apple tells the story of the latest concern that should be - and probably is - on the minds of those at Apple. As it turns out, plenty of iPhone 3G owners - and perhaps you're one of them - are greatly disappointed with their decision to upgrade to the new iOS4. Why? It seems more than a few users who have done so now find themselves with an iPhone of "degraded quality" - that is, a device that operates slower and and much less fluidly than before.

    One registered user (registered as George Stark) complained: “My iPhone 8Gb 3G is soooo slow after ‘upgrading’ to OS4. Unlocking the phone sometimes takes 5-10 seconds and the home screen icons literally stop converging halfway through and then 2 seconds later, finish off. Other things are ridiculously slow, such as opening and replying to texts. Good one Apple, maybe you want us all to upgrade to the iPhone 4 so that OS4 actually runs at a manageable speed?”

    George isn't alone. In fact, Apple is right there with him - at least in terms of possessing a curiosity as to why this is happening on a more frequent basis (although it isn't exactly clear just how widespread this problem is). Apple, according to the folks at Wired, is now looking into the complaints. “We are aware of these reports and we are investigating,” an Apple rep told the publication.

    We may not have an official response from Apple for some time, but it's clear to many that the decision to make models prior to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3gs compatible with iOS4 was ill-advised. As Wired reminds us, the "S" in 3GS stands for "speed." With a substantially slower processor in the iPhone 3G, it's quite possible that iOS4, while "compatible" with the iPhone 3G in theory, may not actually not be such a wise move in practice - at least not if "speed" is a major objective in your iPhone user experience.

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    1. ExileTEAM's Avatar
      ExileTEAM -
      Quote Originally Posted by jmel42 View Post
      I had that problem with mine and even with my iPhone4. A restore and starting from scratch fixed it. It sucked having to reenter all my numbers and other things, but it did work. Might be a setting that carries over that the new OS doesn't like.
      I have read in some places that if you upload all your contacts to your Google Mail account or some other service. I use GMail so thats all i know, but if you do this and full restore from scratch with no backup and then sync the contacts with ur email, it removes all the unwanted backed up **** that u get from restoring from an old save.

      I have a 3G and let me tell you even before I JB-ed it, it was slow, my SMS, MMS, email, Settings iPod all is slow from 3.1.2 to 4.0 it slowed everything by 50% more. If it took 5 secs to open SMS now it takes 10.
    1. Rekm745's Avatar
      Rekm745 -
      My 3GS originally 3.1.3 updated to 4.0.1 newboot rom MC model is alot slower with this update I wish apple just put out the 4.0 for the iPhone4 and not let any phone with 3. Update to a 4. So fed up with their kidish mess ups. I hate my IPhone 3GS now it sucks. I regret switching from tmobile just for all this mind bending miss leading ***** *** updates do some real work APPLE.......
    1. corkey20000's Avatar
      corkey20000 -
      I know I have already posted in here, but my god is my 3G slow as hell no. I was out last night and needed to use google maps to get somewhere really fast, and it literally crashed 4 times for no reason. Respringed, Rebooted, ect...still, acting a damn fool. Can't take it anymore apple!
    1. powellc's Avatar
      powellc -
      I have a 3g with 4.0 and I'm embarrassed with the speed. I hate trying to show anybody anything on my phone.
    1. ExileTEAM's Avatar
      ExileTEAM -
      Quote Originally Posted by powellc View Post
      I have a 3g with 4.0 and I'm embarrassed with the speed. I hate trying to show anybody anything on my phone.
      I know, I used to not bother giving my phone to my friends, now i dont, cause they spend too much time waiting and then hate me lol.
    1. smiglyy's Avatar
      smiglyy -
      lets face it are apple really gona do anything for us 3g users ehhh no my only suggestion to them is they let us take our iphone back toa store and let them reload 3.1.3 back on for us at least it will be quicker than this sh*te we are using
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      As I've said many times, my 3G on iOS4.01 nicely themed, works fine.
    1. mamirza's Avatar
      mamirza -
      HI, what sw used to JB + UL
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      RedSn0w 0.95b5 and UltraSn0w 0.93
    1. khantil's Avatar
      khantil -
      The upgrade does suck big time... I plan to shift to BB as I use the iphone as a business phone for office purpose.
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      It doesn't suck if you do it properly.
      But as you can't a BB is probably a better option for you.
    1. ricKKyblacKK's Avatar
      ricKKyblacKK -
      wow it really sucks to read about this. I've been patiently waitin around to jb to 4.0 and to hear this really bothers me. Takes me like 8seconds + already to get into text messages sometimes. what a bunch of crap! stayin w/ jb 3.1.1
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      I love the way people would rather use old FW than do it properly.
      Your choice. I assume that as you've been waiting for a JB you have a 3GS as the 3G has been JB since 4 came out. 4 runs dine on my 3G so should fly on a 3GS.
    1. Bluemoldycheeze88's Avatar
      Bluemoldycheeze88 -
      I like my iphone 3g.. It's not that slow for me I haven't noticed a difference but maybe This software update will make it faster
    1. upondamike's Avatar
      upondamike -
      I Have an 8GB 3G unlocked and Jailbroken iPhone on TMOBILE. I refuse to upgrade to 4.0 Why? Because my 3G is already performing sluggish on FW 3.1.3 and so since im hooked on SPEED.. (NO PUN), I performed the following and managed to not only make the phone jump in speed but I also noticed it made the battery last like 40% LONGER!!


      *I am not responsible for your actions when it comes to your device, do this at your own risk.*

      (from apple website)

      Power Stepping
      To conserve power when operating on battery power, the iBook computer supports two methods of power stepping to slow down the processor clock. One method is an inherent feature of the PowerPC G3 chip, called Dynamic Power Stepping (DPS) and cannot be adjusted by the user. DPS is controlled automatically by the system, stepping up the processor speed for performance-intensive applications and stepping down the processor speed for energy-efficient applications.

      Under Mac OS X, users can manually step down the processor by adjusting the Energy Saving Settings, which are located under the Energy Saver panel of System Preferences. Users can select from preconfigured profiles including Automatic, Highest Performance, Longest Battery Life, DVD Playback, and Presentations, or customize their own energy settings. Highest Performance and Longest Battery Life profiles override the DPS feature. Highest Performance maintains the highest processor speed while Longest Battery Life caps the processor speed at 400MHz.

      Source: http://developer.app...000330-BCIHHIDF

      If you have renamed the "com.apple.SystemPowerProfileDefaults.plist" file to "com.apple.SystemPowerProfilesDefaultsbak.plist" in my last speed mod. I want you to rename it back then reboot so the device rocognizes it again

      What I think this mod will do is give you speed w/o the battery loss(because instead of disabling the whole plist, we are going to manually disable the "Reduce Processor Speed" and "Dynamin Power Step" keys whilst saving all battery settings)

      Step 1. Navigate to System/Library/System Configuration/PowerManagement.bundle/

      Step 2. You will see a file named "com.apple.SystemPowerProfileDefault.plist" open it regularly using ifile.

      Step 3. Scroll down till you see:

      Reduce Processor Speed


      Dynamic Power Step

      You will not be altering some integers because they are already set to "0". But these key is repeated many times in this plist. Some have an integer of "0" but some also have an integer of "1". If you see a key with an integer of "1", change it to "0". Make sure all Reduce Processor Speed and Dynamic Power Step keys have an integer of zero.(Double check because they are easy to miss)

      Step 4. Reboot
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Isn't that instructions on how to conserve battery life on an iBook?

      Nothing to do with increasing speed on an iPhone 3G?
    1. upondamike's Avatar
      upondamike -
      1. faster 3G PHONE PROCESSOR

      you dont have to do anything.. I am just trying to help as I was helped here See for yourself everyones results!! **LINK REMOVED**
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Ah! you visit that place do you?
      That explains the need to use colours or caps.
      And puts you on my ignore list.
    1. mikerlx's Avatar
      mikerlx -
      updating to 4.1 will be no fun without the unlock
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Your Device/FW says Original iPhone which can always be unlocked but can't be updated to iOS4.xx
      If you have a 3G you'll just have to wait - mine's officially unlocked so I only need a JB which shouldn't take long.