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  • Apple Looking into Sluggish iPhone 3G After iOS4 Upgrade

    The users forum over at Apple tells the story of the latest concern that should be - and probably is - on the minds of those at Apple. As it turns out, plenty of iPhone 3G owners - and perhaps you're one of them - are greatly disappointed with their decision to upgrade to the new iOS4. Why? It seems more than a few users who have done so now find themselves with an iPhone of "degraded quality" - that is, a device that operates slower and and much less fluidly than before.

    One registered user (registered as George Stark) complained: “My iPhone 8Gb 3G is soooo slow after ‘upgrading’ to OS4. Unlocking the phone sometimes takes 5-10 seconds and the home screen icons literally stop converging halfway through and then 2 seconds later, finish off. Other things are ridiculously slow, such as opening and replying to texts. Good one Apple, maybe you want us all to upgrade to the iPhone 4 so that OS4 actually runs at a manageable speed?”

    George isn't alone. In fact, Apple is right there with him - at least in terms of possessing a curiosity as to why this is happening on a more frequent basis (although it isn't exactly clear just how widespread this problem is). Apple, according to the folks at Wired, is now looking into the complaints. “We are aware of these reports and we are investigating,” an Apple rep told the publication.

    We may not have an official response from Apple for some time, but it's clear to many that the decision to make models prior to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3gs compatible with iOS4 was ill-advised. As Wired reminds us, the "S" in 3GS stands for "speed." With a substantially slower processor in the iPhone 3G, it's quite possible that iOS4, while "compatible" with the iPhone 3G in theory, may not actually not be such a wise move in practice - at least not if "speed" is a major objective in your iPhone user experience.

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    1. EnergyUK's Avatar
      EnergyUK -
      Quote Originally Posted by Shanks12 View Post
      Try this ^ if your 3G is running that bad.. Helped mine out...
      Not only is spotlight good for fixing 3G... it seems to have sorted my 3GS.

      My 3GS has become unstable and the battery would only last half a day or so (to the point I've carried round my charger). The phone would restart in conversations, and also in general use. Never had any issues liek this with 3.1.3. Tried restoring with no luck.

      I've turned off spotlight after the suggestions in this thread (this morning) and after a days use the battery is still at 50%. Something it hasn't done in ages. Maybe if a couple of other 3GS users are experincing similar issues it could be spotlight is bugged in iOS4.
    1. Nielsenius's Avatar
      Nielsenius -
      This turn of events is not surprising in the least. Apple is a company with a plan and the speed problems with the iPhone 3G are all part of that plan. They knew that people would hate the speed of their 3G on 4.0 and this would be an incentive to buy the iPhone 4. I respect Apple for being well thought out, but a little extra notice for 3G users would have been nice (my mom, for example, can't stand the thing now). I doubt if Apple's promise to "look into it" will do anything at all.
    1. robertr1's Avatar
      robertr1 -
      The easiest solution would be to let them downgrade to 3.1.x.

      I'm not even going to put OS4 on my 3gs because I'm scared it's gonna slow it down a little bit and OS4 didn't really add anything new if you have a jb iphone.
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      They can.
    1. macsoldier's Avatar
      macsoldier -
      3GS seems to be hit or miss
    1. giancarlo's Avatar
      giancarlo -
      I don't know why they're bringing this up now...maybe because it's the legit users. I remember my 3G already running sluggish on 3.0....it was jailbroken so I know that amounts to it but there were days that I would literally throw the phone on the desk at work because of waiting for a text to open or for my freaking typed words to appear. Luckily I've swapped out all the 3G's in my house for either iPhone 4 or 3Gs. The 3G was honestly always sloppy. The only thing better the 3G did than the first gen was the data speed was a TAD bit better.
    1. gerguter's Avatar
      gerguter -
      I own a 3G iPhone and I too upgraded. I found that it indeed was slower. I downgraded back to 3.1.3 which works just fine. It can be a pain in the *** to down grade but it works. And for those that think they should discontinue support for the 3G, NO.
    1. PlatoTheForms's Avatar
      PlatoTheForms -
      if Apple wouldn't have release ios4 for 3g people would have complained as well.
    1. AngelOfHavoc's Avatar
      AngelOfHavoc -
      Quote Originally Posted by corkey20000 View Post
      Oh, I don't know. Why do we have a 3G still??? Want to buy a new one for me dad? Can I join the family plan with you and mom?
      Somebody is a little upset they are too lazy too get a job.

      Seriously how cheap are you? The main point here is that people who have the 3g are eligible for an upgrade by this point anyways so why not upgrade to the iPhone 4 for ONLY 200 bucks.
    1. duckksaucee's Avatar
      duckksaucee -
      i updated my 3g and it is very slow, my 3gs is still on 3.1.3, go into settings,general,and spotlight search and then diable everything your not using, it helps speed everything up a little,noticably on the 3gmore than the 3gs...
    1. ecd5000's Avatar
      ecd5000 -
      Quote Originally Posted by mikerlx View Post
      I have mentioned the performance with 4.0 on the 3G many days ago. Solution-Run redsnow de-select everything and let it finish. Next, uncheck all spotlight. The Problem is Winterboards "user wallpaper" does not work with 4.0 as well as alot of Cydia Themes. This means a black homescreen is all your going to enjoy. fyi: if u run redsnow and add any 1 of the features: battery percentage, multitasking, or homescreen anyone of them will slow down the 3G. I absolutely love the "homescreen feature." I added that feature cuz I don't like all black homescreen. Another speed fix is not adding Winterboard! I know don't fall out the chair. If your on 4.0 and want your 3G fast, don't add Winterboard, uncheck spotlight, and deselect all features in redsnow. Your 3G will be perfectly fast and unlocked (adding ultrasn0w 0.93) via cydia. My 2 cents.
      then why even jailbreak, cant use features that you can only get for a 3g in a jailbreak, cant use any themes. i think one of the biggest reasons to jailbreak other than unlocking is for the themes. look at a phone with a theme then look at a stock one and then sit here and say not to put winterboard on it.
    1. gerguter's Avatar
      gerguter -
      Well, I just purchased by 3G about 4 months ago. I have to wait for another year to upgrade. When I can I will, but until then I still need my support for 3G
    1. jamriman's Avatar
      jamriman -
      Quote Originally Posted by dougal22 View Post
      I can understand the older slower 3G having problems with IOS4 but i can't understand how some 3GS people are having problems. 3GS is considerably faster than the 2G or 3G.

      I have a 3GS with iOS4 and it works perfectly. No bugs, no crashes, no slow down what so ever. Never crashed once.
      Is your 3GS JB?
    1. santacruzlocal's Avatar
      santacruzlocal -
      Quote Originally Posted by iphonerookie View Post
      Sold my 3G 8gb for more than I paid for my iPhone 4

      Same with me, and my 3GS for more than that !!!
    1. cjuni's Avatar
      cjuni -
      Very true the 3G with the iOS is awful, they should have told/warned any 3G user that it would not be recommended, but naturally there're not/didn't.........it's too bad!
    1. ezelthompkins's Avatar
      ezelthompkins -
      Quote Originally Posted by iphonerookie View Post
      Jb 4.0 3G phones are slow i can testify to that. Stock ones though I haven't seen been too bad but it is a little more noticeable. However, the firmware is like 579mb whereas prior firmwares are 250mb ish each. Maybe that's why lol
      My phone:iPhone 3G
      iOS 4.0
      JB and UltraSn0w unlock.

      I found a few things which make using the 3G with iOS 4 less painful and thought I would share them with you.

      As mentioned in one post here and then also in other various forum posts throughout ModMyi, you can turn off Spotlight for all of the items you do not need indexed. I went ahead and turned off all of the indexing since I never use it, tried it, found I didn't really need to use it, don't really have that much stuff on my phone I need to lookup. To do this, go to Settings, General, Home Button, Spotlight Search. There will be a check mark on the row designating that item is being indexed. Tap that row to turn it off.

      The next thing I found was that by using virtual memory, the OS has more available system memory to run background processes. This isn't to be mistaken with back-grounding applications. If you own a Mac and are somewhat technical, you may know of a way to use a swap file to increase your system performance if you have a low amount of installed system memory. The principal here is very similar in that when an application is launched on the iPhone, it needs random access memory to read and write from. The downfall with any Mac OS platform is the manual allocation and deallocation of memory an application uses, such as those compiled in Objective C for the iPhone. In order to workaround the pitfalls of memory utilization, which is only a single issue with the iPhone 3G hardware, using a swap file will provide virtual memory space to applications you run on your iPhone and free up system memory for everything else. Well, not exactly but you get the idea.

      There are posts which list a bunch of Launch Daemons that are not needed to run at start-up and can be "disabled". You may or may not be able to do this with iOS 4. I tried it and ended up having to reload my firmware. At first, all seemed well. My phone typically took about 3 minutes to reboot. After I disabled all these Launch Daemons, it took about 65 seconds. That was a huge benefit. However, I didn't combine this with using virtual memory so I may have ended up disabling some processes which were critical to the overall workings of the OS and interactions and what not.

      I also found that removing unneeded language packs from application folders became beneficial. Apparently, these language packs, according to some forum posts, are loaded into memory during application launch. If you've got 25 language packs in an application folder, that's a lot of stuff you don't really need, do you? So, I removed all but English. Granted, some applications don't have language packs and can still be poor performing applications.

      My recommendation for now, I'll continue the use of the virtual memory/swap file and removing language packs from application folders for a few weeks and determine if this causes any issues later down the road. For now, I'm a pretty heavy user of my phone. I use it continuously throughout the day, probably around 10 hours total use. This means I'm charging it for most of that time or at least have it plugged in, battery is over 2 years old now.

      Disclaimer: Absolutely try this at your own risk. No warranties implied whatsoever by me or anyone else. If you are unsure or have doubts, just don't do it. Use some level of intelligence, deductive reasoning, logic and anything resembling the aforementioned attributes of a civilized society. I say this somewhat jokingly, but you know how people just jump right into things without thinking it all the way through so please take me seriously.

      If you would like to try the virtual memory route, here is what you need to do.
      1. You need a JB iPhone 3G with OpenSSH installed
      2. You need to know how to SSH into your iPhone 3G
      3. Once you are good with steps 1 and 2, proceed to step 4
      4. Take the contents of the following and create a file named "com.apple.dynamic_pager.plist":
      5. SSH into your phone
      6. Copy the file to the /System/Library/LaunchDaemons
      7. Set permissions on the file to 0755
      8. Reboot your phone (Hold Home Key and Power until you see the Apple logo or your custom boot logo)

      Adding the plist to the LaunchDaemons folder causes the dynamic pager to start up when the phone is booted. This allocates the virtual memory to the disk. I'd like to get some feedback on this so if anyone else tries this on the 3G and has success/failure, please post that back or send me a direct message.
    1. RICO_'s Avatar
      RICO_ -
      It's okay people....i'm sure you all are just holding your phone wrong....resulting in sluggish performance. No way Apple could be at fault for this.

      Tell you what....to show you how much we here at Apple care, if you don't like it just return your 3G for a full.............

      ........oh wait.
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Like I say, my 3G runs fine on iOS4 with Winterboard and Elite theme.
    1. tecpunk64's Avatar
      tecpunk64 -
      i downgraded back to 3.1.3 from 4.0 which works better on my 3g-i'm still upgrading to the iphone 4 since this is my second year with the 3g which i plan on using like an ipod touch-i'm attached to my idevices so the 3g is a keeper
    1. jOnGarrett's Avatar
      jOnGarrett -
      its about FKing time !! but why did it take so long to address the issue? I was one of those who upgraded to iOS4 and rendered my 3G nearly useless.

      I just picked up my i4 today so Im not as upset, HOWEVER, I still want the 3G restored to what it used to be before I pass it along to my brother.