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  • Apple Looking into Sluggish iPhone 3G After iOS4 Upgrade

    The users forum over at Apple tells the story of the latest concern that should be - and probably is - on the minds of those at Apple. As it turns out, plenty of iPhone 3G owners - and perhaps you're one of them - are greatly disappointed with their decision to upgrade to the new iOS4. Why? It seems more than a few users who have done so now find themselves with an iPhone of "degraded quality" - that is, a device that operates slower and and much less fluidly than before.

    One registered user (registered as George Stark) complained: “My iPhone 8Gb 3G is soooo slow after ‘upgrading’ to OS4. Unlocking the phone sometimes takes 5-10 seconds and the home screen icons literally stop converging halfway through and then 2 seconds later, finish off. Other things are ridiculously slow, such as opening and replying to texts. Good one Apple, maybe you want us all to upgrade to the iPhone 4 so that OS4 actually runs at a manageable speed?”

    George isn't alone. In fact, Apple is right there with him - at least in terms of possessing a curiosity as to why this is happening on a more frequent basis (although it isn't exactly clear just how widespread this problem is). Apple, according to the folks at Wired, is now looking into the complaints. “We are aware of these reports and we are investigating,” an Apple rep told the publication.

    We may not have an official response from Apple for some time, but it's clear to many that the decision to make models prior to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3gs compatible with iOS4 was ill-advised. As Wired reminds us, the "S" in 3GS stands for "speed." With a substantially slower processor in the iPhone 3G, it's quite possible that iOS4, while "compatible" with the iPhone 3G in theory, may not actually not be such a wise move in practice - at least not if "speed" is a major objective in your iPhone user experience.

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    1. CaptainChaos's Avatar
      CaptainChaos -
      No. Not on a 3G. It will keep you from going from 4.0.1 to 4.0, but you should be able to drop back down to 3.1.2.
    1. sh33436's Avatar
      sh33436 -
      Quote Originally Posted by sal_osx View Post
      I remeber my 3G being super slow. It was so frustrating at times. Luckily I sold my 3G for 300$ unlocked and bought a 3GS for 240$

      that funny hope you joking for 300 hundo that to much.
      but if not. damn them.

      and sold mines not that much i was being nice. and it was running slow.
    1. dallaspowers's Avatar
      dallaspowers -
      Quote Originally Posted by nave3d View Post
      3G shouldnt even have OS4. why do people even own a 3G anymore? I gave mine to my daughter and it still has 3.1.2 but shes 3 and it works perfect for her
      Well good for you for giving your child a $300 plus device as a toy, you *****. "why do people even own a 3G anymore?" Um maybe because not everybody can afford the new iPhone. Idiot.
    1. iM!ke's Avatar
      iM!ke -
      What are you talking about. Not everybody is able to purchase a new phone every year, two years or even more. Some kid saves his allowance for months to buy his awesome iPhone. Two years later, with the phone still in descent condition because its the first thing a kids ever bought for himself and apple should just phase it out. Alot of people still use 2G and 3G iphones. It's an astounding shortcoming of apples that they think it's okay to not update phones that are still in play. Walmart still sells iPhone 3G. I've said it before I'll say it again. They're messy.
    1. azmattaz06's Avatar
      azmattaz06 -
      Mine also ran SSUUPPPEERRR slow on 4.0 so i just downgraded.. I like 4.0 but couldn't stand that sluggish stuff, How would i go about adding all those 4.0 features on 3.1.3?

      P.S. don't be pricks not everyone can afford the iPhone 4 ok?
    1. slayorktc's Avatar
      slayorktc -
      3G users.. get with the times and grab iphone 4s...
    1. p-3xpt0's Avatar
      p-3xpt0 -
      Mine also ran very slow on 4.0.
      This weekend will try to downgrade.
    1. andyhunt's Avatar
      andyhunt -
      @ iphonerookie
      How?! I'd like to do that!
    1. jiggykilla's Avatar
      jiggykilla -
      Yep same problems with my 3G even after a clean install of ios4, i've had to downgrade to 3.1.2 and everything is alright in tha world again!!!!
    1. nyambit's Avatar
      nyambit -
      hey my iphone 3g went slow after updating it to iso 4.0, also no wifi
    1. jiggykilla's Avatar
      jiggykilla -
      Quote Originally Posted by slayorktc View Post
      3G users.. get with the times and grab iphone 4s...

      I need to be able to use my phone to make calls and not as a paper weight if i hold it the wrong way, get it?
    1. risingkazuya05's Avatar
      risingkazuya05 -
      Here's what I'd do, JB ur 3G. Disable spotlight, add pkg from cydia called Remove Recents to minimize drain in memory from multitasking or if you want to fully remove multitasking, don't select the option in redsnow or if u don't want to restore, add this pkg, it's called Disable ios4 multitasking (google for repo info). Hope this helps. Also know that jailbreaking ur phone slows it down but this should help some if not all 3G owners that are in this situation.
    1. omnicube's Avatar
      omnicube -
      For the iphone 3G users with iOS performance issues, have you tried turning OFF spotlight? Settings - General - Spotlight settings. Uncheck everything and reboot. See how things go.

      This was done on a few that I know of and the performance increased considerably. Then go back in and turn it on ONLY for items you really want to search for.
    1. iNT3Rv3NTiONZz's Avatar
      iNT3Rv3NTiONZz -
      my 3G sucks now im on OS4, the only way to de-lag it is to have no apps in folders and not have multitasking.. the Settings app is the worst, it takes ages to open up sometimes..
    1. clikzip's Avatar
      clikzip -
      Im still waiting for my iPhone 4 to be delivered. After 3 weeks via apple.com it still isnt here. I upgraded my 3g to 4.0, has next to ruined my phone. Everything runs slower. 3.0 was 2x as fast, all the drawbacks but no benefits like multitasking (no jailbreak)
    1. kupochan's Avatar
      kupochan -
      Upgrading to iOS4 practically ruined my 3G. The only real option was to downgrade back to 3.1.2. Let's not forget that the 3GS was only released last year so it's not even like I'm running an obsolete phone and it's crazy they would try to phase it out already
    1. Mike_7318's Avatar
      Mike_7318 -
      First the 3G owners complain that apple is phasing out the phone by not offering the upgrade. Apple gives you the upgrade and you still say they are phasing out the phone. Make up your minds
    1. xwinger's Avatar
      xwinger -
      oh wow i thought it was just my phone that was a piece of ****! it crashes on ipod even! crashes on text also. soooo slow. that's why i can barely hold on any longer to get the iphone 4 tomorrow but i probably wont even be able to get one because they will all sell out in 5 minutes
    1. jamriman's Avatar
      jamriman -
      Had to downgrade back to 3.1.3 on my 3GS. Too slow, too buggy.
    1. kingosama's Avatar
      kingosama -
      It's really a shame how iOS4 operates on iPhone 3G despite disabling most of its features to maintain its performance as Apple claimed.