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  • 'Alertmate' Lets You Change the Animation of Popup Alerts

    If adding even the slightest amount of customization to your iOS device tickles your fancy, then you’ll want to check out a new free jailbreak tweak called Alertmate by iOS developer Daniel Taub.

    Alertmate is a tweak that allows you to customize the animation style of your pop-up alerts. The tweak comes with several different animations to choose from, which can be chosen from the preferences pane in the Settings application:

    The animations you have to choose from include:

    • Default
    • No effect
    • Zoom out
    • Zoom in
    • Bounce
    • Push in
    • Push out
    • Sliding down
    • Sliding right
    • Flipping in
    • Rolling in 1
    • Rolling in 2
    • Screwed in 1
    • Screwed in 2

    In addition to choosing the animation, the user can even choose to have the device speak the alert and/or the title of the alert. There is a test button in the tweak’s preferences pane that can be tapped to test out the animation you choose and also test out the spoken notification feature. Changing options for the tweak does not require a respring, so you'll be able to test out your configuration changes immediately.

    If you're interested in adding another layer of customization to your device, then checking out Alertmate will definitely be worth your time. It's available in Cydia's BigBoss repository for free!

    Name: Alertmate
    Price: FREE
    Version: 1.0
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: Daniel Taub
    Editor's Rating:  4/5
    This article was originally published in forum thread: 'AlertMate' Lets You Change the Animation of Popup Alerts started by Anthony Bouchard View original post
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    1. zplit's Avatar
      zplit -
      Very cool tweaks. Thanks pal
    1. sigit's Avatar
      sigit -
      must try..looks cool mate..
    1. 5kylar's Avatar
      5kylar -
      Looks great
    1. nasteee's Avatar
      nasteee -
      Cannot be found in Cydia. I do have BigBoss as a source.
    1. andygev35's Avatar
      andygev35 -
      Seems this only works for local alerts and not push notification popups...