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  • iPhone Theme Of The Week: Eight OS
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    MMi Nominated Theme
    Eight OS

    EightOS is created by Nick Knight and Brendon Cunnigham (aka Entombed Sh4dw).

    These guys have taken the look of a Rainmeter UI called Omnimous, an UI that is similar to Windows 7 Mobile, and created something that truely transforms your iPhone or iPod into something completely new. Inspiration on this project also came from K.Nitsua & Zaussers "Inspired OS" , as you can see in the layout.

    Eight OS is available on Cydia and Rock for $2.

    You will be required to install Iconoclasm 1.4.9 or above,Categories (SB for quicker use), and 5IconDock.

    Discuss this theme in the forums

    MMi Staff Pick

    Buuf , started on 02-19-2008, is one of the most active threads in our forum to date. 2 and half years later, Buuf still tops the charts. Buuf was created by axero and is Based on icons by Paul Davey aka Mattahan.

    There are over 3200 Icons, and the forum thread has over 430 pages full of user submitted icons which makes it one hell of an icon pack.

    Check out the Buuf thread here. You can find Buuf on the MMi Repo.

    Don't forget to email me your nominations for next week. nickhesson[at]modmyi.com

    On a side note, Your weekly App Update will return in August. Equipment has been packed up and will be moved for Aug 1st. Video reviews and more will be included. If your a developer, please send me an email to have your app featured in our reviews and updates.
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    1. nightdrangon's Avatar
      nightdrangon -
      I love this theme I have it for my iPod touch it's an amazing theme easy to install
    1. badass1469's Avatar
      badass1469 -
      its kewl
    1. rosekaka's Avatar
      rosekaka -
      i cant help to get a one. so beautiful it is
    1. whereswaldo's Avatar
      whereswaldo -
      haven't both of these been theme of the week before?
    1. mrsteve8's Avatar
      mrsteve8 -
      does this work on 3.1.2 or do i need to upgrade to 4.0
    1. lolcats1's Avatar
      lolcats1 -
      them fools
    1. mrsteve8's Avatar
      mrsteve8 -
      just tried to download it and i got a 403 forbidden error
    1. Entombed Sh4dw's Avatar
      Entombed Sh4dw -
      Thanks for the feature Nick. For full details head to the EIGHTos thread (link in my sig).
    1. moneysh0t09's Avatar
      moneysh0t09 -
      I don't understand why they used an iPhone 4 as the phone to model the theme! Haha they are torturing us! It'd be cool to get this theme on my IP4... Hopefully a jailbreak is in the near future.
    1. GellBrake'rrrr's Avatar
      GellBrake'rrrr -
      Jailbreak IS in the near future. Just follow the reigning Devs on twitter. You then can see the progress of such brilliant minds putting their hard work on the line, for all of us to enjoy!
      Donate,Donate,Donate!!!! These are the people who make your iPhone capable of what it SHOULD have been doing "out of the box"!
    1. MindGem's Avatar
      MindGem -
      Quote Originally Posted by thecrunked View Post
      100% not a real photo of an iphone 4 with that theme. they just photoshopped it.

      Are you an idiot or are you an idiot!? Nobody uses an real iPhone for themes!