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  • Spirit2Pwn is Fake: Not Written by GoJohnnyBoi
    Spirit2Pwn is Not Written by GoJohnnyBoi

    UPDATE: Thanks to GoJohnnyBoi for filling us in. Yes, we we are reporting this as "fake", but what's happened here is a poor choice in words for a description. msft.guy and GoJohnnyBoi "wrote the open source code to flash firmware images into nor, which is possibly what the author of this package meant".

    Alright guys, earlier I posted about Spirit2Pwn, which has now been deemed "fake" or rather, unofficial. If you come across this app, please note that even though it says GoJohnnyBoi created it, he DID NOT. Spirit2Pwn is a script that will flash your nor files in order to be able to upgrade from 3.1.x to iOS 4.0. Please note that this should NOT be used on new bootroms as it will crash the phone.

    While the tool itself is not exactly "fake" per say, but it is however wrongly credited and borrows Apple code, and therefore we have removed any links to it. There have been users confirming it works, however we want to protect GoJohnnyBoi from any accusations.

    Read on through the comments, some of which Johnny has posted to inform us exactly what is going on. We have yet to hear comment from the developer of this script.

    If your need to have spirit compatiblity, try SnowBreeze 1.6.2, which was recently updated for Spirit compatibility.

    You've been warned.

    I'll leave you guys to discuss this amongst yourselves. Thanks to GoJohnnyBoi for clearing this up.
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Spirit2Pwn Patches Spirit Jailbreak: Upgrade to iOS 4 (Old Bootrom) started by nickhesson View original post
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    1. eljerk760's Avatar
      eljerk760 -
      i downloaded on my iphone 3gs from and it crashed my phone its dead wont turn on anyone have this problem? and thanks for the warning after the post.
    1. PWNsyst3m's Avatar
      PWNsyst3m -
      He didn't know at first, just like you.
    1. eljerk760's Avatar
      eljerk760 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Zystem View Post
      He didn't know at first, just like you.
      zystem shut up. i dont run blog threads either.
    1. one1's Avatar
      one1 -
      Quote Originally Posted by rpgpromaster View Post
      i want a new bootrom jailbreak :P
      YEP, useless without it.
    1. eljerk760's Avatar
      eljerk760 -
      right on i agree with you
    1. badandy202's Avatar
      badandy202 -
      i downloaded this program thinking it was going to work it bricked my 3gs now my screen stays black. can someone help.
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      You want? So are willing to try anything just to see if it "might" work?
      No wonder people get viruses/trojans/ripped off
      Some people just don't seem to care about security and then are surprised when things go wrong...

      Quote Originally Posted by badandy202 View Post
      i downloaded this program thinking it was going to work it bricked my 3gs now my screen stays black. can someone help.
      This was posted as I was typing my post.
      Need I say more?
    1. PWNsyst3m's Avatar
      PWNsyst3m -
      And i dont use software that I dont have any idea about. Fail.
    1. iphoneprogrammer's Avatar
      iphoneprogrammer -
      Quote Originally Posted by gojohnnyboi View Post
      I retract my statement saying it's impossible. It is, but only if it were to contain patched firmware images, or at least stock ones to patch(since I'm sure the coder wasn't skilled enough to write partial ipsw downloading code), which it appears it does! Notonly is it fake, it's illegal for containing copyrighted code, and written off under my name.
      you need to track down the "dev" (if you can even call him/her that) and rape them....
    1. itaintrite's Avatar
      itaintrite -
      Besides releasing the script under somebody's else nick, the coder's alright :P Script worked for me. Now I have an iPhone 3GS 16GB on 4.0. Thought it'd be stuck on 3.1.3 till there's a new RedSn0w or something.
    1. dfektion's Avatar
      dfektion -
      Agreed. I guess from my stand point if it works. it works.
    1. zerolimit's Avatar
      zerolimit -
      it works!!! I did it on my iPhone 3GS! I was actually the first one to try it!

      Mostly iPhone hacking: OLD BOOTROM + Spirit => 4.0 JB

      MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

      I tested and worked!!!
    1. Ryan3GS's Avatar
      Ryan3GS -
      Worked for me, I'm hoping to back this up so it does not get me screwed over incase it quits working !!!

    1. High_Voltage's Avatar
      High_Voltage -
      Will it happen to work on Itouch 2G old bootroom. I used spirit also
    1. zerolimit's Avatar
      zerolimit -
      I tried it on 3GS
    1. High_Voltage's Avatar
      High_Voltage -
      Aughh Crap, Screen Is completely White right noww, screwed

      *Performing CPR lol*
    1. whereswaldo's Avatar
      whereswaldo -
      Something seemed a little fishy about the origional news article, It sucks to see a fellow Canadian be the one who ends up taking the blame
    1. sergioakakobe's Avatar
      sergioakakobe -
      Works on 3Gs.
      3.1.3 jailbroken w/Spirit
      old Bootrom 359.2
    1. aamodr's Avatar
      aamodr -
      could you please give me the URL for this repository. i too am in a fix like u.. stuck on 3.1.3 ... as i jailbroke it with spirit.
    1. nickmuni's Avatar
      nickmuni -
      when will the new spirit for 4.0 be out