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  • 'LockHTML2' Lets You Put Dynamic HTML Widgets on the Lock Screen and More

    If you致e ever used LockHTML in the past, then you値l be delighted to hear about LockHTML2 by iOS developer Bushe, which has just been released. LockHTML2 is a complete re-write of the tweak; the new version includes new features and it will be a free upgrade for all that own LockHTML already. If you don't own it yet, you can grab it from the ModMyi repository.

    LockHTML2 comes with one widget already called LS Air (above on the left), however third-party developers can create their own widgets and host them in Cydia for you to download as add-ons for LockHTML2. The widget above on the right is one of said third-party add-ons called LS Reventon by d3stroy.

    With the above two widgets having to do with weather, you値l want to point them to your location. To do this, you値l need to navigate to /var/mobile/Library/LockHTML/THEMENAME/ and find the JavaScript file associated with that widget. Once there, you can find the locale line and edit it so that it shows your Zip code. You can do this through iFile:

    The tweak isn稚 only an HTML widget tweak, but it is also a lock screen customization tweak. This is a great all-in-one solution for people trying to make their lock screen look good with the widget that they choose to use. Below are a few examples of the things you can customize on the lock screen that might compliment your widgets:

    Everything that you hide or show, and all the widget you choose to enable on the lock screen, can be configured in the Settings application under the LockHTML2 preferences pane:

    In the top section of the preferences, you値l find all of the following options:

    • Enable or disable the HTML widgets on the lock screen
    • Enable or disable a smart lock screen clock hiding feature
    • Enable or disable moving with controls
    • Choose to hide or show the widget when charging the device
    • Choose to always show the background wallpaper or not
    • Hide or show the time in the Status Bar

    In the middle section of the preferences, you値l find all of the following options:

    • Hide or show the slide or unlock bar label text
    • Hide or show the glassy slide to unlock background
    • Hide or show the slide to unlock bar
    • Hide or show the Camera Grabber
    • Enable or disable a custom slide to unlock bar
    • Enable or disable a custom slide to unlock knob

    In the bottom section of the preferences, you値l find all of the following options:

    • Customize the height of the lock screen battery
    • Hide or show the lock screen battery
    • Enable or disable always showing the lock screen battery
    • Choose the HTML widget that you want to appear on the lock screen

    You can check out the tweak in action via the video below compliments of the developer:

    For a mobile-friendly video link that works with our app, tap on the video link below:

    YouTube Video

    If you love lock screen widgets, this tweak is for you. You値l find LockHTML2 in Cydia痴 ModMyi repository for just 99「; however, it痴 a free upgrade if you own LockHTML already.

    Name: LockHTML2
    Price: 99「
    Version: 1.0-1
    Repo: ModMyi
    Developer: bushe
    Editor's Rating: / 4.5/5
    This article was originally published in forum thread: 'LockHTML2' Lets You Put Dynamic HTML Widgets on the Lock Screen and More started by Anthony Bouchard View original post
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    1. severe's Avatar
      severe -
      Quote Originally Posted by bushe View Post
      Ahhh forgot about this part,

      Find <!-- Big Weather Picture Top - NA -->

      and change opacity: 1; to opacity: 0;

      That Should fix this issues
      That was it. Thank you.

      Is there a way to have the weather Location Aware? I've attempted by changing GPS to true, but haven't seen any change after a respring.
    1. mister jay's Avatar
      mister jay -
      Quote Originally Posted by Xtafi2002 View Post
      I cant find any themes for this. Where do i find themes for it?
      The LS Air theme comes with the Tweak
      another theme you can find here:
      LS Reventon by ~d3stroy on deviantART

      put the theme in the LockHTML folder
      you can find the folder here:

      I hope in the future we can find a lot of themes for lockHTML in cydia (short installing)

      I had an Idea
      Can you make a Option for Animated weather Overlay
      So You can use your lockscreen theme and put the Animated weather over it. That will be nice
    1. Michelle Ahern's Avatar
      Michelle Ahern -
      It's terrible tweak forecast much better
    1. mister jay's Avatar
      mister jay -
      But not the same
      with lockHTML you can put your html lockscreen themes easy in the lockscreen
      with forecast only the weather with the clock
      not the same
    1. Wobble's Avatar
      Wobble -
      Does anybody know how to turn Revention from 3 day to a 5 day forecast? I tried copying the 5 day forecast from LS Air and yeah, that didn't turn out very well. It just scrunched up a 3 day... Thanks in advance
    1. stitch2009's Avatar
      stitch2009 -
      Can anyone tell me why the days of the week keep hanging?
      I have to disable/enable the html every day to make it show the correct weekday...
    1. mister jay's Avatar
      mister jay -
      itエs a problem with iOS6 and the setTimeout function

      GPS Based HTML Lockscreen Weather Theme
    1. ABOSWORTH's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by Michelle Ahern View Post
      It's terrible tweak forecast much better
      I had Forecast but it seems to not be working very well with iOS6. My widget was blank most of the time and I'd have to wait for it to update to show anything. In iOS5, it would at least show the info that was last fetched until it updated. Now it just shows blank most of the time, rendering it useless. I tried LockHTML out and couldn't get it to work.
    1. mister jay's Avatar
      mister jay -
      how can i macke a shadow behind the icons like the shadows on the text
    1. ygsq's Avatar
      ygsq -
      Hope there is some guy can help me!
      Why cannot it changed the days and update the rss feeds automatically unless I respring the phone?
      Now, here is Tuesday and it is still Monday (but the date is Apr. 9th). After I respring it, it is Tuesday now.
      The same as rss, when ever I respring the phone, it will update some news immediately.
      Please please help me.
    1. mister jay's Avatar
      mister jay -
      Problem, please fix:

      If I use a full screen .html lockscreen, iエve got a light-black line on the screen:
      Iエm tested all options (on/off) but nothing help
      Attachment 631652
    1. mirilopr's Avatar
      mirilopr -
      For all of you asking for themes. If you already have a lockscreen theme in winterboard you can put it in the lockhtml folder. That way you can still use your themes without having to respring every time you wanna change
    1. mister jay's Avatar
      mister jay -
      Searching a easy theme only with time-lockscreenbackground-change

      with no other option
    1. The Richard's Avatar
      The Richard -
      I'm having the same issue as mister jay. Line won't go away! Please help!
    1. pioneer88's Avatar
      pioneer88 -
      Quote Originally Posted by The Richard View Post
      I'm having the same issue as mister jay. Line won't go away! Please help!
      There's an option in Settings->LockHTML 2->Smart Clock Hide-> FIX: Thin Black Line. Does that work?

      If not go to cydia and download "lockscreen grey line fix".
    1. ryanstylee's Avatar
      ryanstylee -
      Anyone have the issue when uninstalling no more themes work at all via winterboard?