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  • PwnageTool 4.0 Released: Jailbreak & Unlock iOS 4

    Update: For anyone who saw iBooks problems after redsn0w beta, try the latest one (see update #2 at Dev-Team Blog - all four one! )

    Just one day after the relase of iOS 4.0, the Dev-Team has done it once again. Not only did they release an unlock tool the day iOS 4 came out, they have now released a brand new version of PwnageTool for creating custom iOS 4.0 firmware packages. This means almost everyone can get on board now. *almost everybody.

    As per usual, the same instructions apply that have always been the case with PwnageTool. Follow the onscreen instructions just as they say. Within a few minutes you will have a custom firmware package to install. But don't get too far ahead of yourself. You need to scroll down and read the instructions provided by the Dev-Team.

    If you have been tinkering with the unofficial release of PwnageTool 4.0, we strongly urge you to restore and use this version instead as the leaked version did not include patches that are required for ultrasn0w unlock.

    Download PwnageTool 4.01 for Mac:
    MMi Member Mirror

    Download PwnageTool 4.0 for Mac:
    MMi Member Mirror


    Dev-Team Blog

    As advised, you shouldn’t have upgraded your devices if you have previously relied on our tools for hacktivation and/or a carrier unlock.

    Each supported device has few different scenarios that users need to consider when performing the upgrades, you need to check below and perform the upgrade in the particular way that matches your current device state.

    NB: With PwnageTool 4.0 certain devices are not supported this is because they are not supported in iOS 4.0 or they are not supported by our software.

    iPhone 2G - not supported
    iPod Touch - not supported
    iPod Touch 3G - not supported
    iPhone 3G

    If you have a Jailbroken iPhone 3G at 3.1.2 (but not jailbroken with Spirit) then you should create the ipsw with PwnageTool 4.0 and restore from recovery mode or DFU mode.
    If you have an out of the box iPhone 3G you should restore using a PwnageTool 4.0 ipsw using DFU mode.
    If you have a Jailbroken 3.1.3 iPhone 3G it is very possible that this can fail from recovery mode, if this failure happens you will need to restore using DFU mode.
    IMPORTANT! Whenever you need to enter DFU mode, you will need to do so using PwnageTool.

    iPhone 3GS

    Summary: PwnageTool only works on previously jailbroken 3GS devices with the old bootrom.

    If you have a Jailbroken iPhone 3GS with the OLD BOOTROM and you DID NOT use Spirit to jailbreak then you can create the ipsw with PwnageTool 4.0 and restore with recovery mode.
    If you have an iPhone 3GS with the NEW BOOTROM this is NOT supported by PwnageTool 4.0
    iPod touch 2G

    If you have an iPod touch 2G that is jailbroken (but not with Spirit) then you can restore using recovery mode.
    Baseband Unlock

    iPhone 3G and 3GS baseband unlockers (those who rely on ultrasn0w to make phone calls) should always be very wary to update their firmware, however our Ultrasn0w application will unlock all recent (including the current) 3GS and 3G baseband firmware versions, once you are jailbroken using PwnageTool 4.0, install ultrasn0w from Cydia and you’ll be unlocked.

    Remember! This baseband unlock situation is rare, should you upgrade your iPhone blindly at the next iOS release please don’t expect an unlock - but for now you are OK (whatever state your baseband is in).
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    1. Halten77's Avatar
      Halten77 -
      Quote Originally Posted by chrisrotolo View Post
      uhhh dont do that..no where in the post does it mention iPhone 4, you had me excited for a second!
      I'd you're talking about my post, then learn to read. My post was to jailbreak an iPhone 3G, not iPhone 4. I said put the 4.0 instead of 4.0.1 I was talking about IPSW files... If you weren't disregard this message.
    1. tracey1's Avatar
      tracey1 -
      Urrrr thank U I can read u dint have to be nasty I have an iPhone 3G on os 4.0.1 I never said I had a iPhone 4 thank u !!
    1. sabresfan08's Avatar
      sabresfan08 -
      I've been out of town for a little over a week. It doesn't look like it, but is there a JB yet for a 3GS on 4.0 with no blobs on file?
    1. Purk707's Avatar
      Purk707 -
      are we waiting for 4.1 final before the dev team releases the jailbreak for all ? I thought i read that it would launch the day after the Beta version came out?
    1. julisa69's Avatar
      julisa69 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Zelaya View Post
      Well I'n new doing this but I want to learn how to unlock the iphones I download the redsnow but is not working well I'm ot able to open
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      What device do you have? What FW? and what do you mean you are unable to open it?
    1. tiansin's Avatar
      tiansin -
      Can't work in the Windows?
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      No - find a Mac or a friend with a Mac who can do it for you.
    1. Chuck1969's Avatar
      Chuck1969 -
      Quote Originally Posted by tiansin View Post
      Can't work in the Windows?
      Nope...only works in teh garage!!
    1. bholloway's Avatar
      bholloway -
      What if I have the new bootrom
    1. DEEPTHOUGHT@'s Avatar
      Can any1 tell me were to get redsow 9.5 FOR WINDOWS OR SEND ME A LINK the update page offered by the dev team keep sayin site over exceeded it bandwith
    1. yikee's Avatar
      yikee -
      Can I use pwnagetool 4.0 to jailbreak and unlock my iPhone?
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Quote Originally Posted by yikee View Post
      Can I use pwnagetool 4.0 to jailbreak and unlock my iPhone?
      Everything you need to know is at Dev-Team Blog - foursome news
    1. REG Infamy's Avatar
      REG Infamy -
      will it work for itouch 2g mc model?
    1. RocketshipVirus's Avatar
      RocketshipVirus -
      Heads up looks like a no-go with iTunes 10 for PwnageTool...