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  • Cool stuff coming to Jailbreak community on OS 4.0

    Well guys the chronic dev team's p0sixninja updated his blog, telling us of cool things that are ahead of us when 4.0 rolls out.
    They are:

    idevicerestore: A new tool capable of restoring IPSWs to devices without the help of iTunes. Also capable of doing other neat stuff such as upgrading stock firmware without flashing nor (to preserve jailbreaks) or baseband (to preserve unlocks).
    ideviceactivate: A new utility to designed to activate devices without the help of iTunes. Hopefully soon this will even allow users to activate unlocked devices, or devices without an official AT&T SIM.
    spirit-linux: An open source version of the Spirit jailbreak for the Linux platform (and possibly soon others).
    libirecovery: A library to help developers communicating with iBoot, iBSS, iBEC and DFU, as well as a brand new, completely rewritten, and MUCH improved irecovery.

    Well i can't wait
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      the announcement and phone can't get here fast enough...
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      Friggin epic. p0sixninja is a beast. You forgot some stuff.

      We've begun publishing the source for some of our greenpois0n components to help new developers start learning and building their very own jailbreak programs. Each one of these components is named after a different poison and all are available under the GNU Public License on our Chronic-Dev Github Repositories.

      GreenPois0n Cyanide: Is a cross-platform iBoot payload toolkit to help developers discover new vulnerabilities and design super fast, low-level iBoot jailbreaks and exploit payloads, much like the way blackra1n/purplera1n works.

      GreenPois0n Anthrax: Is a cross-platform iPhone ramdisk toolkit to help developers design extremely stable and portable ramdisk jailbreaks, much like the same way quickpwn/redsn0w works.

      GreenPois0n Dioxin: Is cross-platform MobileDevice toolkit designed to help developers design awesome userlevel jailbreaks, much the same way spirit jailbreak works.

      GreenPois0n Arsenic: new, cross-platform custom firmware toolkit to help developers design jailbreaks to help preserve baseband and keep unlocks, much in the same way PwnageTool/Sn0wBreeze works.

      P0sixninja also discusses the possible sources for a new unlock, including the one discovered by Sherif Hashim, a new untethered iBoot vulnerability which was discovered by both geohot and Chronic-Dev Team, and a brand new bootrom code execution vulnerability discovered by himself personally (and probably geohot too).

      Via iclarified
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      woooo cant wait i think i may get a new one
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      Soo ready for 4.0!!
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      very interesting things are afoot. good news
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      Gyngabread Man -
      its good to see they kept working on their stuff despite all the trash talk about them never releasing anything. good job guys he world thanks your hard efforts
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      idevicerestore & idevicerestore ....Holy Sh*t That's just pure pwnage .
      Can't wait .
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      mirogster -
      And i really hope, that the all above mentioned preciouses will work for new IP and 3Gs
      Thanks anyway guys )) Mr SJ - FUUUUUUU !
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      I'm psyched
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      MacRumors.com : Live Event Coverage - WWDC & Special Events 2010 or macrumors has a live iphone formatted feed.
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      See this is what im talking about big up to dev team and all the wiz guys tht get this stuff, Jobs didnt even anounce the next iphone nor we know when will it be available hopefully very soon, but these devs are right on the money, they got all the tools ready to roll out. Huua.
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      I'll drink to this news!
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      Quote Originally Posted by n00neimp0rtant View Post
      I wonder how this iDeviceRestore deals with the whole 3G S downgrading shenanigan.
      It doesn't (and can't) do anything about that.

      Remember, it's the iPhone that sets the rules, not iTunes. The code running on the iPhone is what determines when SHSH blobs are needed, and it also does all the hash verification and enforces all the rules. During a restore, iTunes is a powerless client that sits there listening for what the iPhone wants, then sends it over. It doesn't get a say in what gets accepted, though.

      This is a nifty set of tools for those using linux (where iTunes is unavailable) but it doesn't provide a new jailbreak vector in and of itself.
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      This is definitely going to be a thorn in Apple's side lol. Looking forward to it!
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      iOS 4 needs to hurry!!
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      its almost here
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      is idevicerestore going to be available for windows
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      I hope so. the last apple computer i had was an apple IIe.