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  • Study Reveals iPhone 5 Users and Galaxy S III Users Are Quite Alike

    A new study regarding iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S III users suggests that they may be more similar to each other than they would think. Just like how Apple and Samsung go head to head on the courts, users of the devices sometimes do the same on the Internet. The study was based off of 500 iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S III user surveys conducted back in January and February; the report was released by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners.

    According to respondents of the report, phone calls and email are not used as heavily as texting and browsing the web for users from both brands. 80-90 percent of iPhone and Galaxy S III owners text on their phones several times a day, whereas 75 percent of Galaxy S III users and more than 80 percent of iPhone users use the Internet multiple times a day. But it was reported that more Samsung users utilized the phone and email feature more than iPhone users, although response rates were close.

    There was a ten percent difference in the two brands when it came to game playing and photo taking- almost 80 percent of iPhone users reported to be frequent phone gamers compared to only about 70 percent of Galaxy S III users saying the same. When it came to owning an iPad, iPhone owners were twice as likely to own it and Galaxy S III owners were twice as likely to own Android tablets.

    Galaxy S III owners tend to upgrade their phones within Android platforms. More Android users switch over to the iPhone (about one in five owned Droid devices previously) compared to iPhone users switching over to Droid devices (about one in eleven Galaxy S III buyers used the iPhone previously).

    When it came to carrier distribution, more than 50 percent of iPhone respondents were on AT&T, about 35 percent on Verizon and a little over 10 percent were on Sprint. But for Galaxy S III respondents, it was basically even amongst AT&T, Verizon T-Mobile and Sprint.

    The overall report in differences was not all that significant between iPhone and Galaxy S III owners. Does this mean the battle between the fans of the two devices could end since users are not really that different from one another? We’ll let you decide.

    Source: Consumer Intelligence Research Partners
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      Quote Originally Posted by jOnGarrett View Post

      what info do you have that says these phones are low end? and what qualifies as low end? low end should also include the iPhone 4 seeing how its nearly 3yrs old. iPhone 5's are so rare in NYC and most people are snatching up those 99 cent iPhone 4 8GBs
      Low-end would be cheap phones without signing a 2 year contract. The iPhone 4 still sells for $450 new from Apple's site without contract. Can you name a 3 year old samsung that could still sell for $450?

      This is low-end: Amazon.com: Samsung GT-S3350 Chat Unlocked Phone - US Warranty - Black: Cell Phones & Accessories
      and this: Amazon.com: Samsung GT-B5330L Galaxy Chat Cellphone with 3.0-Inch TFT Capacitive Touchscreen, Qwerty Keyboard, A-GPS Support and 2MP Camera - No Warranty - Black: Cell Phones & Accessories
      and this: http://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Galaxy.../ref=de_a_smtd

      $89.99 for that chat one, no contract. THAT is what a low end is. And Samsung has tons of them. You can't even find a iPhone 4 with a cracked screen on ebay for that price (trust me, I have checked).

      Samsung lists 42 different smart phones on their site: Mobile Phones-Smartphone | SAMSUNG

      42 Vs 6 or going by what is still sold new 42 Vs 3. I would be very worried if Samsung wasn't outselling Apple worldwide in smartphone numbers with this knowledge.