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  • Netflix Running on the iPhone

    Update: Netflix/Apple/Whomever doesn't appear to like that Netflix was running on the iPhone and it has been disabled.

    We just received a tip from one of our readers going by the name Knisitruck who has successfully gotten Netflix to run on his iPhone 3G. Basically he copied the iPad Netflix app and iPad mediaplayer frameworks to his iPhone, made a few plist edits and changes and got it running!

    As a follow up to the pic I sent you, I wasn't able to get the app working at that time. I needed the mediaplayer frameworks from an iPad [/System/Library/Frameworks/MediaPlayer.framework], thanks to one of your forum members, I was able to get that. Then, it still wouldn't work. Noticing my winterboard theme was overriding the mediaplayer layout I disabled it, retried the app and viola, it worked! All that had to be changed was a couple lines in the applications info.plist file and the mediaplayer frameworks, along with a manual install/permissions. (My other apps requiring mediaplayer still run fine.)

    But, having said that, I see why Netflix hasn't released an iPhone client yet. Reasons why:
    • Huge battery drain - 25% of battery for around 15min of streaming, drains pretty quick while browsing the app as well.
    • Crashing - I suspect memory is the issue here, and also probably because it's made for another device. Happened when browsing too fast through the app(lots of clicks).
    • 3G Speed - Takes forever to load the app and to start streaming (does work though)
    I have attached pics, my camera has a dead battery with a lost charger so no video. Movie pics were some random movie at the top of the list. My phone is an iPhone 3G running 3.1.2(Jailbroken). What this means? Most, if not all, iPad specific apps can be ran on iPhone.
    Maybe not all iPad apps can be run on the iPhone. Turns out the Netflix iPad app appears to have a native iPhone app bundled in with the iPad app, hence the ability to make it work on the iPhone and the different layout for the iPhone etc.

    More details:
    To do this yourself
    • Get app from iTunes, locate/rename ipa to zip and extract.
    • Go into the .app file, located at /appname/Payload/appname.app, (show package contents) and open the info.plist
    • Edit all references of OS version to show iphoneos3.1.2 (or your respective version). Save and close, done there.
    Now, just copied over SSH (with permissions repair and a respring) this will show up on the phone. With Netflix though, it required the mediaplayer frameworks from the iPad. So:
    • SSH, get the mediaplayer frameworks folder from an iPad, located at /System/Library/Frameworks/MediaPlayer.framework
    • Copy that to the same location on an iPhone (I'd suggest backing up the original from your phone just in case). Change permissions to 755 recursive for directories, and then go inside the folder and change the individual file permissions to 644. (Or just recursive 755 to all files/folders on the MediaPlayer.framework folder)
    Now the mediaplayer frameworks are in place, all that's left is a manual install of the app.
    • SSH, go to /private/var/stash/Applications
    • Copy the appname.app file there and change permissions. (I used 777 recursive for simplicity's sake, but I'm sure the normal 775 would work).
    • Launch and have fun.
    That's about it. The way I found out that I needed the frameworks file was from a crash report.

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    1. ttierno2's Avatar
      ttierno2 -

      Posted it in the original thread as well, but here are your frameworks.

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    1. kase1217's Avatar
      kase1217 -
      How and where do I install the framework?
    1. kadernal's Avatar
      kadernal -

      is where it goes
    1. j.eck.art.3d's Avatar
      j.eck.art.3d -
      Quote Originally Posted by Retell View Post
      It's totally practical, streaming resolution is probablly compressed to about 320x480 if not less. I can't see this being to impractical if say you're on a long trip with a car charger or a constant power source.

      I can also confirm the install works and the app does launch however my stepmom seems to have decided to cancel our netflix subscription So I can't try the videos yet.

      Download Netflix: Netflix for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
      Extract the IPA with Winrar
      Put the Netflix.app in the /private/var/stash/Applications.xxxxxxxx folder
      Get the mediaplayer frame work and install that Needing mediaplayer.framework

      That should be all.
      I followed your very simple instructions and I have the netflix icon, but as soon as it opens it shuts down (i get the red screen with the netfilx logo for about half a second, then it crashes). What did I do wrong? I downloaded the ipa from iTunes, extracted it with winrar, located the netflix.app folder (that is how it displays on windows) and dropped that folder into the directory mentioned above. Then I downloaded the new mediaplayer.framework, extracted that with winrar, took that folder and replaced the original mediaplayer framework on my phone with the new one. Did I have to alter anything further? I apologize if I am missing something VERY obvious, I have never tried to hack something like this before. Your help is GREATLY appreciated.
    1. kadernal's Avatar
      kadernal -
      okay I was having the same issue as the guy above me. Inside the netflix app there is a file called Netflix.sinf located in a folder called SC_info. When I was trying to install there was no permission to read that file so I needed to change that and now its installed and working like everyone said it would. thanks.
    1. Knisitruck's Avatar
      Knisitruck -
      Thanks for the post.

      j.eck.art.3d - Like kadernal posted above, you just need to repair the permissions. Connect to your phone using your FTP client of choice then change the permissions on the Netflix.app to 775 (recursive, files & directories). That'll get you up and going.

      Retell - I'm curious to see how that goes. While I was able to get this up and going, I had trouble with other apps. The crash logs told me what frameworks I needed for this, luckily I found them posted here.
    1. clarky8's Avatar
      clarky8 -
      The MLB at bat 2010 app for the iPhone drains your battery like crazy to and it makes your phone really hot on the back side. I think its an streaming video via the inet that super drains it more than just the netflix app.
    1. XavierAlucard's Avatar
      XavierAlucard -
      Quote Originally Posted by Knisitruck View Post

      Retell - I'm curious to see how that goes. While I was able to get this up and going, I had trouble with other apps. The crash logs told me what frameworks I needed for this, luckily I found them posted here.
      What Applications did you run into issues with? Maybe we can get a list going.

      YouTube: Works - The seek bar is marginally smaller.
      Voice Memo: No changes
      Camera (video playback): No changes
      iPod: No changes
      Pandora: No changes

      Added Netflix icon to post (I was lazy with creation - if someone requests a better one I'll do it).

      And to have all the instructions in one post:

      1. Download Netflix from iTunes: Netflix
      2. Extract the IPA (should be in Mobile Applications folder) with Winrar or 7-Zip
      3. Download MediaFrameworks: MediaFrameworks
      4. Extract with Winrar or 7-Zip
      5. SSH to iPhone using WinSCP (WinSCP Download Location) or client of choice
      6. Put the Netflix.app extracted in Step 2 in the /private/var/stash/Applications.xxxxxxxx folder
      7. Right-Click Netflix.app folder and Choose Properties (WinSCP) and Set Permissions to 775 and check off the box that says recursive
      7.1 If you want the icon attached to this post browse into the Netflix.app folder and replace icon.png with the one below
      8. Move the MediaPlayer.framework folder extracted in Step 4 to /System/Library/Frameworks/ (I just allowed it to overwrite my existing folder)
      9. Respring iPhone
    1. renegaderon's Avatar
      renegaderon -
      Works Great.
      Can someone upload the iphone size netflix icon
    1. jivy26's Avatar
      jivy26 -
      Ok I have tried all the above mentioned and I cannot get it to work for me. It keeps closing right after I try and open it. For the media folder do I need to completely delete the original in my iphone and replace with the one I downloaded or do I just merge them?
    1. tknapp2's Avatar
      tknapp2 -
      Worked great on mine. Thanks!!
    1. mombopete's Avatar
      mombopete -
      Has anyone gotten this to run on 4.0 Beta4 Jailbroken?
    1. jivy26's Avatar
      jivy26 -
      NM I didn't check the recursive box ha ha works great thanks! It takes a bit to load on wifi, but not sure why apple didn't make this a iphone app as well.
    1. halfway2anywhere's Avatar
      halfway2anywhere -
      Quote Originally Posted by jivy26 View Post
      not sure why apple didn't make this a iphone app as well.
      Probably because apple didn't make the app to begin with?
    1. jivy26's Avatar
      jivy26 -
      LMAO well you know what I mean :P
    1. Cody Overcash's Avatar
      Cody Overcash -
      first post updated with instructions
    1. casey931's Avatar
      casey931 -
      i dnt even freakin care i want this app like right now! lol
    1. corkey20000's Avatar
      corkey20000 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Cody Overcash View Post
      first post updated with instructions

      Thanks for tweeting that it updated. The tweets really come in handy.
    1. casey931's Avatar
      casey931 -
      how do i get it?!
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      Works great for me. Here is the icon I have been using:

      Attachment 452366